pay no attention to that half trillion dollar deficit.

Another day, another stack of campaign pamphlets in the mailbox.

I have to address something that’s been bugging me for a while.  Every single one of the Republican campaign brochures has had the item “Lower Taxes and End Wasteful Government Spending” as a bullet point.  This from the party that has been in charge of the biggest expansion of the in half a century, and the biggest deficit spending orgy ever.

Folks, deficit spending is a tax, too.  It’s a tax on the future, a promise to pay back a debt with my children’s future paychecks.  Tax & Spend is bad enough, but how is Borrow & Spend any better?

Once upon a time, Republicans were the party of small(er) government, and fiscal responsibility.  That is no longer the case, and hawking a promise to end wasteful spending now sounds pretty hollow coming from that side of the aisle, after seven years of insane federal spending.  It’s like finally having a Come To Jesus meeting with your college kid who’s been racking up a few ten thousand dollars on the “emergency” credit card, and then being pacified by his promise to get a job at Starbucks and stick to a budget, if you only give him another chance and please, please, pretty please pay his tuition for him one more time.

Disclaimer: Being critical of borrow & spend Republicans doesn’t automatically make me a fan of tax & spend Democrats, so don’t start the “OMG YOU WANT SOCIALISM INSTEAD?” chorus.  Ideally, I want to be left alone, keep as much of my paycheck as possible, and not have my kids’ future paychecks being used as collateral for anything…whether that “anything” is my neighbor’s medical bill, or a rack of Hellfire missiles.  Right now, we’re just playing a game of Fiscal Musical Chairs, we’re running out of chairs, and the candidates for both parties are asking us to just please keep the music playing for a little while longer.


45 thoughts on “pay no attention to that half trillion dollar deficit.

  1. MarkHB says:

    Well. Not Hellfire missiles that you don’t get to shoot. Mmm. AGM-114. Drool.

    Anyroad up, I couldn’t agree more. Both parties are fiscally crapulent, but it seems (horribly) that the Dems are actually historically better at not pissing huge amounts of dosh away. Especially now with Russia starting to feel it’s oats again, it’s not the time to be so fiscally over-extended that we can’t afford to face an emergent threat.

  2. Rusty P. Bucket says:

    I think you would be as big a pain in the butt for the donks as you would for the repubs son.

    I think there are some realities that you ignore though. One is that as a society we are far more dependent on one another than ever before. Everything is so specialized now. When I was a kid, we fixed our own cars, grew alot more of our own food, and actually cooked alot more of our own food too! We were more independent.

    Today’s American is not nearly as independent as we were and therefore you need more gov’t to pick up the slack. I strongly doubt the break down in civility during the Katrina crisis would have happened in my day. Everyone was pointing fingers of blame at the gov’t during that fiasco, but all us old grey hairs seem to agree that the people of New Orleans failed themselves.

    The repubs have done alright IMO. Prior to the subprime crisis (which they inherited from the donks) they were running tax surpluses – and that while running two costly wars abroad.

    Your country is changing. Hold on to your hat kid, because the day will come when you are as out of touch with it as I am.

    Are the little munchkins ready for Halloween?

  3. Chris Byrne says:

    I had a reluctant Obama voter ask me the other day “If you’re so concerned about limited government, why are you’re voting for McCain? Look at what the Republicans have done over the past eight years”.

    I conceded they had a point, but I had two points in reply:

    1. Do you REALLY want Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to have control over spending, with no threat of a veto? Because McCain is going to veto everything that comes his way.

    2. Obama plainly and clearly believes in redistributionist economics. He says so himself, over and over again. Theoretically, McCain does not.

    So it’s not so much that McCain would be great; only that Obama would be infinitely worse.

  4. theflatwhite says:

    It may be too late to give the Elephants the benefit of the doubt, and rightly so. But I think there is an internal move afoot to curb their recent spending habits. See the Palin nomination.

    They lost the senate and house in ’06 because of their budget practices, and they know it. The only way for them to get back is to return to their principals.

  5. MarkHB says:

    Sorry TFW, but “see the Palin nomination”? She’s clueless, and utterly incurious about the world around her. We’ve seen the result of eight years of the Big Chair Occupant being as dim as a half-watt bulb, and if Palin was VP she’d be wayyyy too close to the reigns for comfort. I repeat: Sarah Palin is as thick as two short planks, with the Executive acumen of a marshmallow.

