we can haz poll!

The folks at WordPress rigged an option for integrated polls, which is nice.

Since I can’t wait to test-drive shiny new things, here’s a poll for you.  I had meant to ask this question a few days ago as a write-in poll, but now we can do it with graphs and charts.  Awesome!

This one’s for the cola drinkers.  If you regularly drink a cola product as your daily beverage of choice, which brand and kind do you favor?

My cola of choice is Pepsi One, for those of you who must know.  I prefer the flavor of Splenda-sweetened diet soda to the aspartame-sweetened kind, and Pepsi One is the most reliably available of the Splenda sodas.  (If you took all the Pepsi products off the shelves everywhere and forced me to go Coke, I’d probably switch to Coke Zero.)

You freaks who drink Sprite, Mountain Dew, Fresca, or Moxie (or worse, one of those retarded energy drinxxorz!!! for the twitch kiddies), write your choice in if you must…but be aware that drinking non-colas is un-American to the core.)


26 thoughts on “we can haz poll!

  1. Paul Simer says:

    I think you’re going to find that Mountain Dew is one of your more popular write-in choices. I can’t believe that Diet Black Cherry Pepsi made the cut and Mountain Dew didn’t. 🙂

  2. Marko says:


    that’s because Mountain Spew is not a cola. (Don’t be confused by the fact that the Southrons use “coke” as a generic label for all kinds of soda.)

  3. ilcylic says:

    That’s not a daily thing, though. It’s just the only cola like thing I’ll drink. It’s made with real sugar, and not that horrifyingly nasty HFCS.

    My daily poison of choice is Red Bull. Yum.

  4. Joe Allen says:

    I don’t drink sodas anymore, but when I did – and when I find myself craving them – I preferred good old Coka-Cola.

    Now, if I had a choice, I’d take Birch Beer everytime – and the rare occasions I see it on the shelf I do indulge in one. Yum.

  5. ilcylic says:

    Hrm. My reply here presumed my answer would be visible, which I see it is not. I had said “Coca-cola, in glass bottles, from Mexico.”

  6. Max says:

    Why didn’t Vanilla Coke make the cut? Or Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla?

  7. ATLien says:

    I picked coke zero, but my fave cola is drunk whenever i can find it, and that’s Cheerwine.

    Best. Soda. Evah.

  8. LittleRed1 says:

    Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pepper. Diet or the cane sugar batches, please.

  9. theflatwhite says:

    I’m more a Gatorade man myself, and that’s a wholly American beverage too.

  10. Liberty says:

    Cherry Coke is good stuff. Honestly, one of the best colas I’ve had was a short-lived Pepsi creation called Josta. With Guarana!

    And why not Moxie? It’s an experience! You have something against carbonated, caffeine-laden NyQuil with nine times the twitchies of a mouthful of roasted espresso beans? Last time I had a can, I had a hallucination involving pixie-sized strippers wearing traffic-worker safety vests whilst pole-dancing on unicorn-horns. After I threw up in my mouth.

  11. Tam says:

    Vault Zero, bay-bee.

    Drinks like a soda, makes my front sight twitch like an energy drink.

  12. Peter O says:

    I’m going to second the Dr Pepper vote.

  13. that would be vanillacokephosphate at the drugstore counter in pahokee, fl circa 1967…best dimes i ever spent; best times, too…now that was a “cola”.


  14. Tony says:

    Oi! Energy drinks are not retarded. Not everyone likes coffee, you know… And Jolt Cola is a piss-poor excuse for an energy drink. 😦 Not enough wakey-upey, too much sweetness. (I try to drink mostly sugar-free energy drinks to avoid a ridiculous intake of sugar, so that might affect my taste.)

    But energy drinks are just for work-day mornings, to get my brain going. Otherwise, I like Dr Pepper.

  15. Paul Simer says:

    I would also like to take this opportunity to tell Pepsi that if they would product Mountain Dew with Splenda, I would cheerfully pay $1 a can. Thank you.

  16. Regolith says:

    Paul: Amen to that. I loves me my Mountain Dew, but damn is it unhealthy, so I try to restrict my intake to a couple of cans a week, if that.

    Out of the colas, I prefer diet RC Cola. I am pretty sure it’s sweetened with Splenda. Unfortunately, the only place I can ever get it is at my grandmother’s place; no one near me sells it.

    Maybe I’ll have to try Pepsi One, if I can find any of it.

  17. crankylitprof says:

    Dr. Pepper.

    (You can always add a shot or two of Southern Comfort to it for extra kick.)

  18. LabRat says:

    My daily swill is actually iced tea with a splash of lemonade. Out at a restaurant, full sugar regular Coca-Cola. At home looking for a caffeine kick and it’s too warm for coffee, then Pepsi Max.

  19. Stacie Mc says:

    Dr Pepper

  20. ChrisB says:

    There’s nothing better than old school Coke in the glass bottles (yes, it affects the taste), made from sugar as opposed to the high-fructose corn syrup nonsense.

    Apparently Red Bull is working on a premium cola that is supposed to destroy everything else on the market, stay tuned.

  21. Weer'd Beard says:

    Diet Cherry Coke is one I rather like, tho for just a Cola experience I really dig the “Sam’s Choice” stuff they peddle at Wal Mart and Sam’s Club.

    Not that I drink more than 5 sodas a year of any ilk….

  22. I haven’t had any soda since the end of February (thanks again, btw), but when I did drink it, it was always Diet Coke. Heck, I started drinking it the instant it became available in Germany, as “Cola Light”!

  23. Adam says:

    Coke Blak.

    End of discussion.

    …they uh.. just don’t make it anymore.

  24. BlueNight says:

    I take a Coke Classic when I drink cola.

    However, there is one drink I sorely miss. No, I don’t have a stash of Crystal Pepsi or New Coke. I am referring to something far more precious.

    Once, when I was but a lad, my father bought for me half a can of 7Up Gold. I had never tasted anything like it! It was wonderful! And then it went away forever.

  25. ChrisB says:

    I just picked up some Red Bull Cola from Shaws and it was a huge letdown, it can’t even touch Coke.

    A good alternative is Jones Cola, made from real sugar, I picked some up at Walmart a little while back it everyone tore through it quickly, unfortunately when I went back to replenish the supply they just had a bunch of stupid flavors like Blue Bubble Gum and Fufu berry, what the hell happened to good old fashioned Cola and Root Beer?

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