thank goodness they’re federalized now.

Pythias Brown is–or until recently, was–a TSA screener at Newark Liberty Airport. 

While diligently protecting the homeland from airborne nail clippers and shampoo bottles, he also removed over a quarter million dollars’ worth of suspicious laptops, cameras, and other high-end electronics from the luggage of the traveling public.  (He had the suspicion they’d fetch a pretty penny on eBay.)

He finally managed to trip himself up after pilfering a camera from a CNN employee.  CNN was less than pleased to find the missing item on eBay, and a short while later, Pythias Brown’s house was raided.  The agents secured 66 laptops and 31 cameras, a bunch of jewelry, GPS devices, and other assorted loot.  (Here’s his feedback profile on eBay.  For fun, add up all the dollar amounts…here’s a TSA employee that was making way more off the clock than on it.)

How the hell can a TSA agent walk off the job with a $47,000 camera under his arm, and nobody even raises an eyebrow?

Pythias Brown needs to do some hard time, but his supervisors should spend at least part of the time in jail with him.  In a perfect world, anyone caught abusing his public position for personal enrichment would get a blindfold and a firing squad, but I’d settle for doubling the regular jail sentence, to start.


13 thoughts on “thank goodness they’re federalized now.

  1. dpatten says:

    TSA = They Steal, Always.

  2. JD says:

    I am surprised he did not get promoted. . .

    Ya, I feel safer now. . .

  3. BobG says:

    Now he can go to Atlanta and join the police force.

  4. He also ripped off everyone he sold to since those were all stolen goods. I doubt seriously that they’ll be allowed to keep what they bought.

  5. emdfl says:

    Sounds to me like ebay might have been complisit in running a fencing operation.

  6. Stingray says:

    And just for added bonus, the TSA is under no obligation to return the crap this mobile pustle stole. I can’t find my citation (and there’s a faint niggling in the back of my head that I may be thinking of US Customs instead), but there’s a provision in the TSA guidelines that basically says “If we think we need to conficate your laptop for security, we don’t have to give it back.”

    Not. Flying. Again.

  7. totwtytr says:

    I’ve blogged about my disdain and dislike for the TSA, which only increases with each trip through their screening line. The claim that they destroy confiscated items, but I’ve long suspected that they keep the best stuff for personal use.

    Everyone from his direct supervisor up to the TSA agent in charge of operations at Newark should be terminated immediately. Maybe that will show them that they have to stop abusing and stealing from the traveling public. Probably not, though.

  8. funny…for thirty years i heard the ignorant “knowing” comments about pawnbrokers acting as fences for stolen property, even though in most states licensed pawnbrokers are the only dealers of chattel who process every item and every customer through the police database, under the threat of felony charges for circumventing those checks and/or the uncompensated loss of misappropriated items that slip through.

    “good” thieves learned long ago that the best way to avoid being found out is to list the stuff on ebay and get it shipped off to timbuktu asap…good to know the next time you’re contemplating a great deal on a like new high-end laptop online.

    but thieves are everywhere…on the street, holed up in their esq. offices, in the pulpits, walking the halls of congress…and employed by tsa. blame the system if you want and there’s plenty of room for that, but the deterrence of your preferred correctional method is the best medicine.


  9. deadcenter says:

    I like the punishment described in “The Untouchables” for bribing a public official, “sewn into a bag with a wild animal and thrown into the river”.

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  11. robnrun says:

    I dislike flying through Newark intensely, especially for the nonsense that is the snake dance of customs and security, which is poorly arranged. Additionally, the TSA there have always seemed worse than elsewhere; this suggests a serious problem with the Newark supervisors on top of their poor customer relations skills.

  12. noflashbang says:

    My only reply:

  13. I think you’re being to generous giving them blindfolds.

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