    I hate socialism. I’ve lived with it for the last decade and a half, and it’s like repeated, running kicks to the testes. But even if Obama’s a bit pink, it’s a lot better than Thick in the Oval. At least pink has valid policies which can be argued against, not “God sez” and “I Want”.

    I honestly believe that Obama – out of two lousy choices – will be *less damaging* for the country in the coming years. I say that having learned, listened and thought. I don’t want either of them. I believe in America the Free, not America the Plutocracy or the United Soviet Socialist States of America. But I cannot and will not support the party of torture, of wiretappings, of chargeless imprisonment, of secret trials, of “free speech” cages and of the PATRIOT act.

    Because that’s what a vote for McCain is: A vote for the enslavement of Americans, a vote for muzzling Americans and a vote for a totalitarian state.

    Not on my watch, mate. No frakking way.

  6. emdfl says:

    If you honestly believe Obama would be less damaging then McCainyou are either a fool or don’t have he reading/comprehension skills of a first grader.

    Note what happened the “Joe the Plumber” and ask yourself if you have seen that before in a political campaign. See if you can find someone who will point out who Obama’s friends and confidants are, and who raised him.

    “God sez…party of … Patriot Act.” I do have to give you points for hitting all of the DNCs talking points against the Bush Administration.

    Now go vote for your communist friend because by any standard of measure THAT’S WHAT HE IS.

  7. markhb: someone said it’s better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to open your mouth (or rattle off on the keyboard) and remove all doubt.

    words to live by, my friend…you’ve made some dumbass comments before, but this little diatriabe takes the cake. pathetic. and if i didn’t know better, i’d say incredibly ignorant and naive.

    here’s a little gem by tam that summarizes this election as well as i’ve ever seen it done:

    learn it. live it.


  8. crankylitprof says:

    Because that’s what a vote for McCain is: A vote for the enslavement of Americans, a vote for muzzling Americans and a vote for a totalitarian state.

    This is exactly what I feel a vote for Obama is a vote for.

    Tax slavery — that 250K became 200K, then 150K, and I’ve heard the number 120K bandied about.

    Muzzling Americans through the Fairness Doctrine (see: he kicked the papers — Washington Post, et al off his campaign trail because they supported McCain — though ostensibly it was to make room for those bastions of political journalism, “Jet” and “Essence” magazine).

    A totalitarian state — which is exactly what we would get with one-party control of the House, Senate and White House.

    I can’t agree that a vote for McCain would be worse for the country. At least with McCain, I’m convinced we’ll still have a country.

  9. Tam says:

    I’m only really happy when one team has Congress and the other has the White House. Anytime one side or the other has had all the keys to the store, they’ve gone on an orgy that made Bluto Blutarski look like Simon the Stylite.

  10. Tam says:


    [blockquote]I say that having learned, listened and thought. … But I cannot and will not support the party of torture, of wiretappings, of chargeless imprisonment, of secret trials, of “free speech” cages and of the PATRIOT act.[/quote]

    Love ya to death, bro, but that statement tells me that you should have done your “learning, listening, and thinking” from some some source other than the NYT, NBC, and BBC. That shit was as gleefully bipartisan as it could be. (…and “free speech zones” were established under that GOP bastard William Jefferson Clinton.)

    Please, I appreciate the sentiment. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment. But it behooves one to research before setting finger to keyboard.

    Due diligence, luv.

    (…and if you think Palin’s “incurious”, you must think I’m a fucking retard.)

  11. Jenny says:

    Sarah Palin is as thick as two short planks, with the Executive acumen of a marshmallow.


    Even the more honest of her detractors will admit otherwise (Elaine Lafferty’s article is as decent a place as any to start)

    Heck, W. ain’t an ignoramus either – have you SEEN the stuff you have to do for an IFR ticket, much less the whole fancy-pants Ivy League schools and F102 training?

    Disagree with them, I don’t care, but the “stupid” argument is asinine.

    So – welcome to America.

    Here’s lesson 23. The standard schtick from most of our national media is “anyone who disagrees with leftist politics is either stupid for not understanding how wonderful they are, or evil for hating poor people.” Images and video will be selected – largely (but not completely) unconsciously – that reflect that worldview.

    Now..Take a spin around Youtube sometime for the amateur “Obama ummm uhhhh” bits. Now of course Sen. Obama ain’t an idgit either – far from it – but even a kid with a video suite can make him look like one. Same thing on the other side, but writ large.

