hot tub, take two.

I’m putting this one out for the New England crowd…anyone want a free two-person hot tub?


It needs new filters and such, but it’s in good shape, and it works.  All I’m asking in exchange is a bit of elbow grease to help me move Robin’s huge grill into the spot now occupied by the hot tub.  Also, you’ll need to bring a vehicle big enough to haul it off–a Chevy S10 won’t do.  (I’ll help you with moving and loading it.)

Absent any takers, I’ll need some more ideas on a use for it.  One of the suggested uses was a giant still, which merits some consideration.


8 thoughts on “hot tub, take two.

  1. Jim says:

    Dig a pit, sink it in and use it as a root cellar for after TEOTWAWKI.

  2. crankylitprof says:

    I’d bury it and use it for storage, as well!

    Or fill it with jell-O and stage illegal jell-o wrestling matches for quick, untraceable cash. If were a wee but more reliable, you could live-stream that shit, and make a mint.

  3. Cathy says:

    Have you ever tried freecycle? I am sure you would get some quick responses.

  4. combining your posts on advancing age and blue boner pills, one is reminded of the commercial depicting himnher in matching tubs overlooking a pond and sipping wine with eventual co-mingling in mind…

    well, you’re near a great pond, your tub allows self-contained co-mingling, and it shouldn’t cost much to run power down there, set the tub on a little deck, and keep he temp at 98 through the winter; a small price to pay for a gent of your advanced years to get lucky…don’t know what you’re gonna do with all them dogs and young ‘uns, though.


  5. E says:

    Stomp you some wine grapes. yep.

  6. natf says:

    I’ve offered to take it before. Just tell me when you’d like me to pick it up (weekends much better than weekdays) and I’ll be there with a trailer to load it into.


  7. Marko says:


    weekends are better for us, too. Send me an email, and we’ll work out the details.

  8. Matty says:

    Craigslist that mofo! Guaranteed someone will buy it with the right price.

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