monday search term safari XXV.

conflict avoidant husband coward

Cowardice and the desire to avoid conflict aren’t the same.  I hate conflict, outside the household or within.  That doesn’t mean I shy away from it when it’s necessary, however.  I think it takes a certain kind of maturity to recognize when conflict is unavoidable and necessary, and when it isn’t.  The cemeteries are full of people who wouldn’t back down because they didn’t want to be called cowards.  (Incidentally, the shelters for battered women are full of people whose husbands didn’t avoid conflict.)

can dachshunds be therapy dogs

One of ours is one in all but certification at this point.  He goes to visit his pal at the nursing home once or twice a week, and he’s quite happy to spend six hours in someone’s lap.

hk p7 custom

There’s not a whole lot of customizing you can do to the Kraut staplegun.  Different sights, new finish, new grips…but that’s about it.  Thankfully, the construction of the P7 doesn’t lend itself to the customization excesses you can inflict on, say, a 1911.

can people with anemia get marry

Yes, of course.  Most states don’t have you take a blood test for a marriage license, as far as I know.  (How socialist is that concept, by the way?  Only let people marry who aren’t likely to produce sickly offspring?  Wouldn’t want people to cheat the system and not crank out able-bodied worker drones for the collective, would we?)

can a spider eat clothes

If your favorite pair of Wranglers is missing, and you suspect the presence of a spider large enough to have consumed it overnight, I suggest calling the Army’s chemical warfare division, because your neighborhood terminator may not pack enough chemical firepower to deal with that problem.

can 2 handicapped people get married?

Reference the “anemia” answer above.  Why the hell shouldn’t two handicapped people be able to get married?  (Any answer you can offer to that question puts you right into the middle of eugenics territory.)

the most beautiful pistol

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course.  My personal candidates for “best-looking pistol” are the Beretta 92F Inox, the P.08, and the SIG P232.

munchkin wrangler death penalty

Are you looking for my opinion on capital punishment, or are you favoring having me executed?

(If it’s the latter, I can’t help you out.  If it’s the former: I generally oppose capital punishment because of the inconsistent way it’s administered, but I recognize the fact that some dogs just get rabid, and need to be put down for the safety of the village.)

advantages of getting married older

You’ve had more time to figure out who you are, what you want in a mate, and (just as importantly) what you don’t want in a mate.  Also, one argument against marrying young is that you’re not the same person in your Thirties or Forties you were in your Twenties.  (That’s one of the reasons why those who marry young usually don’t end up staying together.)

which country has the best health care

Well, ask yourself this: Which country do the rich of the world choose for their health care when they come down with serious maladies? 

The United States has the best health care in the world–not the cheapest heath care, mind you, but the highest available quality of medical care and technology.  It’s not cheap to have access to the highest levels of that care, but you know the First Equation of Economics…you can have cheap, quick, and good, but you can only ever have two of those at the same time.


That’s it for this week, folks!  (You’ll notice the absence of weird moped-related queries for a change.  I’m sure there’ll be another one next week, and it’ll set new standards for weird.)


5 thoughts on “monday search term safari XXV.

  1. Dustin says:

    The marriage/handicap question probably depends on the handicap. Last I checked, some handicaps preclude the “sound mind” requirement of being able to enter into a contract.

  2. Good fun, as usual.
    Interesting to see the 1st Law of Economics. I’ve spent most of my professional career in Quality Assurance, & I learned the concept as the Quality Triangle (in a diagram, of course).
    Good, Fast, Cheap. Pick two…

  3. victoria says:

    just for the record, advantages of getting married young:

    you’re not had a chance to get ‘set in your ways’ and so are more flexible to change.
    less time to date too many people and make foolish decisions you will only guiltily confess to your loved one later in your eventual marriage.
    you will spend the rest of your life figuring out who you are, so the question of *when* you add marriage to the equation is more or less moot.
    I am most definitely not the same person I was in my twenties. I am 36 and in a few years will be into my forties, and will constantly be evolving as a person. whether or not I am married.

    got married young. still married.
    16 years later and still going strong. 🙂

    I think there are distinct advantages to both earlier and later marriage.
    The perception that young and early marriages usually don’t work out *because* they were young, I think, is false.
    There are always a myriad of reasons for the failure of a marriage. We all seek justification and a rationale. If a later marriage broke up, I’m sure one of the reasons cited could easily be “it was too hard, we were already so set in our ways”.
    I think marriage is just going to be hard, no matter how early or late you get married. Marriage and children require such a huge amount of self-sacrifice, and sometimes, this gets to be too much for people.

    Anyway, I enjoy your posts, and found this one really thought provoking. sorry if I droned on…

  4. lenf says:

    Marko, The blood test before the marriage license is to screen for venereal disease.

    And Victoria, Bravo!

  5. jimbob86 says:

    +1, Victoria! Esp. the self-sacrifice part. I got married at 22, and 18 years and kids later, it is better than it ever was…… just more challenging.

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