stop spending my children’s paychecks.

I will never cast a vote for any candidate for political office who a.) supported the Wall Street bailout, and/or b.) supports the Big Three bailout.

Here are two ideas that may help car makers avoid finding themselves on financial life support:

  1. Make cars that are attractively enough designed so that people want to buy them, price them competitively, and then put them together well.  (Note: designing and assembling them so they’ll last for precisely the duration of a sixty-month car loan does not constitute “putting them together well.”)
  2. Don’t find yourself getting run by labor organizations who think that standing in one spot and wrenching the same bolt into the same subassembly all day long is a job that merits, nay demands seventy bucks an hour, full health care benefits, and cushy retirement pay.

The unions have managed to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs—with enthusiastic help from the management at the Big Three, of course, but nonetheless.  Now the automakers are circling the drain, and the parties involved extend the blackmail to the rest of us by whining about the far-reaching effects a Ford/GM/Chrysler bankruptcy would have, and that a failure to shove a few dozen trailer loads of taxpayer cash their way will result in economic disaster.  Therefore, we’ll get to pledge whatever is left of our children’s paychecks to pay back the mountain of cash the government is borrowing today to bail out all the industries that drove their carts into the muck all by themselves.  Fucking dandy.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: we’re not sliding into socialism.  We’re too fucking stupid to slide into socialism.  Instead, we let our elected leaders transform our economy into a fucked up hybrid of socialism and capitalism, where failure gets socialized (as long as the failure is on a massive enough scale), and success remains privatized.

My kids’ paychecks are already pledged to this boondoggle, and the people at the helm are currently busy borrowing even more cash with those checks as collateral.  It sure is nice when you can borrow money just by promising that your neighbor’s kids will pay the debt.

If you’re in your twenties or thirties, and you expect to see a single red cent out of your Social Security taxes when you retire, you’re both incredibly optimistic, and incredibly bad at math.  The commoners on both sides of the aisle have discovered that they can vote themselves Free Shit, the politicians play along because they want to remain electable, and we’re headed for fiscal collapse at flank speed.  At this point, it’s just a big game of Fiscal Musical Chairs, and the people who could do something about it don’t give a shit because they know the music will stop only after they got theirs

Meanwhile, the ones who will be left holding the bag are taking their midday naps in their rooms right now, blissfully unaware of the coalition of self-righteous voters and power-hungry politcritters who have already laid claim to their piggy banks and savings accounts…


18 thoughts on “stop spending my children’s paychecks.

  1. Sevesteen says:

    I disagree–I think everyone now paying for social security will see every cent.

    …which will result in a monthly check just about big enough to buy a candy bar.

  2. DJK says:

    Disband the unions, make good cars, let the bad businesses fail.

  3. ilcylic says:

    Ok, do union auto employees really make $70 an hour?

    The country is going to be in a Third World of hurt when the kids get old enough to have jobs to pay this stuff off, then have a revolution and repudiate their fore-father’s debts. Because, like, then no one will loan them money, because their parents sucked.

    Bad deal for them all around, really.

  4. MarkHB says:

    Teach your kids math and science to the level it was taught in the UK in the 1960s and they’ll be fine. Keep their minds stimulated and enquiring, inquisitive and curious and they’ll be fine.

    Easy? No. What’s worthwhile that is?

  5. geez, tell me that was tongue-in-cheek, markhb…

    ’cause those roundly taught uk students of the 60’s would be the very same stimulated, enquiring, inquisitive and curious minds who have so capably guided her economic and social ships of state so soundly aground, yes?


  6. Rusty P. Bucket says:

    Your kids were flushed down the chitter years ago munchkin, before they were even born. We are working on bankrupting your grandchildren right now, actually.

    And for you libertarians that voted for Obama, his unions, his socialists, his welfare…enjoy what is coming with my heartfelt compliments. Your attitude of ‘to hell with you, I am not your keeper’ is going to come around and bite you square on the arse.

  7. rpb, not to mention the crass and diminutive comments to the host here, that is one of the stupidest, garbled attempts at derision that i’ve seen.

    exactly what about a true libertarian leaning leads you to cast it as encouragement of the socialism that is the core of the o mystique?

    and if it were, how the hell would that jibe with an attitude of “to hell with you, i’m not my brother’s keeper”?

    while the latter may be a coarse description of a libertarian ideal of minimalist government, would that not put the obvious lie to your ascription of libertarianism as to the former?

    shit, does everybody here b.u.i.?


  8. harp says:

    The young people of today might just say the hell with it and just let the old bastards starve. The family will look out for our own grandparents. At some point the young will rebel.

  9. BlueNight says:

    Don’t forget, only the second and third parts of the Wall Street Bailout are socialism – all the crap added to the bill before it was passed, and this idiotic switch to buying bank stocks with tax money.

