flash movie review thursday.

Quick one-paragraph spoiler-free impressions of movies I managed to watch recently:

The Dark Knight

Holy living fuck…Heath Ledger’s Joker was off-the-scales batshit insane.  Christian Bale’s Batman (now with patented BatGrowl ™) looked sort of bland next to Ledger, actually.  Too bad about that overdose…the boy had some serious acting chops.  Also, it’s kind of odd to watch a movie with a.) an unhinged psycho, and b.) Gary Oldman…and b. doesn’t play a.  Overall, a solid genre flick, and the best of all the Batman movies by a fair margin.  (Also notable: Harvey Two-Face, whose post-transformation persona is completely devoid of camp, unlike Tommy Lee Jones’ version a few years back.  The makeup job is downright disturbing.)

Next up:


I know it was showered with positive reviews, and nominated for a few Oscars, but it left me rather cold.  Ellen Page is cute and all, but the dialogue started out contrived, and didn’t improve as the movie went on.  Those teenagers didn’t talk like teenagers, they talked like thirty- and forty-something scriptwriters’ idea of teenagers.  There was an artificiality in just about every line that felt off, like a parent trying to sound hip by adopting their kids’ lingo and misapplying it ever so slightly.  It wasn’t a bad movie at all, but I don’t think it deserves all its accolades, either.


3 thoughts on “flash movie review thursday.

  1. Wild Deuce says:

    Did you see Bella?

  2. Justin Buist says:

    We actually had to pause Juno at one point because we were dieing of laughter.

    When she see’s Justin Bateman’s guitar room and he explains that it’s “his” room and she quips: “Wow. A whole room. In your own house. She’s got you on a long leash there.” we busted up.

    I’ve got my own “gun room” in the house and it just hit too close to home. I pay the mortgage, the utilities, etc. and I get ONE room as my own. I’m fine with that, but it was funny for the both of us.

  3. ravenshrike says:

    Hey now, Juno is perfectly enjoyable if you fast forward through about half the movie.

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