    Now – I don’t know Gov. Palin personally. I do know friends of hers pretty well. To the extent you can know a person’s character by their friends, there isn’t a person in the race on either of the big tickets or most of the smaller ones I’d trust to be in the big chair more than Sarah Palin.

    And if you or I were subjected to the same media SLIMING that woman got, our own DOGS wouldn’t talk to us anymore.

    So… Gov. Palin, pretty smart cookie. Disagree with her all you want, but kindly leave the “stupid or evil” shtick to the sophomoric chattering in the press.

    And by the way – glad you’re here. 🙂

  12. Roberta X says:

    Ugh. I suddenly remebered why I’m a loner anarchist: way fewer shrieking shoelace fights.

  13. ilcylic says:

    rX: Clearly, we need an Anarchist Party, then. (“If elected, we’ll dismantle as much of the government as fast as possible, right up until we get assassinated.”)

  14. MarkHB says:


    Thank you for being so nice about it. I would ask that we can put this one under “I may disagree with your position, but will defend unto death your right to have it”.

    I might be completely wrong in what I think – I don’t think I am, but I do believe that in the final analasys all posters here want what’s best for the United States and the folk who live in it. I really, really don’t think that the GOP is the right direction for the US to continue to take. I don’t think Barry’s so great, as I think I made plain repeatedly, but it’s the difference between “Definately Wrong” and “Possibly Wrong” at this point. When you’re driving towards a burning building, then turning the wheel’s generally a better bet than jamming down the accelerator.

    Anyhoo, my asbestod undies are good and thick, so feel free to whale on me for my opinion. *grins* After all, that’s why there’s a first amendment…

  15. MarkHB says:

    I think I’d better throw out one other comment.

    If I opine about people in politics, or about parties, or even if I say something really nasty about someone in the public view, it is not in any way attempting to malign the supporters of that person.

    In the interests of lively and entertaining discussion I would ask you all to remember that if I call you favourite politico a slack-jawed drooling anencephalic cypher with the intellectual abilities of a paramecium, this is my opinion of them, through the filters of things that I think are important and appropriate. It is not my opinion of the people who support that politico. We’ve all got our torches to carry, and I’m not too huge a fan of the big brush.

  16. LabRat says:

    With that happy fun expression of equanimity…

    Exactly why do you think Palin (or Bush, for that matter- I think his flaws are as myriad as the stars, but I don’t count “stupid” among them) is stupid?

    When trying to maintain civility in an uncivil time, specifics help.

  17. MarkHB says:

    Fair enough. It seems to me – in public addresses, interviews and such, that Ms. Palin originally was entirely lacking in knowledge on any issues she was asked to address. In subsequent visits – after fairly hasty briefings – she seemed to regurgitate her briefings with little ability to deviate from the script.

    It’s probably fairer to say she seems underinformed and unable to think rapidly on her feet. I fear, like Mr. Bush is so much “stupid” as underinformed, incurious and happy to accept whatever Authority Nearest dispenses as fact, then act as Dispensing Authority for whatever they’ve been told.

    You’ll have to forgive me for not digging out sources, as at this juncture it’s quite late in the day for me. I’d still be in the US and working, but apparently I need a social security number to do that, so I’m back in the UK for now. This is probably something to do with the foul mood I’m *trying* not to overly inflict on people, and apparently failing with.

  18. Jenny says:

    Mark –

    First, your last post provides an excellent example of “answering the question no one asked.” I’m not personally offended at your opinion of (for instance) Palin – rather I’m saying your opinion is factually wrong. You could have as easily have said “she’s a blue-skinned alien from Qumquat 7” and my response would have been the same – “no, she’s not.” That’s not “wailing on you for your opinion” that’s saying “Dude. You’re basing your opinion on inaccurate information.”

    Vote for one ticket or the other based on principle and position, I’m cool with that. What I’m not cool with is perpetuating the “stupid or evil” lie the American left has been telling itself and the voting public at least as long as I’ve been alive.

    Now, to the original point?

    If you honestly believe Mr. “blackball all the reporters who don’t pitch me softballs” Obama is going to be less likely to do some serious muzzling of the opposition than his opponents who regularly go into “hostile territory” media-speaking, well… I seriously question your judgment. But at least there we’re back in “opinion” territory there. I’m right there with you that our choice this time around is “who’ll do less damage.”

  19. Roberta X says:

    “I may disagree with your position, but will defend unto death your right to have it”.

    …One of the Libbytarian/Randite commentators took this one on awhile back; it’s a seriously flawed sentiment, in that it requires the say-er to die for somebody else’s fool opinion.

