more on the subject of music…

The Holy Triumvirate of Dramatic Movie Trailer Music:

O Fortuna (Carmina Burana), by Carl Orff

Mars, Bringer of War (The Planets), by Gustav Holst, and

Prologue/Anvil of Crom (Conan the Barbarian Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), by Basil Poledouris.

Without those three pieces, 80% of all trailers for martial movies would be deprived of a high-adrenaline musical foundation.


7 thoughts on “more on the subject of music…

  1. Jay G. says:

    What, no “Ride of the Valhyries”???

    Or “Bad to the Bone”?

    Shocked, shocked I tells ya…

  2. Turk Turon says:

    Plus “Ready, Steady, Go” by Paul Oakenfold

  3. Tam says:

    Without the three tunes Marko named, action movie trailers would be as silent as Buster Keaton flicks.

  4. Jim Sullivan says:

    Others that gets used all the time are Crimson Tide, Dragonheart and Stargate (the movie, not the TV show). You may not remember the music from the movies but if you listen to them, you’ll realize you hear them all the time in commercials.

  5. Jim Sullivan says:

    Oh, and Dragon:the Bruce Lee story. Trust me, they play that one everywhere.

  6. Jay G says:

    Ode to Joy.

    Or maybe I’ve just seen “Diehard” too many times.


  7. I really dig that list. Particularly the Carmina Burana. What a fantastic tune (or group of tunes, as it were. “O, Fortuna” was the thirteenth movement!).

    Morgan Creek Films liked the score that Michael Kamen wrote for Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves so much that they use the reprise for their theme music at the beginning of every movie they’ve made ever since.

    And there’s no such thing as seeing Die Hard too many times, Jay;)


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