what kind of justice?

I’m in favor of due process, as difficult as it is to adhere to that bedrock principle of justice on occasion.

Even sub-human pieces of filth like this one have the right to a trial by jury.

I totally favor giving him his trial, and upon the jury’s verdict of “guilty”, I totally favor dragging him outside, and turning him into a windchime in front of the courthouse.  Child rapist/murderer, rope, and tree–some assembly required.

Then again, knowing how low child rapists rank in the prison pecking order, justice may be served better by locking him up with the general population.

As things stand, he’ll get the death penalty, and then he’ll be locked away in solitary while awaiting his date with Captain Drāno in ten or fifteen years.  He’ll rack up fifty grand per year in lodging costs, another hundred grand per year in legal costs for his mandatory appeals, and then he’ll get put to sleep like a terminally ill house pet, all on taxpayer dime.  What kind of deterrent is that?


9 thoughts on “what kind of justice?

  1. BobG says:

    Personally, I kind of favor putting him in with the general population. With any luck he may commit suicide after a while and save everyone the cost of incarceration/execution.

  2. i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again:

    if this is my child, somehow, some way this evil piece of shit dies a horrible, just death at my hand…and i will face the consequences, whatever they may be.


  3. jimbob86 says:

    “giving him his trial, and upon the jury’s verdict of “guilty”, I totally favor dragging him outside, and turning him into a windchime in front of the courthouse. Child rapist/murderer, rope, and tree–some assembly required.”

    While it’s cheaper than 50K/year to incarcerate him, have you priced rope lately? True, it can be re-used, but a 230 gr Oregon Trail hard-cast lead bullet is about 8 cents….. primer a penny and a half, and a penny’s worth of Red Dot……. a dime well spent.

  4. Tam says:

    I say we get Breckenridge to “terminate” him. Slowly.

  5. Rusty P. Bucket says:

    It’s not about deterrent, today’s law is about rehabilitating offenders rather than punishing them and deterring them.

    Liberal do-gooders are literally setting the stage for vigilante justice. We are letting the most awful people hide behind our laws. It isn’t right.

  6. MarkHB says:

    I’m inclined to agree with Rusty on this one. Rehabilitation is a smashing concept, but it’s daft to try to apply it with the broad brush. Some criminal behaviour can be attributed to a brain-fart or poor judgement than can be tuned up. Wandering so far off-piste as to rape and murder?

    That puts the human-shaped creature who performed this atrocity outside the recovery zone. Tough geshitskies. Warm up the electric bleachers, cook the bastards in job-lots and save time and energy. Televise it. Webcast it. Put it in movie trailers. Show the world that civilisation is compassionate with it’s decent members, and merciless with it’s predators. Paint it large and bright that rape and murder will not be tolerated and that the penalty for it will be instant, total and meted out with the implacable dispassion that a surgeon uses to remove a tumour.

  7. crankylitprof says:

    I am with the pawnbroker. The person that hurts one of my children will die, by my hand, in the most protracted, painful, humiliating way possible. We’re talking DAYS of agony.

    I’ll do my time standing on my head, knowing that the fucker is there to hold Hell’s door open for me.

  8. Bob says:

    The sadness of this murder extends beyond the victim and our desire for revenge for the perp’s actions. It was only after the girl went missing that something wrong was noticed. Who noticed when the perp got into child porn or switched from fantasy sex with kids to the real thing, apparently no one. No one in the accomplices family, or friends, or teachers, etc., noticed or cared enough when she began to be regularly raped by this piece of crud (poc). Had they, the victim would likely be alive. Now people want to see the perp killed as a deterrent. Maybe the answer is to punish the people involved in the girls life around this sad little affair for being too busy to and not noticing enough to keep this little tragedy from playing out. Maybe that would be a better deterrent. Killing this poc accomplishes nothing since the societal system which produced this little tragedy is still in place. Until that changes we will continue to have more of these sad events.

  9. markshere2 says:

    Dennis Miller said it very well years ago:

    …the death penalty is Cruel and Unusual punishment. Yeah it’s cruel – that’s the purpose of punishment. And it wouldn’t be so damn unusual if we used it as much as we should”

    We all die sooner or later. There are instances where we are justified in hastening the demise of dangerous vermin.

    And we’re not judging them – that’s up to the Lord.
    We are simply arranging the meeting.


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