for shame.

You have to have a complete lack of empathy if you can walk into a convenience store and steal a donation jar set up to collect money for a child with cancer.

I’m not one for medieval punishments in general, but they did get something right with the pillory.


7 thoughts on “for shame.

  1. BobG says:

    I hope they spread her name and her photograph on the local news so that all of her neighbors and associates will know what a low-life POS she is.

  2. Al T. says:

    Don’t worry, she’s under arrest. I’m sure the other inmates in the Lexington County jail will welcome her with appropriate actions.

  3. Andrew says:

    Tweekers. Go figure, man, this planet is rife with fucktards.
    Then again, maybe she’s Steve Martin fan.

  4. mts says:

    A neighbor had jars out to help the someone whose daughter was a crime victim, to help with hospital costs (she was really torn up). Then the local paper did a good news story about her.

    Soon after, when she was doing her collecting, she found out that other women were claiming they were her, and were there to collect the day’s amount. She now has to introduce herself personally, and say not to give the money to anyone but her, knowing her by face now.

    Oh, and they caught a gas station clerk (on closed circuit camera) taking money from a jar for her pack of cigarettes.

    My father said there were people out there crooked enough to “steal a penny off of a dead man’s eye.” As funny as that was, it is true. He wouldn’t let my mother be buried with her wedding rings, or anything of value. He didn’t want the gravediggers desecrating the coffin for the items.

  5. Jay G says:

    Right period, wrong punishment.

    I’m thinking flung out of town by a trebuchet…

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  7. Justthisguy says:

    Naw, sentence her to 18 hours a day in a “tanning bed”, for a coupla years. Judging by her name, she’s prolly white, and that’ll get her some bad melanoma started.
    I can feel so mean when I’ve been drinking. Sigh!

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