monday search term safari XXVIII.

clutter is a sign of genius

If that’s true, then I have an IQ of 24,000.  I’m trying to dumb it down, though, I swear.

the good ol’ boy system

It’s the kind of social network where the male WASPs essentially run a city or organization, and you have to “do a good ol’ boy a favor” if you want to worm your way in.  (Catholics, Jews, and blacks generally need not apply.)

schlotzky ingredients

I don’t know about the rest of their menu, but Schlotzky’s Reuben is made with Swiss cheese, rye bread, sauerkraut, and liberal amounts of highly addictive drugs.

what wine do you serve with kittens

That depends on your method of preparation.  Are we talking deep-fried, sautéed, baked, or just quickly microwaved?  Only an uncultured lout would make a recommendation without knowing how exactly that kitten meal will be prepared.

no social life 19

Wipe off that mascara, and get out of the house once in a while.  (Wiping that scowl off your face might also help…very few girls want to date or hang out with a gloomy dude who thinks that growing up in suburban America is the epitome of existential suffering.  Dude, your PlayStation alone costs more than the average African earns in a year, so cheer the fuck up.)

katana fanboys

You know the kind: the young “martial artist” who thinks that Japanese swords are the ultimate weapon, and who pestered his mom for weeks to let him spend his allowance on that cheesy "Day Walker” sword he’s seen on the late-night Blade Network commercials.  He also has this friend who owns a real Japanese katana with blade steel that has been folded, like, a million times…and that one time, his friend used it to do some sparring with that other dude who owned a claymore, and the katana, like, totally chopped through the other blade and cut it in half.

will the computer repair guy find porn on my pc

Yes, he will.  He’ll also copy the best of it to his own flash drive for personal use, and forward the twisted stuff to all his computer repair buddies.  Tech support folks know the company’s computer users by their individual fetish.  You’re informally known not as “Bob from Accounting”, but as “Bukkake Bob.”

cocaine and horseradish taste similar

I’m going to have to take your word for it.  With the price difference between a gram of each, you won’t find me spreading a layer of cocaine on my lunch sandwich any time soon.  On the same note, snorting horseradish is probably stimulating, but most likely not in the same way as snorting cocaine.

eye-friendly background eggshell

Yes, I find eggshell-colored background easier on the eyes than standard white.  My word processing application is usually set to slightly beige paper and dark gray font.

doodlebops homosexuals

What is it with some people trying to find hot, sweaty guy-on-guy action on children’s TV these days?  I swear, the way some people are obsessed with gay sex, you’d think they have some serious unacknowledged desires.  Oh, and the Doodlebops aren’t gay, they’re just Canadian.


That’s the take for this week, folks.  Tune in again next week for another round of Search! Term! Safari!


9 thoughts on “monday search term safari XXVIII.

  1. Jay G. says:

    The Doodlebops may very well be Canadian, but they’re also agents of Satan himself.

    Don’t believe me? Watch 20 minutes or so. You’ll start hearing REDRUM in the background…

  2. Tam says:

    It’s the kind of social network where the male WASPs essentially run a city or organization, and you have to “do a good ol’ boy a favor” if you want to worm your way in. (Catholics, Jews, and blacks generally need not apply.)

    I’d imagine that there are plenty of Catholic good ol’ boys in Boston politics. I know they were all black in Atlants. I reckon they’re Jewish in New Rochelle…

  3. damn that earlybird tam…always first to the punch,
    and usually right, too.

    most use the g.o.b. term in a derogatory context, but the genesis of a “good” guy, “old” enough to know some shit, and a “boy” because, well, guys have generally been the town “fathers” aka “the elders”…nothing derogatory about any of that, except the legitimate gripe of women bumping against that glass ceiling.

    mostly “male wasps”? yeah, i’ll give you that; i guess that’s because they’ve mostly been the majority notwithstanding that legitimate gripe mentioned above…

    but tam hit it dead on, as usual…just depends on the community you’re speaking of, and they haven’t come up with a handy dismissive and derogatory term for the groups she mentions…yet.


  4. Tam says:

    Heh. The Romans called it “patronage” and “nepotism”, but they didn’t know about WASP bubbas yet, so were unaware of the correct cosmopolitan term. 😉

  5. LabRat says:

    And, they’re mostly Catholic AND hispanic in this state.

    “Bill Richardson” only SOUNDS anglo…

  6. in homage to our soon-to-be supermajority…


    “rolls” right off the tongue, si?

  7. farmist says:

    “snorting horseradish is probably stimulating, but most likely not in the same way as snorting cocaine”

    I believe both will make your nose fall off, but horseradish *is* probably faster.

  8. Andrew says:

    How do you know the Katana fanboy wasn’t referring to the motorcycles?:-)

  9. Tam says:

    ‘Cuse he didn’t call it a Can-o’-tuna. XD

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