want some slim-fast with that injection?

Here’s something to piss you off first thing in the morning:

Death row inmate says he’s too fat to be executed.

He says that his weight makes it difficult for the executioner to find a vein, and his lawyers argue that his seizure medication may have created a resistance to Thiopental, the fast-acting barbiturate used to induce unconsciousness before the heart-stopping drugs are injected.  They say that “if the first drug doesn’t work, the execution is going to be excruciating.”

As excruciating as, say, getting raped and then killed?

I have the perfect solution for that worthless piece of filth: a 1,500-calorie diet combined with a workout schedule that involves pounding rocks from sunrise to sundown, until he’s at the normal weight for his height…and then strap him to the gurney and turn his lights off.

When rapists and murderers get more consideration and humanity than they gave their victims, to the point of getting quality healthcare on taxpayer dime, a sedentary lifestyle, and enough food to become obese while in prison, then something’s a bit off with our system of justice, because that ain’t.  He got his day in court and his public defender, and he was allowed his mandated appeals.  Why in Hades’ name is he not only sucking down air, but thumbing his nose at the rest of us by spending our money on a legal team?  Why does he get to stall the process by claiming that it would just be too inhumane for him to be in pain when he dies?  Did he give any such consideration to the two young women he raped, strangled, and stabbed?

In a perfect world, he would have gotten two rounds center mass by his intended victims twenty years ago.  Sadly, we still let our public servants get away with keeping the streets safe for scum like Richard Cooey by disarming the law-abiding and pretending that it makes the world a safer place.  (Note that he didn’t need a gun to dominate, violate, and kill two women, despite the fact that he’s not exactly a hulking beast at 5’7″.) 

That’s how you end up with murderers getting obese in jail and then whining about how it would just be too “inhumane” to be put to sleep like a family pet.  People like that don’t know the meaning of the word, and he’s been afforded much more of it than he’s ever shown to anyone else.  Now it’s time to pay the ferryman.


21 thoughts on “want some slim-fast with that injection?

  1. 0331grunt says:

    no thought was given to the people that he killed and raped.

  2. MarkHB says:

    What’s wrong with a firing squad?

    No, I mean – really. We’ve had a fair bit of bleating about leathal injections hurting (for Bob’s sake!) and the electric chair’s meant to be “inhumane” for raping, torturing, murdering scum.

    Fine. A thirty calibre round to the forehead. Or five of ’em. Over in approximately 1/1000th of a second. Not enough time for nerve impulses to go from the point of impact to the brain itself, so you literally Would Not Feel a Thing.

    How’s that for humane, hmmm?

  3. Probably not too obese for a firing squad I’m thinking…

  4. MarkHB says:

    Jinx! Owe me a Coke.

  5. Erica says:

    I think an excellent use of our tax dollars would be paying for this obese puke to be pushed out of the side of a helicopter into the mouth of an active volcano. Bada-bing, just like that. My $0.02.

  6. Al T. says:

    Helium poisoning. Painless !

    Actually, I’m anti-death penalty – too much time and effort expended for irreversible gains.

  7. Marko says:


    I’m anti-death penalty, too, because of the fact that it’s not meted out in an even-handed fashion, and because there’s no way to make good on a wrongful execution.

    That said, I fully recognize that a.) some people need to just be culled from society, and b.) it’s a bit ludicrous to whine about possible pain and suffering when you got yourself onto Death Row by raping and killing your victims.

  8. Jay G. says:

    Firing squad?

    Fuck that. Bring him to the sooper seekrit range and I’ll warm up the SKS for another bayonet charge…

  9. Keith H says:

    I have no trouble with a totally NOT humane way of executing any subhuman that does things like this to females of any age. I advocate cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Constitution, in cases like this an exception should be made.

    Specifically, the ancient Persian method called “the boats” (Google “Scaphism”).

    In the one execution recorded by a Greek historian, the “guest of honor” took 17 days to die, in constant agony. His mind went long before his body.

  10. Eric says:

    I think this puke should be used for ballistic testing. As society continues its march towards corpulence, a frequent topic of discussion on ballistics forums is what cartridge works best on lardasses. This maggot could save lives by helping us find out which one does the job!

  11. MarkHB says:

    At times like this, I think it’s important to re-state the Dispassion Bit.

    I only support the death penalty
    in cases like this, where there’s nary a shadow of a doubt at all, and the crime itself is, frankly, loathesome.

    Justice in this case could be very well – and even humanely – served by a few picked riflemen divorcing this … person’s… cerebrum from his cranial vault. He’s been found guilty of a capital crime in a state with the death penalty – fine. Have an end to it, in lead.