    The first part was a genius move, based in the free market: buy the outstanding mortgage-backed securities, eliminate the subprime loans poisoning them, then sell the now-solvent securities at auction. The only problem was inertia; it looked, to the uninformed, as if it wasn’t working. It was.

  10. ATLien says:

    I think Ford will be ok. They’ve made moves to retool factories to build better-designed, more efficient cars that they’ve already built in Europe.

    Why did we get ugly crap fords while the world got nice ones? Dunno. But with regards to GM and Chrylser, i think you have to have a head injury to run a car company. They keep making the same stupid mistakes. Ugly cars. Poorly built. When they DO make something that people seem to like, they kill the project.

  11. MarkHB says:

    *bland look at the Pawnbroker*

    What has teaching your kids maths and science to the highest standards currently measured got to do with finance and sociology? Actually, aside from being able to factor interest and the like, they’re about as far opposed as humanly possible.

    Every country will always need people who can integrate, sling differential equations and perform an accurate titration. Engineering-type minds which are equipped with the proper mathematical and rational tools always accrue wealth when pointed in the right direction. The storm’s coming. Want to piss into it, or defend against it?

    Me, I’m for weathering it rather than honking my face. Hell, I plan to turn a profit on it. Seems just plain American to do that, to me.

  12. -stares back at markhb incredulously-

    “what has teaching math and science got to do with finance and sociology?”

    judging by the performance of the generation of euroacademics that you held up as the ideal example, apparently nothing…

    i’m all for solid education in the traditional sense (as opposed to the practical, moral, and ethical brainwash that passes for advanced learning in the halls of modern academia), but confusing the mechanics of a learned intelligence with the wisdom, common sense and vision required to function, survive, and lead in a desperate world is a fatal mistake…even if you’re the f’ing king of mensa.

    opportunity from adversity? hell, yes; that is the foundation of American capitalism…and maybe a good pissing offense is the best defense against the storm of impotent intelligentsia who have wormed their way into a position of dangerous world influence and control.

    God help us to avoid becoming the new-world version of the horrid, desperate, socialist, doomed culture that exists where once there was a proud and powerful people.


  13. MarkHB says:

    It really doesn’t matter what I say, does it? All I pointed out was that English schools, in the 60s, had a superlative standard of teaching in Maths and Science. Actually, these days, the people doing the best teaching in math and science for the young are the Chinese from the looks of it.

    So there you go. You can either teach your kids to be the best, and thereby make your country the best… or not. It’s as simple as that.

    You can take your ideologies, your highly principled stand against things I’m *not even talking about* and shout about them all day long. But it’s very simple. You can either teach yourself, and your kids, to the highest available standard, or quit complaining. Because it’s tough at the top. It takes *work* to be the best. You have to shove aside the standards of the day, and the acceptability of expediency, and take the toughest exams and the hardest challenges.

    Though like I say, it seems you’re bound and determined to clad my words in some kind of euroweenie agenda that I don’t carry. So… well… I’m going to leave me words for the friend who’s helped me. If you feel like actually reading what I typed, then cool. If not, also cool. I honestly stopped caring some time ago.

  14. MarkHB says:

    I’ll put it in very simple language.

    City Hall is fixing to fuck you. The Repubs want to, and so do the Dems. Your Gubment wants to have your ass-babies and steal your wallet.

    The only thing you can do is outsmart them and earn enough to laugh at the taxes. There you go. Easy enough for you? Lacking enough in ideology for you?

    Obama wants your money. McCain wants your money. Biden wants your money. Palin wants your money. And none of them want to hear what you have to say. So all you can do is out-think them, and out-earn their taxes. That’s all. So there you go.

  15. “I honestly stopped caring some time ago.”
    “So there you go. There you go. So there you go.”

    okay, so you’re not the f’ing king of mensa…

    i do hope you find yourself in a better place soon…but if you have gleaned nothing else from this exchange, heed this…that “friend who’s helped” you is not helping you…-30-


  16. Rusty P. Bucket says:

    This is exactly what I am talking about. This childish notion that ‘they’re all the same, it doesn’t mattr who you vote for, you are going to get hosed…’

    As I said earlier, those of you that think this way are in for an education. McCain was a scumbag, but Obama is much, much worse.

  17. MarkHB says:

    The friend who helped me is Marko, by giving me crash-space when I needed to evacuate. Once again, you’re talking about something I’m not.

    This is why I have stopped caring about what you write. You assign meanings that I do not have to what I write. This is a form of delusion I’m just not going to spend time on. I wish you well.

  18. markhb: we both know on which side the delusion lies in reference to certain human frailties.

    as to the above exchange, if there was any logic or cogency to any of what you have written then it would not be necessary for others to “assign meaning”. i only asked you to clarify and defend your oddly couched and thinly veiled statements, and you responded with anger and personal deprecation…i apologize for having wasted your time and mine in attempting to understand you.

    i have wished you well before and sincerely do so now…so there you go.


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