those who serve.

If you want to send some goodies to a soldier, airman, sailor, Marine, or Coastie serving downrange, here’s a convenient way to do so without sending perishable stuff through the overburdened military mail system:

Purchase “Gifts From The Homefront” certificates for a service member.

Those certificates are redeemable at the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), the Marine Corps Exchange (MCX), the Navy Exchange (NEX) and the Coast Guard Exchange.  You can send them to a specific service member, or donate them to “Any Service Member” through organizations like the Red Cross. 

The military exchange services are the only retail outlets available to our troops in the Middle East, and they set up shop in some pretty remote bases in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The gift certificates are redeemable for any stocked merchandise at AAFES locations, so the service member can pick what they want/need at the time.

If you have some extra cash earmarked for spreading some Christmas cheer this year, I can think of worse ways to spend it.


2 thoughts on “those who serve.

  1. Al T. says:

    Great idea – Thanks! I will say that for the guys overseas, it’s still better to get a package from someone. I have had family friends send stuff and the personal touch is nice. 🙂 Couple of things that are always big hits – good coffee, M&M candy (seems to do OK in the heat), flavored drink mix and homemade cookies. For the service folks reading this, don’t forget to send your thanks to your supporters!

  2. MauserGirl says:

    You can also go to and click on “supporters” and actually adopt a currently deployed unit. Sending a package yourself is WAY more appreciated by deployed troops that a gift certificate to AAFES, especially since AAFES seems to hell bent on ripping soldiers off.

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