a perfect killing machine at work.

Here’s a page with amazing pictures of Great White sharks catching some dinner vittles. 

Sharks are one of the great evolutionary success stories.  The general biological design is close to perfect for survival in its environment.  The bugs were ironed out 100 million years ago, and the shark has been around pretty much unchanged since then.

People call space “the final frontier”, but there’s a whole world we have only just begun to discover and understand, and that’s the part of our planet covered in water.


6 thoughts on “a perfect killing machine at work.

  1. Robert says:

    Good reason not to wear a black or dark-colored wetsuit, I think.

  2. LabRat says:

    Also a fantastic illustration of unintended consequences in environmentalism- as it turns out, no feel-guilty, sharks-are-people-too effort has ever been better for the Great White than the Marine Mammal Protection Act, also known as the Shark Meal Protection Act.

    Or, for some smaller species, offshore drilling. Offshore platforms have been wonderful for Makos.

  3. Shooter says:

    Oh great! Flying Sharks! Now we’re boned for sure.

  4. DJK says:

    Bob Ballard also discovered the sunken Titanic… He’s a smart dude…

    Sharks…cool. Now I’ll go surf. See you later….hopefully.

  5. NoBite says:

    These are the most dramatic pictures I’ve seen of great whites in action! In a sort of masochistic way, I thank you for linking to them!

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