thursday randomosity.

  • I had to rebuild my desktop rig with Vista 64-bit (don’t ask), and after the umpteenth time of re-synchronizing all my work across two computers and four hard drives, I decided to finally put all my work on Google Docs.  With Google Gears, there’s always an updated copy on your hard drive locally, so you can work on your stuff even when the Intertubes crash (or your satellite connection is flaky because a gnat farted in front of the dish.)  With all the stuff I have on Google (including my email, which has been exclusively Gmail for a few years now), I’ll be royally hosed when Google decides to flick the switch and go Evil.
  • This morning, I got Quinn dressed, and declared that several weeks of accident-free potty use warranted the issue of Thomas the Tank Engine underpants.  He was so delighted, you’d think I had declared that we’ll eat nothing but candy for the rest of the month.
  • Those of you who get the Blue Press, check out pages 60 and 61 of the December issue.  I have an article in there titled “In Defense of the Revolver”.  (H/T to Gewehr98 for tipping me off that the December issue is out already.) Here’s an online version, for those of you who don’t get the paper issue of TBP.
  • The new beta of Windows Live Writer is a bit slow and wobbly.  The old version worked really well, so I have no idea what they “improved”, but it’s slow to start up, and slow to publish and save stuff.  I’d happily use the old and un-fucked-with version, but that one’s no longer available for download, of course.  Maybe it’s just my machine, or a peculiarity of 64-bit Vista, but I’ll be looking for a new offline client if they don’t fix that soon.
  • I’m really ecstatic about the end of the election season.  No more robocalls, no more canvassers rousing the dogs and in turn waking up the kids from their naps, no more sign forests by the side of the road.  Back to our lives in progress.
  • A 120GB iPod Classic makes a dandy portable USB hard drive for backups and file transfers, in addition to making a handy music and movie player with stupid-long battery life.  How did we ever live without the ability to carry our entire media collection around with us?  (Well, I could carry all the CDs and DVDs physically, but that would be a very tall backpack full.  Technology is awesome.)
  • I can’t decide whether Snickers is the Best Candy Bar Evar!, or whether that title belongs to Mars.  (Others are not in the race, sorry.  Don’t start trying to sell me on 100 Grand, or that Payday abomination.  And Butterfinger is so damn rich, it ought to be redistributed.)
  • I have the feeling that my dogs only love me for my ability to purchase and dispense Mutt Chow.
  • I hate my Work In Progress, and I feel like a no-talent hack.  This is normal for the middle of the novel, and it will pass as it’s slowly replaced by the excitement of being almost done with the thing.

That’s enough cat-waxing for now, I suppose.  Back to work, for there is lots to be done.


17 thoughts on “thursday randomosity.

  1. Jim says:

    “And Butterfinger is so damn rich, it ought to be redistributed”

    Now that’s just funny right thar!

  2. Bob says:

    You are right, from a dogs viewpoint your total worth is measured in puppy pellets, walks, and ear rubs.

  3. pdb says:

    A Snickers downed with a Pepsi is my favorite way to rot my teeth and play chicken with diabetes.

  4. emdfl says:

    Three Musketeers – because you can eat them after the dentists rip out all your teeth and before you get the replacements.

  5. Eric says:

    Another home run with “In Defense of the Revolver!” I’m definitely going to add a copy to my eReader on my Palm.

    As for candy bars, I refer to the Butterfinger Crisp as the Ultimate Candy Bar. Mmm… Butterfinger…

  6. M. Philbrick says:

    I can handle a Butterfinger with a glass of milk. Nothing better than a Snickers and Camelback water on the summit when hiking…

  7. ChrisB says:

    The article about the revolver was pretty good, but why didn’t they credit Maj. Caudill?;)

  8. Ruzhyo says:

    Good article Marko, thank you.

  9. Rio Arriba says:

    Got my Blue Press yestiddy and was delighted to see it was apparently “the revolver issue.” Your article is excellent. The 3″ 65 is a premier carry gun and shows good taste. I personally like my bobbed 2-3/4″ Speed Six, but they are both fine gats.

    Good job!

  10. Sigivald says:


    (Or maybe the pre-chocolatized Three Musketeers. You know, before 1992 or whenever it was they decided that the delicious nougat should be chocolate flavored, because obviously someone buying a Three Musketeers wanted more chocolate, because they were buying a candy bar with barely any chocolate in it.

    But I’m not bitter.)

  11. that’s a blue-eyed beauty in that new header photo…must take after her mom…


  12. Tam says:

    You can’t see the red pen in her other hand; she’s proofreading the magazine…

  13. SR says:

    Sorry Brutha,

    You moved to NH with the fsckin’ first in the nation primary. Campaign season starts again in January. Ain’t we the lucky ones 😦

  14. aczarnowski says:

    My group is slowly but surely adding those old fangled wheelies to the arsenals.

    Went shopping on election day and a friend bought what has to be the smartest j-frame revolver S&W ever made; a black airweight frame with a scandium cylinder. I’m sure netizens are rolling their eyes because these have been around for evah, but we’ve never seen one before.

    He paid what I did for my recent no-lock 642 and lost a noticeable amount of weight in the deal. And the 642 is no heavyweight itself!

    I’m sure there’s a reason, but I don’t know why anybody would pony up twice the money for a 340PD with these scandium/airweight 38s showing up in gun cases.

  15. emdfl says:

    Nothing wrong with owning a few wheelies that pulling out the 1911A1 won’t fix. I lean toward the Smith M-40 for coat-pocket carry, but like my Star .380 when flatness is called for.

  16. caillean says:

    Heh. Google going evil. That reminds me of a post I made when Chrome went to open beta. Cory Doctorow wrote a few short stories about googlesque entities going moderate to full blown evil. Scroogle is the one that tweaks my paranoia the most.

    Re: candy: Skor bars rule the earth. Best eaten slowly and savored.

  17. Sara says:

    Nice 65. I have a 65LS that looks a lot like it. It feels better in my hand than any pistol ever has.
    Wonderful article, by the way… Apparently S&W has come out with a “tactical revolver” based on the revolver merits you mention.

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