    Count me out of that. I’ll defend the other person’s right to defend his/her position but I won’t give my life away for free. If they’ve got such darn noble ideas, they can go the wall for ’em. Too many of the brave and the good have died for the rights of the loud-mouthed and fatheaded; it’s time the yammerheads stepped up and put their lives, fortunes and sacred liberty where their mouths are.

    …One thing about the GOP (and McCain/Palin in partcular) is they can take criticism and humor at their expense; I have not seen similar tolerance from Mr. Obama’s campaign. Of course, as a single-issue voter, his history in re the right to keep and bear arms was all it took for him to lose my vote. (I cannot imagine any human who values the inherent right of self-defense voting for the Democrat in our Presidential race) The other contraindications are just gravy — nasty, class-war gravy. No thanks.

  20. MarkHB says:

    Well maybe not die. But I will but up with chafing, itching, and and that “same socks for three days” feeling. Better?

  21. MarkHB says:

    Okay that one was excessively glib. Roberta, the point of the comment as I see it is that I will defend in extremis your right to hold a different opinion, and to punch it into a terminal at the polls. Not that I’ll die for someone because they think black is white and then invites me to use a Zebra crossing. I think that’s a fairly tolerably obvious distinction – I’m not planning to hold a gun to anyone’s head an shout “Obama or your parietal lobe goes through your timpanic membrane!”. I respect Tamara the way I don’t actually respect many people on this little world at tall. She’s entirely entitled to her opinion, and her vote, voiced as loquatiously and snarkily as she wants.

    Personally, I disagree with her on this one, and have a poor view of both the incumbent, and the following Party Select. *shrugs* I’m a little upset that she seems to think it means I think less of her, personally. But you know what? If someone pointed a gun at her and demanded she vote the way *I* think *I* should vote? Yeah, then that would be the sort of thing I’d take a bullet for. Or lay one down for. So I stand by my statement.

    Well, that was some typing that didn’t go anywhere. What are we talking about again?

  22. sorry markhb, that little disclaimer just doesn’t wash…such nasty invective as contained in your diatribe very clearly does attempt to impugn those who disagree.

    and i’d not be sanguine at tam’s gentle repudiation, killing you softly…

    because there’s this:

    and this:

    “billious progressives”…heh.

    still, i do respect your intelligence, urbanity, and articulation, and can only surmise that so much time spent in what has become such a hopeless, dehumanizing, and marginalized portion of the old world has had its serious and deleterious but it is hoped reversible effects.


  23. moderation, huh mw?

    anyway, reading (after my last comment) that you are back on the dark (ages) continent explains a lot, markhb…best wishes for your eventual permanent return to the (mostly and it is hoped eternally) free world.


  24. Roberta X says:

    …I’m still not sure I’d put up with “that burning itch” for anybody’s right to be wrong; but I’ve put years of effort into becoming as self-centered as a cat.

    For me, the salient difference is that Mr. Obama wants to disarm me and Mr. McCain does not. The GOP could run a pair of chimps and I’d vote for ’em if they left my right to self-defense alone. The US is the last place in the civilized world when I can bear arms — and I cannot even freely do that in many parts of the nation. Little difficult to defend anything to anybody’s death if all you’ve got are sofa cushions and stern Letters To The Editor.

  25. LabRat says:

    Mark- as you say, fair enough. I watched the same things I suspect you did, and came away with a different opinion- my own impression was not that she was uninformed as that she was very, very hastily trying to learn to dance the way the McCain campaign wanted her to, which is pretty much standard operating procedure in a presidential campaign. You can see much the same with Biden’s repeated gaffes and public contradictions of Obama’s stated positions, after which he tends to be shoved back in the campaign closet for a few months. I don’t believe Joe Biden is stupid, but I do believe the wrangling a major presidential campaign is imposing on him affects him differently than it does Palin.

    I thought she did well in the debate and in subsequent public interviews and appearances after she had the chance to find her feet again, and this plus reading stuff both from folks who have met her (and disagree with her) and from people I can normally count on to call out the anti-intellectualism that tends to haunt conservatives leaves me with the impression that’s there’s nothing wrong with her brain, and in fact she may even be very clever.

    I did see that you were back on the mucky side of the pond on your own blog, and I too hope to see you back on these shores ASAP.

  26. Marko says:


    your comment automatically ended up in the moderation queue because of the number of links. I didn’t get around to approving it until just now, what with kids, bedtimes, dinner, and all.