    It’s very important, though, to make the distinction between meteing out justice, and purveying vengeance. Yeah, it gives a warm fuzzy feeling to talk about visiting a horrible death on this .. er.. person. But it’s not someplace I’d really want to go.

    You don’t taunt a cancer cell, you cut it out or burnt it out with as little fuss as possible. You don’t torment an infected tooth, you clean it out and repair it as simply as possible.

    Same here. Wall. Five people. Bang. Cleanup, aisle 3.

    Dispassion, justice, rule of law. Simple things, but so vital – a corollary to this is the importance of passing only sensible, just and minimal laws, I guess.

  12. perlhaqr says:

    I think this puke should be used for ballistic testing. As society continues its march towards corpulence, a frequent topic of discussion on ballistics forums is what cartridge works best on lardasses. This maggot could save lives by helping us find out which one does the job!


  13. Mithras61 says:

    Firing squad or hanging would still work fine. The .mil still uses hanging, so I suppose it’s not “cruel & unusual.”

    The problems with a firing squad are:

    1) Firing Squads mostly don’t aim for the head (center of mass and all that), and if he’s as fat as all that, may survive the initial shooting and merely bleed out, which might be considered “cruel & unusual,” and

    2) Many folks who might be selected for a firing squad would feel a personal guilt at shooting a human (I think this is one of the reasons that firing squad was done away with – tricks like issuing pre-loaded rifles with one blank in the lot, etc. having failed to assuage the guilt feelings). This could easily spoil their aim and again result in a prolonged and “agonizing” death.

    Hanging, on the other hand, is done quickly and generally with minimal fuss & bother. It also doesn’t require him to lose weight or the doctor to “find a vein” in all his fat. Which excuse, BTW, is a bogus anyway – trust me, that doc can find a vein even if it might cause “poor” Richard Cooley some small amount of pain. I’m at least as big as him, and they don’t have difficulty finding a vein on me, and the drugs used are carefully metered based on the size of the person being executed. Even if it was usual to use a fixed dose, they can simply double up on it.

  14. ParatrooperJJ says:

    Um no the military does not use hanging. They use lethal injection.

  15. Mithras61 says:

    Interesting, then that a recent article concerning a soldier convicted for his acts (sabotage, I believe it was) in the war stated that the .mil intended to hang him…

  16. RC says:

    Utah gave people the option of firing squad or hanging up until a few years back. Matter of fact, after the Supreme Court ended the moratorium on death penalty, the first person executed was Gary Gilmore by–in Utah, by firing squad. Now, lethal injection is the standard, but the state constitution is written so that should lethal injection ever be declared unconstitutional, firing squad is a legitimate backup method.

    As far as who’s on the firing squad– they ask for peace officers to volunteer from the county where the conviction took place. Each member of the firing squad is given a Winchester Model 94 in .30-30, already loaded; one person has a blank, but no one knows which rifle it’s in. This is to help assuage any guilty consciences later; no one knows for sure if a bullet really left his rifle.

    Incidentally, if you want an extremely rare collector’s rifle, the 10 Model 94s used by the Utah executioners were all some kind of quasi-commemorative. They are, I’m told, worth quite a bit of money.

    Something I didn’t know– apparently Utah also allowed decapitation as a legitimate method of execution in the 19th century.

    People might call us barbaric/unprogressive/bad people/etc., but we’ve got one of the lowest crime rates of any state. Can’t argue with results.

  17. TJW says:

    I was born in the Buckeye state, and I will be forever ashamed of that heritage if this animal is let off because he got too tubby to have a vein found. They can ship him to AZ, where I live now, the people in our prison take all shapes and sizes.

  18. totwtytr says:

    No veins? No problem. I’ve seen something like this http://conspiracyx0.tripod.com/weapons3/Ruger_Mk_II_Suppressed.htm used to slaughter goats.

    Quick and painless, although I’d have to say that farm animals deserve a quick, painless death, but I’m not so sure about this guy.

  19. Eric says:

    Simple solution. You have one of two choices–you can ride the lightning OR have a visit from my little friend here, mr. 9mm to the back of the head. You probably won’t feel to much, and it will be over quick. Same can’t be said for YOUR victims, you worthless piece of dung. Too fat to execute, MY ASS. Get it done with however it takes.

  20. rambleicious says:

    What he and his friend did to those women makes me feel physically sick.

    How can he talk about wanting humane treatment after what he did?

  21. ShyAsrai says:

    because the process is so ‘hit & miss’, and i don’t trust the courts NOT to condemn an innocent person, i can’t support the death penalty though i see nothing wrong with executing these types of guilty criminals.


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