After seven weeks of hard campaigning, and millions of dollars spent on ads and other stuff, Hillary “wins” Pennsylvania…and takes home 75 delegates.

Obama takes home 65.

Not exactly what I’d call worthy of the cash and time outlay, or the cheesy victory party.  But the lust for power is strong with this one, and she doesn’t care how thoroughly she breaks her own party on the way to get the brass ring.

(Note to Sheriff Bart: When you try to get someone’s vote, belittling them may not be the best strategy in the book.)

Someone on the radio said the other day that Clinton and Obama have spent the last few months building up an ammo dump for John McCain to use once the real campaign starts.  I think that’s a very astute analysis.  We might as well get used to the idea of Colonel Tigh running the ship until January 2013 at least.


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  1. Tam says:

    I’ve already made my prediction. Hillary hangs in there, out-logrolls Barry in the smoky back rooms of Denver, and gets stomped by McCain in the general by the widest margin since 1996.

  2. ChrisB says:

    Perception is reality, and Hillary just went from about to be beaten down for good to ‘turning the tide’. The general thought is that the fight is still on, which is night and day from “yeah, you’re done, please spare your party the in-fighting and hang it up”.

    She did well and got pretty much what she needed, hopefully she’ll beat Obama and get the nomination.

  3. crankyprof says:

    I honestly believe that Hillary knows she cannot win — and scorched-earth policy is her goal. She has decided that the Dems won’t win. She’s hanging in to torpedo Obama.

    We will see BOTH of them again in 2012, and ut will be even MORE bitter and acrimonious.

  4. so, p. mac & v.p. hills?

  5. To continue with your analogy, Hillary makes Laura Rosslyn look like a warm and fuzzy politician.

    Hillary is doing a scorched-earth campaign. She is going to knee-cap Obama and then she is figuring that it is possible that McCain will die in his first term and she can then run in `12.

    Problem is that a lot of Democrats do not have short memories and she will not be easily forgiven.

    President Tighe. God help us all.

  6. Anonymous Coward says:

    Let’s see, we have a choice between a lawyer, married to a witch who is also a lawyer. (Obama)

    There is also a a witch who is a lawyer who is also married to a lawyer. (Clinton)

    Then we have a war hero married to a good looking blond with big hooters who owns a beer company. (McCain)

    The choice is obvious. Tigh ’08!

  7. JD says:

    I don’t like any of them but it is great to see the Dems politically killing each other. Maybe they can do permanent damage to the party. (I can dream) McCain is not a great pick but once again we have to vote for the lesser of the evils instead of a worthy candidate. . .

    For the record I am a Constitutionalist so I see them all as a danger but this is what we have to work with. . . ..

  8. Given Hillbama’s position on guns, I find the “ammo dump” analogy especially…ironic.

  9. Eric Hammer says:

    I am crossing my fingers that this whole mess will cause the Democratic party to partially implode, becomming a very minor player in American politics. Maybe the really crazy leftists will break off and make a splinter party like the Greens. Whatever, so long as they are not 50% popular.
    The reason for that hope is that if the Republicans aquire perhaps 60-75% of the mass appeal, the debate will (hopefully) turn away from tired, leftist crap, and move towards more of a split between the Conservatives who mainly want THEIR big government, and the Libertarians. That will be a debate worth having, not the current “for the children!” crap we get now.

  10. The thought of Hillary as president makes me break out into a cold sweat. Obama has the nice high-minded rhetoric, but I don’t like his positions. And considering how old the supremes are, let’s HOPE it’s McCain.

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