  27. MarkHB says:


    Obama and his chums can’t fail to recall how they threw their hold on the country away with the AWB, nor can they easily fly in the face of DC Vs. Heller. The 2nd’s currently the strongest of the amendments. But I’m not just a fan of some of the Constitution – I’m a fan of *all* of it. And whilst there’s no guarantee that the D’s will be any good at restoring the first, fourth, fifth, sixth or eighth to any kind of meaning, it is, to my mind guaranteed that McCain and Palin will continue to destroy the Constitution on the basis that you have the Second Amendment.

    Leaving what to defend, I do not know.

    In a way, it’s a moot point. With the new laws requiring two different forms of ID *and* a proof of residency, I’ve done myself out of a vote this year anyway.

    So I guess I’ll just shut up, and wish you all the very best of futures.

  28. understood, mw…care and feeding of those babies trumps prattling here anytime, and everything else for that matter…after all, it is their future we bicker over.

  29. LabRat says:


    Bear in mind that we here in America who are all hung up on the second amendment still have fresh and painful memories of Ruby Ridge and Waco. In the case of Ruby Ridge- in which the BATF and the FBI murdered most of a family- the law that had been violated and was the pretext for the raid was one on the length of shotgun barrels. In Waco, there was no certainty that any gun laws had been violated, but the BATF had had reports that it MIGHT have been… so they showed up to investigate with tanks and two Blackhawk helicopters. Results were even grislier than at Ruby Ridge.

    The sentiments of the man or woman in charge of the BATF and the Justice Department matter a great deal no matter what legal victories we’ve recently won. The BATF have a thuggish past at best, and under an attorney general with a dim view of the RKBA, they’ve been downright terrifying.

    Add to that Obama’s instincts on free speech matters- which this election have ALWAYS been to squash, silence, and attempt to discredit his critics rather than to answer them- and I trust him even less than McCain to respect the liberties of all. And he’s already proven he’s more than happy to line up with Bush’s anti-freedom hobbyhorses if that lets him look less weak on defense… I still see Obama as the worst of the two on freedom even aside from really not wanting to see him in charge of the various alphabet agencies.

  30. MarkHB says:

    Confirmed, LR. Said my bit, don’t have the vote this year anyway. Whatever happens, it’s be a pleasure to buy you and Stingray a beer.

    Signing off for a time…


  31. Roberta X says:

    Mark, not having a vote doesn’t mean not having an opinion. You’re as welcome to yours as I am to mine.

    While the GOP hasn’t impressed me a lot, point to what action in the last eight years they have taken against citizens in violation of the Bill of Rights; might be a few but I’ll bet we can find instances where President Clinton did as much. The Dems do not have an admirable record in this regard, or did you forget the forced relocation of Japanese citizens on FDR’s watch?

    In general, the American Left is more likely to regulate speech than the the Right and can be counted on to be more hostile to the free exercise of religion as well. Mr. Obama’s behavior along these lines has not been such as to inspire confidence that he will be any different.

  32. Kevin says:

    For me it boils down to which set of candidates has the most to lose by kneeling down to terrorists or escalating the war.

    Palin and McCain both have sons in harm’s way and McCain has another on in the Naval Academy getting ready to go there. Biden has a son who is a Reserve/National Guard ( not sure which) Judge Advocate Lawyer. Not much chance of more than paper cuts and nasty rashes for him.
    McCain has also felt the pain of losing friends in combat, and has experienced the helpless feeling of being a POW. In this vet’s eyes, that will make him more of a pacifist than someone who will only be sending out other peoples kids to die.

    I don’t really trust McCain on the 1st or 2nd Amendments, he may still screw us. Obama, Reid and Pelosi have shown that they are already planning on screwing us on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and possibly more. At least with McCain we have a sliver of Hope for a veto when the Congress attempts to destroy the economy and the defenses of our country.

    For me the choice is clear I am going to bitterly cling to my guns and religion and hope to hang on to all my pocket change.

  33. Tam says:

    Y’know what? These last eight years and the current campaign have left me with a lot lower opinion of old flames, ex-roomies, and current friends.

    Anybody who would garner their opinion of George W.Bush or Sarah Palin from what they have gathered from ABCNNBCBS is fucking dumb enough to have taken their view of America in the ’80s from TASS and Pravda. (Except maybe TASS and Pravda weren’t quite as biased.)

