this will be a long month.

Phone conversation from today’s lunch hour:

Election Survey Worker:  “Are you going to support John McCain and Sarah Palin in November?”

Resident Household Male:  “Well, to be honest with you, I haven’t completely made up my mind yet.  I may vote straight Libertarian again, or I may decide to hold my nose and vote for the less objectionable of the Republicrats.  Trouble is, this election serves up the choice of two crap sandwiches.”

Election Survey Worker (chuckling):  “I don’t have an option on my form for that answer.”

Resident Household Male:  “You sure they gave you the form for New Hampshire?”


8 thoughts on “this will be a long month.

  1. Phil says:

    Sounds much like the form that should be used in most places. But then, this could be a fun theme to explore- what survey questions should be used in what states?

    Do you have a desire for hope, change, tolerance, and love for all, or are you a complete bastard who likes to eat babies?

    Do you plan to vote for Barack Obama, John McCain, or will you get confused by the ballot again?

    Illinois (Chicago particularly):
    Oh spirits from the great beyond, knock once if you plan to vote for Barack Obama, and more than once if you really love Obama.

    And on and on…

  2. ilcylic says:

    Nice. 😀

  3. crankylitprof says:

    Just remember: P. Diddy says, “Vote or die, motherfucker!”

    And don’t forget to shake those titties when you vote, bitch.

    (/South Park)

  4. Mark Alger says:

    The polltaker’s response is EXACTLY why zero confidence should be directed toward polls. They never ask the right questions. They ask the questions most likely to elicit the answers they want to hear. Do not imagine you are unique in this.


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  6. Stingray says:

    At least yours was able to articulate “that’s not on the form” clearly. The last pollster I played with could just barely manage to droningly repeat “would… that be- veryopposedtosomewhatopposedtoslightlyinfavoroforveryinfavorof s-ir?” She wasn’t accented so I can’t chalk it immediately up to unfamiliarity with the language, but it’s like she had never encountered this strange notion of “words” before and had to work pretty hard for more than half of ’em.

    She didn’t like it very much when I made her ask her supervisor who was funding the poll, either.

  7. memomachine says:


    Is it too late for a constitutional monarchy?

    If nothing else it would be pretty amusing to see a Duke of New Jersey or Earl of Newark.

    Then there’s the eternal question: what exit?

  8. Cathy says:

    I could not agree more, it is a choice of two crap sandwiches. I don’t want either candidate to win. I think we are screwed but that the difference is how far up the you know what we take it. My fear is a vote for Chuck Baldwin is a vote for Obama. That is why I will probably end up voting for McCain because Obama is one scary SOB.

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