monday search term safari XXVII.

knifeless man

That’s a Nordic proverb: Knívleysur maður er lívleysur (maður)–“Knifeless man is lifeless (man).”  A knife is such a terrifically useful tool that it boggles my mind whenever I bump into someone who doesn’t own or use one outside of the kitchen.

chicago breathers teacup puppies

The word you’re looking for is “breeders”.  And there’s no such thing as a “teacup puppy”, only overbred and undersized preemie puppies that are way too fragile, with bones that can snap like matches when the puppy falls off a bed or gets stepped on.  Anyone who buys a dog strictly for the novelty of small size instead of matching the character, physical aspects, and temperament of the breed to the owner’s lifestyle is a complete idiot who shouldn’t be allowed to own anything more intelligent than a cockroach. 

socialized medicine in germany

It’s flat broke, just like every other socialized medicine system these days.  Socialized medicine only works when the government coffers are flush with money.  When the tax revenues dry up, the state begins to ration the available health care (remember that with any commodity, the supply is always less than the demand), and then you have long waiting lists for even basic procedures.  (Google “England NHS waiting times” for some edification.) If you think the evil insurance companies are capricious when it comes to denying services, just wait until we have socialized medicine, and the government is in charge of saying who gets surgery, and who doesn’t.  Do you really want to make a trip to the doctor’s office just like a trip to the DMV?

k frame with 3 inch heavy barrel

That’s a great carry gun.  I like ’em so much that I have a pair: a S&W Model 13 for primary year-round carry, and a Model 10 as a hot spare.  Easy to carry and conceal, and as reliable as a hammer.

geek on a moped photo

After a week-long hiatus, we finally have another “moped” search string!

This is the closest I could find:


does yogurt come from an animal

Yes, it does.  It comes from the Venezuelan Yogurina, which is related to both the cow and the llama.  Yogurt from native Yogurinas accounts for 93% of Venezuela’s exports.

(There’s a high school teacher somewhere in the U.S. who’s going to get an interesting, “fact-filled” homework essay on their desk this week.)

examples of first person tense

First Person is not a tense, but a narrative perspective.  It’s when the story is told in “I” form, and it feels natural to beginners, which is why a whole lot of first fiction attempts are written in first person.  Well done, it’s very effective, but when done badly, it reads like a sixth-grade paper on “What I did on my summer vacation.”

history of ikea computer desks

The first Ikea computer desk was built in Sweden in 1619 for King Gustavus Adolphus.  Since computers wouldn’t be invented for another three hundred and fifty years, King Gustavus didn’t really have a use for it, but he accepted the gift anyway, since it “looked kind of cool in the catalog picture”.  Frustrated by the assembly instructions, he then used it for firewood a few days later.

present tense advantages

Present tense has the advantages of narrative immediacy and energy, but it’s not easy to pull off, and it reads really kludgy when the writer can’t pull it off.

equivalent ammo for 9mm kurz

9mm Kurz has many other names: 9mm Corto, .380ACP, 9mm Browning, 9x17mm, 9mm Krapak, and probably a dozen others.

infertile couples cannot legally get married

Yes, they can, which kind of kills the “societal benefits” and “biological imperative” arguments of the gay marriage opponents.

converting a wrangler to ethanol

This Wrangler is already converted to run on ethanol.  His favorite fuels are Maker’s Mark and Bacardi Select, but he’ll also run tolerably well on $8.99-per-half-gallon “Mr. Boston” bargain-basement rum in a pinch.

case against designer dogs

The best case against designer dogs is the presence of perfectly healthy and lovable dogs in animal shelters nationwide.  They’ll be loyal, affectionate, and healthier and longer-lived than designer dogs, and a whole lot cheaper to boot.


That’s it for this week, folks!  Tune in again next week for another Search Term Safari, and don’t forget to vote tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “monday search term safari XXVII.

  1. “equivalent ammo for 9mm kurz”

    I think he’s looking for “base size”. We make brass in 9mm kurz out of 30.06, 308, 7mm and 8mm. Check the loading books for sure, but I’ll bet 270, 243, and a bunch of other brass can be used too.

  2. guy says:

    “We make brass in 9mm kurz out of 30.06, 308”

    308 base is closer to 45acp, not 380. Last I looked .223 was pretty close to 380acp.

    I think that yogurt search sounds more like a PETA “mustn’t enslave da animuls” thing.

  3. crankylitprof says:

    I am now going to dedicate myself to finding the oddest search combo including the word “moped.”

  4. D’oh
    Looks like I’ve got my 9mm Kurz mixed up with my 7.92mm Kurz.

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