humvees are for girly men.

Here’s the designated successor to the minivan in case of Sudden Wealth.

It’s called the Cougar H, and it’s made by a company called Force Protection. Who doesn’t need a landmine-proof family conveyance? When the Zombie Apocalypse comes, you can just ride over the hordes of Undead while they feebly claw at the armor plating (“7.62mm NATO ball standard”).

Of course, its pure butch factor means that it won’t be two years before we will see Cougars parked in front of the local country clubs, in metallic cherry red and with Martha’s Vineyard stickers on the ballistic glass of the rear hatch.


One thought on “humvees are for girly men.

  1. Art Eatman says:

    Used to be lots of work-trucks like that running around west Texas. Back then–1950s, Halliburton was a Doodlebug outfit, reading shockwaves from dynamite to look for oil-bearing formations. Rugged critters, for cross country travel across rough country where there were no roads…

    :), Art

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