random kids and books.

Here are some pictures of the kids, just because I haven’t posted any in a while.

The Kids, October 2008 001

I call this one “Jedi Knight with Calcium”.

The Kids, October 2008 015

Here’s Miss Lyra, still blue-eyed at 17 months. 

And to be totally random, here’s the reading stack on my desk as of today.  It’s always nice to have at least half a foot of fresh reading material at all times.

The Kids, October 2008

From top to bottom:

Jumper, by Steven Gould

Reflex, by Steven Gould (sequel to Jumper)

Elantris, by Brandon Sanderson

The Weapon, by Michael Z. Williamson

The Hero of Ages, by Brandon Sanderson (third and final book in the Mistborn series–came out today, picked up at Borders this morning)

Your Hate Mail Will be Graded, by John Scalzi (preordered; arrived in the mail today)

I’ll probably go through them from top to bottom.  That’s about two weeks of entertainment right there.  (The little book tented on top of the stack is the chapbook that came with Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded, for those who ordered the book from Subterranean Press.)

And what are you reading at present?


23 thoughts on “random kids and books.

  1. LabRat says:

    Just finished: Terry Pratchett, Nation.

    Just started: Jack Stewart and Ian Cohen, Figments of Reality: The Evolution of the Curious Mind.

    Nation was excellent, as I’d expect. I’m only a prologue and a slice of chapter into Figments, so not much to comment on there.

  2. emdfl says:

    The Weapon is a stone-cold no-more-Mr.-Nice-Guy book. Mike wrote a real winner there. I think it was a little too much for the usual crowd, but I thought it was his best since Freehold-and I have everything he wrote.

  3. I’m 60% Mistborn on your recommendation. I’m having a tough time putting it down long enough to read blogs. Excellent book, thank you.

  4. Gah, 60% through Mistborn.

  5. Reading “Murphy’s Law” by Rhys Bowen. I love historical fiction, and if it’s a mystery, it’s even better.

  6. lately, and a bit sadly, that would be themunchkinwrangler,viewfromtheporch,xavierthoughts,sayuncle,adventuresofrx,boobsinjuriesndrpepper,et al…

    and in a fit of retrospective longing, “ronald reagan…how an ordinary man became an extraordinary leader” by dinesh d’souza…


  7. shit, boobsinjuriesndrpepper et al got cut off…sorry crystal.

  8. Jeff says:

    The kids are cute. Still not as cute as mine, but I’ll spot you second cutest.

    We get to go back to VP every month, right? Right?

  9. Tam says:

    Over the last week I read Sourcery by Pratchett, Blind Man’s Bluff by Sontag & Drew, and The Green Mile by Stephen King, all for the first time. Every one of them was awesome.

    Currently reading The Dark Beyond The Stars by Frank Robinson (the author, not the outfielder.)

  10. Sue says:

    currently, Out to Canaan, by Jan Karon.
    I have a stack I need to get into too, but now I have to go find out what Mistborn is…thanks!

  11. Stacie Mc says:

    Ship of Ghosts by James D Hornfischer. It’s about the USS Houston’s sinking and her crew’s POW experiences.

  12. Regolith says:

    Hero of Ages out? Sweet.

    Going to have to check the local bookstores to see if they have any copies, though they’ve been a bit hit and miss.

  13. Chip says:

    Neal Stephenson (wonderful!)

    The Last Theorem
    Clarke and Pohl

    The Prefect
    Alastair Reynolds
    Stuck in a very deep SF rut, have been for years.

  14. prophet says:

    My first thought was “help me, Obi Wan Quinnobi…”

  15. Brass says:

    +1 on The Weapon. Just re-read it and had to cleam up all the awesome sauce. I’m now re-reading Saberhagen’s Empire of the East in preperation for re-reading the Book of Swords.

  16. Breda says:

    I enjoyed Elantris more than I expected.

  17. Wild Deuce says:

    I tend to do multiple readings.

    In my locker at work I have (for unassigned hours … I’m there for 24 hours at a time):

    The Unaborted Socrates – Peter Kreeft (almost done)
    To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth – Jeff Cooper (just started)

    For home:

    What A Difference A Daddy Makes – Dr. Kevin Leman (almost done)
    I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist – Norm Geisler & Frank Turek (just started)

    Finally … as often as possible on a daily basis … The Bible (personally and as a family)

  18. The Captain says:

    Summer Knight by Jim Butcher. It is the fourth book in The Dresden Files series. My just finished the third, and is prodding me to read more quickly.

  19. The Captain says:

    Hmmm… that should have read, “My son just finished the third”. Stupid typos.

  20. Tiffani says:

    Just started the 5-pound The Winds of Marble Arch by Connie Willis (a collection of short stories, etc.)

    Also reading The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson, some Poe, some Dunsany (both of those for Uncle Jim homework!), and rereading some short story books by Gaiman and King.

  21. Jason Hawk says:

    The Army of the Republic by Stuart Archer Cohen

    Empire of Lies by Andrew Klavan

  22. theflatwhite says:

    The Long Ships or Röde Orm – Swedish novel by Frans Gunnar Bengtsson, originally published in 1941 during the Nazi occupation of Norway. I have the Michael Meyer translation.

  23. bt says:

    I’m reading something about what books somebody is reading…which sounds like a pretty worthless thing to do, so I feel real good about that just about now. Maybe I can read about something else, like a jedi knight mit calcium…

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