random nerdery.

Hey, do you want to see my current desk setup?  Of course you do.


I’m running a little experiment–using my laptop as my main desktop system.  I do virtually all my work on the laptop anyway, so I figured I’d try to use it exclusively for a few weeks and see if I miss the Vista box.

The MacBook is hooked up to a 19″ LCD.  I’m running with the lid closed, even though the Mac supports dual display mode, because I find it disorienting to shift my view from a 13″ LCD to a 19″ LCD at a different height and brightness.  The peripherals are a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and the laptop can be disconnected and taken out of the house (or into a different room) in about three seconds.  The laptop’s battery also serves as a built-in UPS, which is handy to have in a New England winter.

The Vista box is by far the better gaming rig, but the MacBook will run World of Warcraft tolerably well, too, and a bit of questing with Robin on the weekends is about all the gaming I have time for at the moment anyway.  For everyday tasks (and most importantly, writing), the Mac is the superior machine.  It’s more stable, more reliable, and easier to maintain.  Most importantly, it runs Scrivener, which is to novel writing what Photoshop is to image editing.

So far, I really like the new arrangement.  It offers the convenience of a desktop, and the portability of a laptop.  Also, it makes for a really uncluttered desk.


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  1. Paul Simer says:

    At Walmart you can find a $20 “Laptop Stand” which puts the laptop at an angle and elevates it. This puts the screen on the same level as your monitor, and makes the Laptop-With-Monitor dual screen rig much more practical.

  2. Tam says:

    Yes, but keeping it closed while it’s serving as a quasi-desktop keeps the dust rhinos out so much better…

  3. OrangeneckInNY says:

    My computer at home is a laptop in a docking station. It consumes so much less power and also runs so much quieter. Plus, if I ever need to take it with me, I just pop it off the docking station and go.

  4. ditto says:

    I am with you Marko.
    My set up is very similar.

  5. Bob says:

    I used a setup like this at Northrop Grumman, when I was there. Most of my Co-workers used double 19 LCDs I could never get used to the double screen.

  6. scotaku says:

    As a designer I’d be lost without dual monitors at this stage of the game. My MBP is on a CoolPad which keeps it cool, obviously, and raises it to about the same level as my 22″ external. I’d love to have a 3 monitor rig, though. I’d also like a moon pony, too, so it’ll be a while before I triptych myself up.

  7. Phil says:

    I went notebook only a couple years back. My desktop is now only barely used anymore- maybe once a month, tops. I haven’t bothered with an outside monitor (this one has a 17″ 1920×1600 display; another is not needed).

    I don’t miss using the desktop. While there are things I like about desktops, notebooks are far more usable- I don’t see another desktop in my future.

  8. rick says:

    You have confessed to nerder! Oh, nerderous dog! Get thee to a nerdery!

    P.S. Sorry, the power of Mac compelled me.

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