a new perspective.

One of the zillion cool things about having kids:

Showing your kid how to blow the seeds off a dandelion, and watching his expression when you demonstrate the process for the first time.  He just looked at me like, “That is the absolute coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”

It’s amazing how much we take the little details in life for granted.  I’ve seen thousands of dandelions, but that was his first one.  When he discovers something new and then gets excited about it, I often find myself thinking, “You know, that is pretty cool.”

I love my job, I really do.

Of course, all the magical moments like the dandelion thing come packaged with those occasions when the young explorer ponders questions such as, “I wonder what dog poop tastes like?”  On the whole, however, it’s a lot of fun to be a parent.


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  1. Believe it or not, I JUST did this with Short Stack last weekend. I called him over and showed him how they blow apart and He tried the next one. It resulted in a lot of spittle but also some success. Now he’s hooked.

    He’s 2 and 2 months right now and I have a daughter who’s just 2 months. I can’t wait to show her too. Maybe Short Stack will beat me to it, though.

    I knew I was going to love being a dad. I just had no idea how awesome it was going to be. Every minute I spend with them is worth a thousand bucks. I have to admit Marko, you are seriously getting me interested in the idea of being an “at home” dad.

    Good for you for working out how to do it.

    Turkish Prawn

  2. kelly says:

    Yep, that’s my very favorite part too. Sidewalk chalk and bubbles NEVER get old…

  3. pawnbroker says:


    my son, my youngest child with two older sisters, is now 24 years old and a business owner.

    20 years ago when he was four, i sold my pawn store and took a year off before starting a new one…i spent that year almost fulltime with my son, and that time is now one of the most cherished memories of my life.

    in 1988 video cameras were a cutting-edge novelty, and i took one home from the pawnshop, about the size of a small suitcase…and during the year that i spent with eric, the last year before school took over as his main focus, i took snippets of video of my beautiful son and me…

    driving our little suzuki samurai around the sand trails near our home…eric shooting my old childhood .22 with me filming and doing dumbass olympics competition commentary…him learning to ride a bike without training wheels around the baseball diamond…us swimming and talking in nearby lake jackson and throwing a tennis ball for our two loyal cur dogs…watching a wading bird spear and swallow a good-sized water snake…and eric steering the little samurai along the lakeshore all by himself, with the suzuki creeping along in double-low 4×4 and me walking alongside, again doing dopey voiceovers…

    how i wish i could have known that this one vhs videotape, which also includes footage of my sweet daughters at Christmastime that year…would be the only one we ever made…the camcorder is a pain to carry around and ends up sitting on the shelf, you’ll always film the next event or get together, and before you know it…before you know it and in the blink of an eye…twenty years have past, and you sit with your wife now and then, and watch that old video, and feel the most awsome and melancholy sense of love, and sadness…and pride.

    it sure sounds corny, but my friend…cherish the moment.


  4. Dedicated_Dad says:

    Later, you’ll be yelling at them to put them in the trash before the damn seeds get all over the yard, right after the argument because her shorts are too damn short and I don’t CARE if the school didn’t say so.

    Enjoy this while you can…


  5. Shane says:

    Six weeks after he gets his drivers license: “uh, dad, how do you get the car off of a fire hydrant?” His exact words.

  6. This Devil's Workday says:

    My brand new nephew can’t stop staring at the way the light comes through closed blinds.

  7. Gregg says:

    Yeah, I just realised that if I end up having kids they will probably end up sharing the dog’s chew toys. No, I do not plan on encouraging, or even allowing it, but I have a feeling that it is inevitable nonetheless.

  8. jimbob86 says:

    I only gets better, Marko…… This past weekend, I took 3 of my 5 varmint hunting….. seeing a 5 year old carrying his big sister’s rifle, muzzle up, index finger straight……. priceless.

  9. Assrot says:

    You ain’t seen nothing yet! Just wait until they become teenagers. That’s when parenting truly becomes fun.

    Enjoy them while you can. They grow up and move out in the blink of an eye it seems. I still miss my kids but now I have grandkids that are 10 and 12 so the fun is just really getting started with them.


  10. Rick says:

    I have a two and four year old. And they love the cool new stuff Dad shows them.
    And the cool new songs like camptown races,yankee doodle also know as the noodle song.

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