tuesday randomosity.

  • December is here, which means we’re breaking out the advent calendars again. My sister-in-law often sends us home-made ones from Germany. (For those unfamiliar with the practice: it’s a thing with twenty-four doors/baggies/drawers that hold treats, and the kids get to open one door every day until Christmas.) Anyone else following the same tradition?
  • I am this –>.<– close to ditching the PC for the MacBook as my main desktop system.  The PC is better at games thanks to its beefy video card.  The MacBook is better at everything else, and it’s portable to boot.  Maybe I’ll just keep the PC as a dedicated gaming box for the weekends, and have the best of both worlds.
  • On the same note: why is it that pairing a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with a Windows rig involves moonlight rituals involving black candles and poultry sacrifices…and the same action takes three mouse clicks and ten seconds on the Mac?
  • The novel is past 70,000 words now, and we’re on the downslope.  Contrary to popular wisdom, however, the last quarter of a novel is not the fastest or easiest part to write, but the slowest and hardest one, at least in my experience.
  • My natural writing pace seems to be 1,000 words a day, one 5,000-word chapter per week.  On some days, I manage 2,500 words, and on others only 500 or 800, but it always seems to average out at the end of the week.  This has been my pace for three novels in a row now.
  • I’ve partially worked through my “Movies based on Novels” viewing list.  Whoever said I’d hate The Shipping News was dead on–I couldn’t stand it.  (Come to think of it, I wasn’t overly impressed with the novel, either.  Pulitzer what now?)  On the bright side, I liked Wonder Boys even better the second time around.  Little Children was surprisingly good, and High Fidelity was so-so.  X-Men III: The Last Stand managed to suck big rocks off the ground, despite the fact that it wasn’t based on a shitty novel (or any novel at all, for that matter.)
  • It looks like winter is here for good.  We’ve had snow on the ground for a week straight now.  The first day of snow, we got four inches of it.  I couldn’t get the snowblower cranked up until late morning, and the snow had turned into rain hours before, so I had a lovely waterlogged slush to clear.  I blew half the shear pins on the snowblower and moved about fifty cubic feet of gravel from the driveway onto the front lawn, which is just the perfect start into the season.
  • Apparently, eggnog is highly caloric.  Who knew?  And adding Bacardi doesn’t make it any less fattening, either.  Good thing it’s a seasonal item.
  • Lobster prices in Claremont, just down the road: $4.99/pound.  That’s cheaper than a good cut of beef, and only slightly more expensive than pork.  This year, I may just stuff lobsters into padded Priority Mail envelopes for family gifts.

Back to work…gotta get another two or three pages in before the kids get up from their naps.


10 thoughts on “tuesday randomosity.

  1. George says:

    We just broke out the Advent calendars too. Oddly enough, ours is also from Germany.

  2. Regolith says:

    If eggnog weren’t seasonal, I’d have died from a heart attack three years ago.

    When I was little we did have an advent calender, though I don’t think it got much use. Though I don’t know its true origin, odds are good that it was also from Germany, given that one of my mother’s good friends is a German immigrant.

  3. bankerbud says:

    Wonderboys is one of my favorite movies. I feel that it was perfectly cast. I did not know that it was based on a novel.

  4. Jay G. says:

    We have not one, not two, but three different Advent calendars. Two contain candy. One contains miniature Christmas ornaments for a miniature Christmas tree.

    The Boy and BabyGirl G, even though each candy calendar contains a piece of chocolate for each of them, manage to fight like Cain and Abel every single day.

    Leading Daddy to think mighty Grinch-like thoughts about the little Whos down in Whoville…

  5. farmist says:

    In EAA we have a saying that a homebuilt airplane is 90% done, and 90% to go. Sounds like a novel is very similar.

  6. CHUCK says:

    If you’re sending out Northeast Lobster for family gifts, can you adopt me?

  7. M. Philbrick says:

    My aunt gives them (advent calendars) to the entire family at Thanksgiving. And of course they have no candy in them but they are covered in glitter that never ceases to get on my face somehow. Starts some great conversations at the senior military college that employs me…

  8. Matt G says:

    Huh. I really liked the book The Shipping News.
    But then, I listened to it on audio book, while commuting an hour a day. That could change perspective.

    BTW, don’t bother with E. Annie Proulx’s other stuff– it’s depressing as hell.

  9. LittleRed1 says:

    We do Advent calendars. Alas, the chocolate option is no longer an option, but this year my living room is graced by Dresden’s Frauenkirke.

  10. mdmnm says:

    “High Fidelity was so-so”- book, movie, or both? I thought the novel was quite good and the movie a pretty good attempt at bringing the setting to the US and staying true to the book. Also, I second Matt G.’s opinion that Proulx tends toward the depressing. “Accordion Crimes” is harsh and “Open Range” bleak.

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