they said it was just a birthday party, so i went.

Douchebag of the Month:  Indiana Republican (and candidate for the 2nd Congressional District) Tony Zirkle spoke at a meeting of the National Socialist Workers Party, on the occasion of Adolf Hitler’s birthday.


(That’s a picture of his appearance.  I just want to reach into the frame and pull Old Glory out of the room, so it doesn’t get soiled by standing in front of the same wall as a fucking Nazi flag and a picture of Adolf Goddamn Hitler.  There’s something deeply offensive to me about seeing the American flag parked next to a Hitler picture.)

When quizzed about his speaking appearance at a Hitler birthday party, Zirkle issued what has got to be the contender for Douchebag Statement of the Year:

Asked if he agrees with the Nazis’ racist ideology, the News-Dispatch reports that Zirkle demurred, saying “he didn’t know enough about the group to either favor it or oppose it.”

I’m sorry, Tony, but if you don’t “know enough” about a group called “National Socialists”–who are wearing Nazi armbands and having a birthday party for Hitler–to form an opinion on whether they’re good or bad, you don’t even really deserve to suck down air, much less run for political office.

The trouble with free speech is that you have to grant it to the most repulsive viewpoints.  The great thing about that is the fact that these swastika-wearing assholes are out in public, where everyone can see them, instead of scurrying in dark meeting places while claiming persecution.

As for Tony Zirkle…he manages to stand out for sleaziness in a field that’s crowded with sleazeballs.  For shame.

Oh, and whenever I see pictures of some “National Socialist” or White Power/Kluxer meeting, the same thought pops into my head: if those inbred freaks are representatives of the Master Race, the best the white folks have to offer, then we Caucasians are in some pretty deep shit.

21 thoughts on “they said it was just a birthday party, so i went.

  1. SemperGumby says:

    What I want to know is what he spoke about to them. I’m sincerely hoping that this appearance sinks his career.

  2. ChrisB says:

    It would have been interesting to see if repeatedly saying “Change, Hope, & Progress” would have worked.

  3. munchkinwrangler says:

    Me, I don’t care if they swapped fucking cookie recipes…nobody in their right mind would speak about freaking anything in front of a poster-sized Hitler picture, in a room full of people wearing swastika armbands. (Especially not a career politician, when he knows there are press cameras present.)

    The guy is either as retarded as a jar of dill pickles, or he’s a closet Hitler fanboi himself. Either way, he doesn’t belong in public office.

  4. perlhaqr says:

    nobody in their right mind would speak about freaking anything in front of a poster-sized Hitler picture, in a room full of people wearing swastika armbands.

    Oh, I dunno… I can think of a few things to say to such a gathering. Of course, I’d have to be out of my mind to do it in a room full of deranged morons, if I wanted to get out alive afterwards…

  5. Larry Sheldon says:

    There is a lot to dislike about Indiana.

    The alibis and excuses would be bad enough. This guy wants to run the country?

    Yeah, we have to let them speak. We do not have to help them.

  6. Don Gwinn says:

    If only there were some sort of information network that could be consulted when you don’t know enough about important historical issues.

    OOH! What if it was searchable?

  7. There’s a lot to like about Indiana – please don’t think this bozo is in any way representative of Hoosiers.

  8. Oh…and for this post, Godwin’s law struck early.

  9. perlhaqr says:

    PMB: Godwin’s law doesn’t apply to talking about Nazis.

  10. 😉 … joke … I do that.

  11. B ill White says:

    Nice to see that flag-waving faggotry, flaggotry, if you will, is still alive among the neo-conservative set.

    Republican conservatism is athiest Bolshevism repackaged for “conservative” society.

    Here’s video of Zirkle’s speech, in full, and others:

  12. Tam says:

    First the CPUSA endorses the Dems, now Zirkle courts the Indiana Nazi vote. Just when you think that the silly season can’t get any sillier, it goes and does it.

    Has the Church of Satan endorsed anyone yet?

    “Nazis… I hate Indiana Nazis…”

  13. Tam says:

    Hey! Lookie above my previous post! A real live member of the Master Race deigning to comment on your blog!

  14. Roberta X says:

    Is he? Is he realllly? ::big BROWN eyes:: Gee. I never met a member of the Master Race before. Did he take the day off fom his pool boy job, or what? Did he wear that cute Nazi costume like my hairdresser does on Halloween? That stuff is so goofy!

  15. ATLien says:

    Nope. The government gets to grant them freedom of speech. I don’t. I will scream them (the Nazis…i hate those guys) down, and beat them down, if necessary. Evil like that must be eradicated, not “tolerated”.

  16. Oana says:

    Our. Flag. In. That. Room.

    Honestly, words fail me. What does one write when armband-wearing Nazis are hanging those symbols side by side?

    On a rather superficial note, Tam, combining the words “Indiana” and “Nazis” like that is just wrong

  17. Eric Hammer says:

    Ok, I have to wonder what the chances were that he was paid off to do that. I am plenty willing to ascribe a large pile of stupidity to politicians, but not quite THAT much. I mean, if there was any obvious, really cliche way of flushing a career and reputation down the drain, it would be “Celebrating Hitler’s birthday with a bunch of Nazi’s in front of press cameras.” Seriously. They did it in “Death to Smoochy” for chrissake.
    So a politician does an obviously stupid thing from which he ostensibly gains nothing (at least propositioning gay sex in a bathroom gets you sex), seemingly unconcerned about getting caught. Something just doesn’t stack up for me.

    In any case, I agree with Marko that he is too moronic to be spoken to beyond “NO!” while being smacked with a rolled up newspaper, before being put outside. Or to sleep.

  18. Maybe I’m not the nicest person around, for when I first saw that picture, my thought was: “Damn, there’s never a suicide bomber around when you need one.”

    Yep. I’m not a nice person.

  19. BobG says:

    I was thinking the same thing as you EBM; my parent’s generation fought a hard war to get rid of those SOBs, and it gets me madder than hell every time I see a bunch of assholes try to ramp up nazism.

  20. T.Stahl says:

    Isn’t there this rule that an American flag, should it be tattered or stained, shall be burned?

    And why do I have to think of thermite grenades now?

  21. D. McDougal says:

    Re-enact the Nuremberg trials in the voting booths, Hoosiers.

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