when foliage goes kablooie.

Yep…New England fall is here.  The trees around Casa Munchkin Wrangler are doing their best to convey chromatic diversity.

October Foliage 002

On the weekends, we play World of Warcraft, which is a multiplayer online role-playing game.  (Elves and Orcses and such, not the weird kind of role-playing.)  One of the peculiarities of the game world is that each zone has a unique flavor to it.  The WoW zones don’t go through seasons, but they’re all perpetually stuck in their particular “theme” season.  There’s Winterspring, where it’s always (you guessed it) winter…Westfall, where you have perennial late summer…and so on.

Our favorite zones are generally the autumn-themed ones.  If the real world worked like that, and I had to pick a U.S. region and a season in which to live permanently, I’d pick the one we’re in right now…New England in the fall, the first week of October.  Pleasant days, cool nights that aren’t quite cold yet, changing leaves…the perfect weather for mulled wine and pumpkin pie.

Your pick?


11 thoughts on “when foliage goes kablooie.

  1. Diane says:

    Southeast Wisconsin, for all your same reasons, but a bit later into October – in that split second between the leaves reaching peak color and their falling to the ground. Love crisp nights, cool, sunny days. Apple pie, apple sauce, apple anything. The smell of bonfires, the itch of straw down your back from the hayride, the first hot cider of the season.

    Naturally, today is seventy degrees, overcast and rainy.

  2. Jay G. says:

    Southeast Arizona. In July and August.

    So I can finally be warm…

  3. Kristopher says:

    The Plaguelands … a continual diseased brown/green haze, kinda like NJ. That, or the Burning Steppes, for that volcanic experience.

    Actually, I rather like Dun Murogh … just an old ski-bum, I guess.

  4. Pappy says:

    Central or southern plains, mid spring or early fall. Warm but not too warm during the day, cool but not cold at night. Not a whole lot of trees to have to clean up after or to block my view of who’s coming down the road.

  5. Yep. Right here in NH, right about now.

    Cool enough to get some honest work done outside w/out melting into a puddle
    Warm enough to enjoy the day in shirtsleeves.
    Cool enough (barely), to run the little woodstove in the living room in the evenings, “just to shake the chill” (actually, I just like the whole wood gathering/smoke smell thing).
    Warm enough to shoot at the range in comfort.
    Cool enough to keep the damn skeeters down whilst shooting…

  6. farmist says:

    I’ll gladly stay put here in Missouri. I LIKE the changes of the seasons.

  7. ilcylic says:

    I’m rather fond of New Mexico, late September. In years where it’s not emulating Washington State.

  8. wheels says:

    New England in autumn. I’ve felt that since I was stationed in Connecticut back in the mid-70s.

  9. Tam says:

    The valleys and foothills of Southern Appalachia for those magic two weeks in Spring when everything’s a riot of blooming azalea and dogwood and tulip trees and the daytime temps are in the 70s and it dips into the 50s at night and the whole place smells like a florist’s… Magic.


  10. crankylitprof says:

    Southeastern PA in late spring or early fall. Our foliage is going to riot, as well…add in the vague tang of woodsmoke, and it’s perfect for pumpkin-picking, hot apple cider and cider doughnuts.

  11. guy says:

    Azshara for the full on WoW Fall experience.

    South central WI for RL fall goodness.

    If only we could get rid of freaking Doyle.

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