That’s right, friends and neighbors…only three years left until I get to buy a red Corvette, and start picking up college girls over at Dartmouth to recapture my youth.  (I imagine Robin will adjust to this, although she won’t be pleased about wasting the cash on the ‘Vette.)


23 thoughts on “thirty-seven.

  1. crankylitprof says:

    Get your geezer on, Marko! Happy birthday — enjoy that lobstah tonight!

  2. Breda says:

    Happy birthday Marko!

  3. easilylost says:

    A corvette is Not wasted money, as for the chickies, good luck :))
    Have a great birthday, and many more.

  4. BobG says:

    Congratulations. I wish I could remember that long ago.

  5. scotaku says:

    Happy Birthday. Remember, you’re not getting older, you’re getting longer!

    And the college girl thing… yeah, good luck with that. ^_^ I don’t know what the 1990-era models are like, but I can just imagine that they’re pretty temperamental (I’m told that that particular +40 adventure is verboten, so perhaps that explains why I assume those grapes to be sour).

  6. William the Coroner says:

    Happy Birthday.

  7. MarkHB says:

    Happy Incept Date to you,
    Happy Incept Date to youuuuu,
    Happy Incept Date dear Wingieeeeeee,
    Happy Incept Date to youuuuuuu!

    *swig swig swig*

  8. Reuben says:

    I have to agree a Corvette is not wasted money.

    As for the women, I am reminded of something I head recently, A man’s friend coments “it must be nice dating a woman 20 years younger than you. ” The man replies “No, it just means I am putting up with the same s–t I was putting up with 20 years ago.”

  9. Sean says:

    Happy birthday sir, congratulations and may there be many more in the future – corvette or not…

  10. Happy Birthday lad!

  11. happy birthday, mw…

    good grief you’re just six months older than my oldest (she was in the oven when wifey and i married at 17).

    as for the toys…i had to wait for five-oh instead of four-oh for my midlife crisis thing, and went with a chev pickup the same year as me (’54) but all hotrodded up with a vette motor, disc brakes, etc…
    and if you go for the vette, you could do a lot worse than one of your own ’71 vintage.

    and waiting for 50 is self-solving for the sweet young thing part of the equation…sniff!…


  12. Jay G. says:

    Happy Birthday Marko!

    Man, you and SayUncle must be damn close to the same age, because he’s also about 6 months younger than me.

    1971 was a rockin’ year!

    Well, I guess technically, in my case, it was 1970 that was rockin’…

  13. Tam says:

    Happy birthday, bro.

    Did you ever think you’d be such a lucky man even ten years ago? 🙂

  14. Happy Birthday, Marko! 39 is creeping up on me really, really fast.

  15. aczarnowski says:

    Happy birthday Marko. Hope it was a good one!

  16. rickn8or says:

    Good News: College girls are going for older men.

    Bad News: College girls think older men are 28, 29, 30…

    Happy birthday, anyway!

  17. Shooter says:

    Happy Birthday, Marko! Many more happy returns.

  18. DirtCrashr says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Good News: 40 is the new 30! College girls are still attainable especially given the confused and pablum-like educational dribblings they receive via our Education School Overlords – so they’re not very smart but very eco-sensitive and holistically aware and the ‘Vette will probably frighten them and cause them to issue a cease-and-desist order…besides, a Prius is very quiet and makes sneaking up on them easier.

    Bad News: 50 is the new 40, and 60 is the new 50, and no-damn-body is growing up anymore.

  19. OrangeNeckInNY says:

    Happy Birthday Dude! I’m 39 now so I only have one more year to wait before I start my midlife crisis.

  20. Todd says:

    Happy belated. And no, 40 is not the key to the Corvette. If you’re lucky, you’ll never get to that point! 🙂

  21. John says:

    Happy belated birthday, man.

  22. T.Stahl says:

    And thirteen years until you buy a silver metallic Mercedes SL.
    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, alter Schwede!

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