tuesday randomosity.

Random notes from a snowy Tuesday here at the Wranch:

  • Thanks to those of you who suggested Adium as the solution to all my Intertubes messaging woes (namely the multiple platforms in use by my circle of friends and family.)  I had tried it before, but only used it as an AIM client.  The multitude of protocols supported by Adium neatly cover everyone I know.  It doesn’t do video, but I hardly ever vid-chat anyway, because it’s really laggy over a satellite connection.
  • We have snow on the ground, and snowflakes in the air.  That means workout season is about to start for me.  In a reversal of standard practice, I gain weight in the summer, when I don’t have to snowblow the driveway from top to bottom twice a day, nor clear the snow off the roof.  You do not need a home gym in the winter when you have a house with a shallow roof pitch.
  • SF writer Toby Buckell is having some health issues involving the ticker I’m eight years his senior.  I commented on someone else’s blog that mortality reminders suck, especially when they come in the form of an EKG.
  • The propane truck just topped off our tank.  This season, our price for a gallon of propane is $2.55.  Last year, it was $1.66.  Thankfully, we have lots of wood stockpiled, and we know how to actually use those wood stoves properly, so there shouldn’t be any $350/month fuel bills like last winter.
  • Apparently, the Ford CEO says that we’ll have nationwide soup lines within a month if the Big Three don’t get that sweet, sweet public cash infusion, and that we’ll possibly even see attacks of legions of zombies led by the reanimated corpse of Henry Ford.  Also, it’s all the fault of the idiot consumers who forced Ford at gunpoint to put all their eggs into the truck and SUV market basket.
  • I love the Intertubes age.  I just got paid for a freelance job…by a Canadian client.  I took the job via email, got the project parameters per email, delivered the finished copy via email, and got paid through PayPal.  Living in the future rocks.
  • The novel has crested 60,000 words, and is now officially in its last third.  Go Team Me.
  • I read on someone else’s blog that a study shows writers to be overwhelmingly either first or only children.  I wonder how many of my writer friends fall into that bracket.  (I’m a first child.)
  • I haven’t purchased a firearm in over a year.  Strangely enough, I’m quite content with the ones I have, as they fill all my gun-related needs handily.  Not stopping by at Coal Creek Armory every weekend has cut down on my “Ooh, shiny!” acquisitions quite drastically.  I would like to add a lever-action rifle and a decent shotgun to the collection, but that’s a want rather than a need.
  • Is there such a thing as a decent instant coffee?

23 thoughts on “tuesday randomosity.

  1. LabRat says:

    The answer to the decent instant coffee question is: only if you like flavored-coffee hybrids. Then it’s decent in the sense that the acrid bitterness shared by all instant coffee is heavily diluted and covered by the creamer and chocolate (or vanilla or whatever).

    Got a link to that study? I wonder about bloggers- I’m a first child, Stingray’s an only…

  2. Tam says:

    …we’ll possibly even see attacks of legions of zombies led by the reanimated corpse of Henry Ford.

    Fricken’ awesome!

    First child, here, btw, fwiw, etc.

  3. scotaku says:

    Neither a first, nor an only… but I guess that stands to reason. I write, but have not been published; if I deep-six my siblings, will that condition change, I wonder? The holidays are approaching, and accidents do happen…


  4. Crucis says:

    For coffee?!?! No. All instant coffee taste like it contains rat droppings.

    This is a big gun buying year for me. Three S&Ws, a 4″ M19, a 2.5″ M13 and a M&P Compact.

  5. pdb says:

    I’ve been harboring impure urges about writing fiction since I was a kid, but have had no success at it. I’m a middle kid, maybe that’s it.

    The only instant that doesn’t make me retch is Koffiehuis.

  6. OrangeNeckInNY says:

    I’m partial to Nescafe instant coffee.

    As for your bud, Toby, I can empathize completely. I had SVT attacks a year-and-a-half ago and had to have an ablation done. I was only 38 at the time. Doctors don’t know how they develop, but with modern medicine, making them go away was as simple as 3 catheters, a probe and a microwave emitter. A day later, I was out of the hospital.

    I’m the youngest, fwiw.

  7. pax says:

    I’m #3 of 4.

  8. …re: big-3 bailout…to para-axiom tam, if you don’t know anyone working for them it’s “no f’in way!”…if you do have acquaintances employed there it’s “huh, well…maybe we should”. and if you work for them yourself? “hell, yes, what’s taking so damn long?”

    …do try to finish off that novel and get a bigass royalty deal before your ticker ticks off…them babies got expenses!

    …whew! so being a middle kid ‘splains my lack of literary spark…and i thought it’s ‘cuz i can’t write for shit!

    …why in the name of hades, in the era of $10 mr. coffee machines and $3 lb folgers would any half-sane bipod use instant coffee?

  9. Ritchie says:

    For that shallow pitch roof, have you considered waxing it? Perhaps some variety of ski wax, or low-drag Turtle Wax. Silicones are found in so many places these days.

  10. wrm says:

    Nescafe here too. Koffiehuis? *shudder*

    And I’m the first kid, but I don’t write, does that count? 🙂

  11. ditto says:

    I was thinking that Obama was going to kill the goose that lay’s the golden egg by over taxing folks making more than $250k/yr. Why keep running a successful business when big brother is right behind you (doing who knows what) with his hand in your pocket.

    Even if the big 3 head into bankrupcy court, they will still be making cars. People will continue to work, though not as many.
    There are other auto makers in this country that aren’t crying for a bailout. They don’t have big bad unions to “help” them run (ruin) their business.

