new hampshire home gym.

The truck just delivered my workout material for the afternoon:



Two cords of firewood, ready to be shacked and stacked in our garage.  We have two cords in the wood shed, and two more in the garage already, so this delivery will bring our stash up to six cords.  That’ll be most of our heat this fall and winter.  (We have two propane furnaces as well, but that stuff is expensive, so we only use the gas heat occasionally.)

You know, I could have sworn someone back in the 1980s predicted personal household nuclear energy by 2010.  Personally, I can’t wait for my Mr. Fusion.


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  1. victoria says:

    jealous! of the woodstove, not the work needed to fuel it. 🙂

  2. easilylost says:

    We finally had to fill the lp tank after 3 years. Our delivery guy asked us if we were getting it from another source, as we pointed to the wood stacked around the yard understanding dawned on him. We paid $2.40/gallon here not sure what it is elsewhere, but you couldn’t get me to stop burning wood as a main heat source.

  3. Bob Jones says:

    They actually have the technology for personal nuclear generators, Toshiba has it already designed and done.

    But the odds of this being done in America are slim to none. The energy industry will pay off congress to keep em out, and probably use the scare tactic of nuclear material on order for anyone, maybe terrorists, to justify it. Bastards.

  4. Tim says:

    I just finished stacking my 2 cords, and I re-stacked last seasons wood. A cord of oak goes for about 175.00 here in southeastern Virginia.

  5. robnrun says:

    Of course, for good humour try hand-splitting the last remaining weird bits the splitter rejected in your drive…conveniently opposite the entrance to a vineyard holding an open-house for the chattering classes. Funny, that seems to have worked even better than a gate at stopping the people that think livestock is for petting!
    I would love a personal nuclear power plant. If the Navy can put them in ships, why can’t we build them on land….

  6. crankylitprof says:

    We had a similar pile on Friday; Cranky Husband spent the weekend stacking. We have six cords out up; with PECO promising to raise our bills every opportunity they get, we plan to keep the thermostat at 62, and use blankets and the woodburner a LOT.

  7. Chip says:

    After many years of wood-burning I switched over to pellets. I have 6 tons in the cellar ready to go. I keep the woodstove in storage for “just in case.”

  8. Pete says:

    There is nothing so satisfying to me than splitting wood. I occasionally get it in big round logs and can do cord in an afternoon and the best part is I get to make it the size I want.

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