    I’m no fan of the politics of Dubya (and I find Palin at best tolerable, like I did Reagan), but anybody who spouts the “Oh, they’re stupid!” line fed forth by the legacy media is so goddam dumb that they’d better not get within a quarter mile of a New York City three-card monte game lest they find their wallet hoovered.

    You should be fucking ashamed of your gullible selves, and you know goddam good and well to whom I’m talking…

  34. so much for “gentle repudiation”…

    what manner of spirits hath hijacked my t.k.’s muse of snark and erudition?

  35. Tam says:

    Don’t drink and post, kids.

    In vino, alas, is veritas.

    I must apologize for the boorish tone, but I must also own the sentiments behind it.

    Believe me, I regret my typing of last night more than you could possibly imagine.

  36. MarkHB says:

    Done it myself, but please consider how many times while you’ve been putting the boot in on my guy in the last four months I *didn’t* do that on your blog, and found it in me to man up and applaud a good shot.

    Anyway. Whatever. Veritas is.

  37. MarkHB says:

    Sorry old girl. I’ve put up with months of snark and badmouthing, and the moment I open my trap, you called me not fit to burn.

    It turns out you can dish it, but not take it. That’s… unfortunate. Where I come from (and it’s a harsh place) we call that “Being a bully”. Sorry dear, and goodbye.

  38. markhb…i don’t know you, yet i do know that where you are coming from is a very harsh place; tam visited there last night and regrets it.

    in vino is veritas? bullshit. vino is for some the evil twin of the lying white lady who nearly faced me down and cost me everything in 1979.

    give it up and do what you have to do to come home, markhb…

    the voice of experience

  39. MarkHB says:

    I’m coming home anyway. Disenfranchised and voteless, unarmed and unwanted it seems, but America’s my home, where I was born, and birth is a thing of blood, pain and leaving behind where you were.

    What anyone here thinks of me is immaterial. I am American. I will be all I can be, and nobody’s opinion of what I am is important – only what I am, how successful I am and how honourobly I comport myself. I do not require acceptance, approval or support from any person, living or dead. I carry my weight, do my job, and check my sector.

    If that’s not enough – then I’m terribly sorry. And ruder terms besides.

  40. Roberta X says:

    “Unwanted?” Yeah, geesh, the States turn away the skillful returning citizen all the time.

    “Your guy” (assuming he’s BHO and not Bob Barr) isn’t popular with a lot of this crowd; in Europe, he probably looks pretty moderate but by U. S. standards, he’s a gun-grabbing socialist who will have a party majority in the House and Senate and while I realize thing work very differently in the UK, over here it is a recipe for trouble no matter which side has the Executive + Legislative branches.

    Just because I think BHO’s unfit doesn’t mean you are; I know way more about him.

  41. MarkHB says:

    No, really, it’s been made plain. Joe the Plumber’s more welcome – at least with the RKBA types – than some random schmuck with an IQ of 151 who does Compton scattering through a photon-marching volume in his head. I’m an Elitist Bastard, after all.

    I’ll go hang out with the patchoulli crowd I’ve been dumped in. Hey, it’s better than having a crowd of kids outside chanting “Yankee Go Home!” It’ll… it’s… no wait.

    No, it’s the same thing I’ve had all my fucking life. Not one came or the other, and nobody likes the half-breed.

    Ah well. At least it’s something I’m used to.

  42. LabRat says:

    I realize you’re in a pretty black place right now, but between here and your place (yes, I do read it), you’re spreading the fire pretty wide.

    I have a lot of friends that are much, much more liberal than me- it’s okay, we’re friends because I believe they’re principled, and if sometimes (or a lot of the time) we disagree that’s much better than having a friend I technically agree with but believe to be intellectually lazy or morally bankrupt.

    I realize this isn’t even REMOTELY about me, but… Roberta’s right, just because this crowd leans right doesn’t mean we don’t want you.

  43. MarkHB says:

    Sorry, Lab. Sorry, all.

    As she says. Pretty black place. Feeling very disenfranchised. Very alone. Not quite usual chipper self. Should have stayed shut down days ago, before posting.

    Stupid. Damage showing.


  44. MarkHB says:

    Either way, LatRat, the amount of systems damage I’m carrying between my ears means I should just build an ivory tower someplace and stay in it.

    Better for everyone.

  45. LabRat says:

    I would be very sorry to see that, unless you’re talking a temporary regrouping measure.

    Really, dude. I’m not just trying to make you feel better.

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