monday search term safari XXIV.

chuck taylor 4 weapon combat master

Yes, he is.  But does he match my Six Condiment Sandwich Master title?

Seriously, folks…I have nothing against Chuck Taylor, but inventing martial arts-y titles with the word “Master” in them for self-reference strikes me as a bit corny.  In my opinion, there are only a few things that come close to bestowing the attribute of “combat master”, and most of them are suspended from ribbons.

one-hand trekker german army

That’s a fine pocket knife.  I carry mine every day.  It’s the most utilitarian blade I own–a decent locking blade, a wood saw, and a few other bare essentials.  It’s like a Swiss Army Knife on steroids.

starship rodger young

The TFCT Rodger Young is the troop transport of Johnny Rico’s unit in the novel Starship Troopers.  It’s named after Rodger Wilton Young, recipient of the Medal of Honor.

speshul forsis

Those are the kind of gun shop fixtures who usually hang around the place in camouflage pants, combat boots, and t-shirts with martial slogans.  They’ll drop frequent hints about their service “in the teams”, their wartime exploits (sniping people at 4,000 yards, or defeating a dozen insurgents with naught but a balisong folder and a set of dog tags), and that they can be called back into action at any time.  Interestingly enough, the possibility of sudden reactivation doesn’t seem to necessitate staying in shape, as their “Death from Above” and “Kill ‘Em All” type t-shirts are generally a snug fit even at XXL size.

playboy girls of walmart

Ugh.  There’s an edition that needs the little brown modesty wrapper.

fn p90 violin case

It’s small enough to fit into one.  One of the design goals of the P-90 was an overall length of less than the shoulder width of a soldier, so the weapon wouldn’t be in the way when entering and exiting armored vehicles. 

That reminds me of the joke with the kid who shows up at his violin teacher’s place, pops open the case, and extracts an Uzi submachine gun.  When the music teacher’s eyes widen in horror, the kid scratches his head and says, “Well, shit.  That means Dad’s at the bank with my violin.”

how do they serve bratwurst in germany

In a Schnellimbiss (sit-down fast food eatery), they’re served on a plate, or in a little cardboard tray.  At a curbside snack stand, they’re served in a split Broetchen (crunchy roll), which serves as an edible handle.

why is socialized medicine cheaper

It’s not.  Your co-pay may be lower or non-existent, but you’ll end up paying for that “free” health care at the pump (where gasoline tax has driven the price of a gallon to eight bucks), the grocery store (where you pay 17-21% VAT on everything in your cart), and on payday (when you look at your pay stub and see how much has been subtracted so the state can keep offering “free” services.)

Of course, most proponents of socialized-anything don’t really mean “free” services…they mean “free to me“.

zebra on a moped

Just when I thought the odd “moped” search strings couldn’t get any sillier…

prettiest college campus

Harvard is kind of neat, all Ivy League-looking with actual ivy on those brick buildings, but Robin maintains that Chapel Hill (her alma mater) has the prettiest campus ever.  Not in the running, however, is UT’s campus in downtown Knoxville.


That’s it for this week, friends and neighbors.  Now, please stop feeding silly searches involving zebras and/or mopeds into the Google, hmm-kay?


8 thoughts on “monday search term safari XXIV.

  1. Christopher says:

    I would have to say Pepperdine is in the running for prettiest campus, but it is different from any of the east coast ones.

  2. Less says:

    prettiest college campus:

    Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois.

    Lots of Ivy, parklike, etc… The Deering library is amazing…

    University of Chicago isn’t too bad either…

  3. John says:

    Chapel Hill, huh? My two most attractive choices right now are Chapel Hill or commissioning in the Army.

  4. ilcylic says:

    Chuck Taylor? Like, the basketball shoes?

  5. Jay G. says:

    Shines the name, shines the name “Rodger Young”…

  6. Gregg says:

    “prettiest College campus…”

    Would that be architecture or … scenery?

    St Johns College in Annapolis is quite pretty architecturally speaking. Whereas ASU, the colleges in Coral Gables and Miami Florida, and the coleges in Hawaii likely have the nicest … scenery.

  7. Bunnyman says:

    Err…isn’t it Dr. Ignatius Piazza, FWCM?

  8. Tam says:

    Iggy is the second FWCM. He was separated from his cash certified by Chuck, who is the original FWCM.

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