    Where can I get propane for $2.55/gallon? Will they deliver to Kentucky?
    Mine is over $3.

  12. dot says:

    watts rong wid instand coffee? I purse only like NESCAFE ™ witha bit o hunny or karo syrup or a shot of Kahlua oar Bailey’s! The only udder instant was Taster’s Choice ™ witch we drunk on tha ranch alot.

  13. dot says:

    Oh an yousn’s fist-borne kiddies, well, ya almoast gottit made. But usn’s ONLY Chillunz is in our own li’l universe…

  14. CHUCK says:

    The General Foods International Coffees made with warm milk vice water tend to be a palatable fairly instant coffee substitute. Still rat droppings, but bearable rat droppings. I’m retired Navy, and we know our coffee. If you can’t stand a spoon in it, it does not reach Milspec.

  15. Eric says:

    I’m an only of an only (my Mom), so I’m really special…

  16. Weer'd Beard says:

    To add another data-point to your study, I’m an only as well. The wife is an only with two half sisters…she neither blogs nor writes.

  17. Rick in NY says:

    “I haven’t purchased a firearm in over a year. Strangely enough, I’m quite content with the ones I have, as they fill all my gun-related needs handily. Not stopping by at Coal Creek Armory every weekend has cut down on my “Ooh, shiny!” acquisitions quite drastically. I would like to add a lever-action rifle and a decent shotgun to the collection, but that’s a want rather than a need.”


    For a levergun, may I suggest a Marlin 1894C in the 38/357 chambering? I bought one two years ago as a nice “step up” for my kids when they were ready for something bigger than a 22. Quite simply, it’s the most versitile firearm I’ve ever owned. Loaded with light 38s it makes a great gun for the kids to use, and it’s a lot of fun for the grownups too. Those 38s are great on squirrels, rabbits, and other small game. Light, quiet, and cheap to shoot, especially if you reload.

    However, you can then slide in some 357s and you have an entirely different animal getter. I took a deer with mine at 50 yards last season, bang-flop.

    On the shotgun front, look for an Ithaca 37. Bottom load, bottom eject, and as reliable as a man-made device can be. Yes, I’m partial to the ones I own. 12 or 20 gauge will do the job, the 20 being able to deliver 75% of the payload of the 12 for 60% of the recoil, a rather decent tradeoff IMHO.

    Enjoy the rest of the fall, winter doesn’t start for another month.


  18. Marko says:


    that Marlin in .357 is precisely what I have my eyes on. My carry guns are both .357/.38s, and my reloading press is set up for that caliber, so I could feed all the social/utility guns with that one press.

  19. Jack in TX says:

    Rick is right on with the lever Marlin. Fun to shoot, especially in woods (vs open field). Not too much $$$ to buy it or feed it. Never a problem.

    What are you going to be doing with the shotgun most?

    I have a Remington 870 Express with both the field and slug barrels. 15 years of problem-free, basic shotgunning.

    I also shoot field birds with a Benelli M2. More $$$, but light, quick, and points like it’s your finger. If I hadn’t had a lucky night at blackjack though, I never would have laid down the bucks for the Benelli.

  20. mtsonline says:

    For your unasked survey, I’m an only child. And left handed. And have been tested a 9:1 ESTJ personality. I handle solitude well, go for structure and order, and value the idea over the emotion, so maybe that’s the writing secret.

    I’ve been told that I write pretty well (not just good grammar and spelling, but something that catches attention), and have been thinking about how to crack into the field of technical writing or copy writing. but can’t get a straight answer – just people who want me to buy their tape or book, or see their seminar. Just infomercial type web sites. The library hasn’t been any help, either.

    If I do have an ability, I’d hate to see it go to waste, but would like to make a go at it, and if I succeed, then I can work from home, and if not, at least I tried.

  21. Sara says:

    I particularly enjoyed reading about Rep. Ackerman blasting the CEO’s of the big 3 for flying into Washington on (separate) private jets in order to ask for (or demand) government assistance.
    Link- http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/11/19/autos.ceo.jets/index.html

  22. Carl H says:

    Decent instant coffee? Hmm. Closest thing I know is ‘Cafe con leche’ from Nescafe, marketed in Mexico – and often found in the hispanic section of your nearby Wal-mart. It’s the ‘backup coffee’ around here. As the name implies, it tastes of coffee/sweetened condensed milk from a can and raw sugar.

    .357 Marlin leverguns rock, as do Marlin guide guns. Different niches, of course. I’ve got an old Mossberg levergun, sold by Montgomery Wards back in the day. Works like a charm, purchased in ‘like new’ condition at a small town gunshow for a song. A difficult-to-hit-the-high-notes song, but hey, a song nevertheless.

    When it comes to shotguns, I favor older Remington 1100’s and old Humpback A-5’s/Rem 11’s. Just clean and oil ’em regularly, stockpile some spare O rings and you’re good to go.

  23. jessica says:

    Only child. I am also the oldest of 19 first cousins, on all three sides (mom’s, dad’s and stepdad’s) combined. I’m an INTJ, and a process junkie (inefficient systems=my personal hell), and incredibly impatient. Plus I have an extreme disdain for anything that even hints at impracticality. Bottom line: Does it work? If not, I don’t care how smart/pretty/funny it is. (Probably should have tried harder in math and science. Might have been a better fit for me.)

    But in spite of this, I still try to fight all of it down to write, no matter how impractical, time-wasting, smart, pretty and funny it can be.

    And decent instant coffee??? Surely you jest.

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