do i at least get a corvette out of it?

Where in the United States Constitution does it grant my government the right to take our money and use it to prop up enterprises that can’t manage to compete in the open market?  Now we’re supposed to bail out GM and Chrysler as well?

(And if you answer “the General Welfare Clause”, you might as well just start singing the Internationale, and put on one of those stupid Che Guevara t-shirts.)

Holy living fuck.   I know I’ve said this before, but we seem to have adopted a fucked-up version of socialism where failures are socialized, and success stays privatized.  (Apparently, a lot of the banks that were just bailed out with taxpayer money are going to use a significant chunk of that public change to make dividend payments to their stockholders next year.  Details here, and here.  Wrap your mind around that for a second.  European governments expressly prohibited the recipients of their public bailout cash to pay out any of that money for dividend payments.  I wonder why our bailout package didn’t come with similar restrictions?)

  At least real socialists have the good sense to nationalize profitable businesses as well.  And don’t start telling me how Obama is going to turn this country into East Germany with drive-throughs…have you seen how many Republicans voted for the bailout package?

Ah, fuck it.  Let’s just go all the way, and nationalize every business above a thousand employees.  It’ll save a lot of paperwork.


11 thoughts on “do i at least get a corvette out of it?

  1. Hank says:

    Overactive imaginations are outpacing reality. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you by how much.

    For many of us, however, the frustration index is out the roof. Ammo on the shelf is disappearing. Certain weapons are rapidly becoming scarce. Magazines are suddenly becoming more valuable (no, not Time, Newsweek, etc. — the other magazines), and tempers are in short supply.

    Patience, all you Grasshoppers…nothing’s cast in stone yet. Sit. Observe. Learn. There’s plenty of time to panic. Take your time, please!

    From a certain point of view, the events yet to unfold may be vastly amusing. Then again, there may be some benefit to coming unglued at the earliest possible moment. Only time will tell…we just don’t know yet.

    A punchline from a great joke: “Well, if that’s the case, I think I’ll just have another cup of coffee.”

    Hey…they’re already backpedaling…sit back and watch what happens–it won’t be pretty, but I’m guessing it’s survivable.


  2. Ben says:

    I mostly agree. Except that it would create more paperwork. It is a rule that in gov’t you can only have 1 productive person out of 10, that means you have to create something to do for everyone else you have to hire, and thus more paperwork.

  3. Tam says:

    1) Don’t worry, it’s not your tax dollars. It’s all imaginary money from the printing presses now.

    2) There may be enough fiscal conservatives left in Congress these days to play a pickup game of basketball, but I doubt they have enough for a game of softball.

    3) The thing that scares me the most is the Great Society leftovers that are at the apex of the food chain now, and primed for a last hurrah before retiring to write their memoirs. There couldn’t be a worse time for this to occur.

    4) Historians will look back on Barry as having been pushed in front of a train. As of about November of last year, you would have to be clinically insane or dumber than a box of rocks to want to sit in the big chair. The American people are going to Want Something Done, and experience has shown that anything the federal government can do is only likely to worsen the situation. The people want their king to make it rain, and when he doesn’t, they will turn on him with a vengeance. FDR didn’t have to deal with a 24 hour news cycle and and all-pervasive media with the sense of loyalty and decorum of a pack of rabid hyenas. If the Democrats were thinking long-term, they’d have put Hillary in the big seat and let her take the fall, and let young up-and-comer Obama run as the “Change From Within” candidate in ’12.

  4. farmist says:

    Tam said: “If the Democrats were thinking…”

    Surely, you jest!

  5. ChrisB says:

    Obama cannot be a failure in office, no matter what happens it’ll simply be the fault of the Republicans, especially Bush and Palin. If absolute disaster occurs while ‘the annointed one’ is in office he’ll be credited for his amazing leadership, for holding things together which would have been infinitely worse had he not been in office.

  6. Marko says:

    You mean like the economy under Clinton only did well because of the groundwork Reagan and Bush 41 laid, and like the economy under Bush 43 took a nosedive because of Clinton’s policies?

    That shoe fits on the other foot, too, you know. If the economy picks up under Obama, the Republicans will credit Bush’s groundwork, and if things get worse, the failure will be Obama’s alone. Same with terrorist attacks…a lack of them will be credited to Bush’s expansion of the intelligence services etcetera, and any new ones will be on Obama’s head.

    Don’t think that only Democrats play that game.

  7. Snake Eyes says:

    Good Sunday morning, Marko.

    Just curious about your statement that bailout money will be going to pay dividends to share holders. Could you source that, please?

    I’d dearly love to send that news off to some of my Neocon friends who are apoplectic about the impending redistribution of wealth.

    I love it when they froth at the mouth!

  8. Tam says:


    As we both know, the big problem is that legislators see themselves as hammer, and all problems as nails.

    Wanna look busy? Pass a law!

    They too often forget that the other end of the hammer can be used to pull nails out that have already been hammered. Apparently that is seen as an un-sexy solution, however…

  9. ChrisB says:


    It all depends on who what brand of Kool-Aid it is and how much the masses are willing to drink. Since “the one” came onto the scene he’s had press that JFK and Jesus wish they could have gotten, and people are so fed up with Bush and Co. that Obama could tell them that up is down and that shit actually smells good, and people would believe it.

  10. Roberta X says:

    “Success has a thousand fathers — failure dies alone.”

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