monday search term safari XXXIII.

fbi smith and wesson model 10

The Feebs issued the Model 10 for a while, including a “FBI only” version with a 2.5″ heavy barrel.  The 3″ Model 13 is the more versatile gun, but if you can find one of those 2.5″ HB models, buy it.  They’re a lot less common, and pretty mean carry pieces in their own right.

vespa grande moped

In the U.S., the Vespa Grande is called the Venti, because everything is bigger here. 

why can’t felons bare arms?

Because they have trouble rolling the sleeves of their prison shirts up over their muscular forearms, which have been bulked up by free weight training courtesy of the taxpayers.

“calvin & hobbes t-shirts”

Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin & Hobbes, never licensed C&H for any sort of merchandising, despite the fact that he could have made millions of dollars from it.  Therefore, any and all C&H merchandise you see is intellectual property theft.

oakeshott xiv vs a katana

It’s a draw.  When I put an Oakeshott XIV sword next to a Katana, nothing happens–they’ll just start to slowly oxidize.

(Look, a weapon is as effective as the person wielding it.  Give one of those swords to someone who knows how to fight with a blade, and the other to a soft-handed accountant who has never thrown a punch in his life, and the first guy will slice up the second guy, no matter which sword you place in which hand.  There is no weapon that will magically bestow superior skills on the wielder.)

my brain is best at early morning

So’s mine, which is a shame, because I’m usually asleep at that time.

pet fisher cats

You want a perpetually pissed-off mustelid as a pet?  Why not skip the intermediate steps and go with a wolverine?

“This is Chucky, my wolverine.  Here, Chucky, show the man how you can shake…YEEEEROW!  AUUUUUGH!  GERROFF!”

“initiation of force is moral”

Not in my book.  I’m a firm believer in the Non-Aggression Principle, which means I abhor the initiation of force against anyone for any reason.  That does not, however, mean that I don’t believe in self-defense.  The only moral use of force is retaliatory. 

kneeling in front of dog

If you kneel in front of a dog, he will think you’re lowering yourself to his level because you want to play with him, or perhaps pet him.  If you’re looking for a pet that will understand it as a gesture of deference, you need to get a cat.

adding ram does it need to be the same speed

The new RAM can be faster than the old RAM.  It’ll just clock itself down as needed.  Just don’t buy anything that’s slower than your existing RAM, or you risk a runaway nuclear fission reaction that will obliterate your entire city block and leave nothing but a smoking hole in the ground.  (It has to do with the alignment of the dilithium spheres in the memory chips, and their tendency towards temporary variable flux.  It’s true–ask any systems administrator.)

do people live on the atlantic ocean

Yes, they do!  They have a habitat that’s anchored between Greenland and Ireland.  It’s called “Iceland”.

is phrenology falsifiable

Yes, it is.  You can get any result you desire by simply applying a hammer to the cranium of the reading subject, until you have the lumps and dents you want.

the right to bear arms shouldnt be allowed

I hate to break this to you, but as long as I have a brain and two functioning hands, I have that right and the ability to exercise it.  The desk lamp next to me, or the pencils in the cup on my desk, all have the capacity to be used as weapons.  I can go outside, break a stick off a tree, and sharpen it into a spear–or spend a bit more time and turn it into a projectile-launching weapon–and there’s absolutely no law that can eliminate that ability.  Whether you like it or not, people have the desire for personal weapons, and the ability to make them out of stuff we find around us at a moment’s notice.  And by the way: it’s not up to you to decide what should be “allowed” to me, thank you very much.


That’s it for this Monday’s edition of Search! Term! Safari!  Tune in next week, when I answer more queries about midget porn and two-wheeled European conveyances.


12 thoughts on “monday search term safari XXXIII.

  1. Boilerdude says:

    Non-aggression – Just curious, do you believe there is ever a reason for a presumptive first strike as self defense? Say, whacking a band of terroists intent on detonating a bomb before they get in position to do so?

  2. steevil (Dr Weevil's bro Steve) says:

    The fisher cat question might have been about this:

  3. ChrisB says:

    If the owner to the rights of Calvin & Hobbes isn’t objecting at all, then he’s de facto giving his consent.

  4. Al T. says:

    I imagine the blow does not have to land – just that your sure it’s being thrown. Sort of like you don’t have to actually shoot at me to convince me to shoot you first.

    I think the FBI M10 was the 3 inch version.

  5. crankylitprof says:

    What about the right to arm bears?

  6. Sigivald says:

    I believe the “pet fisher cat” thing is related to the pictures of Crazy Russians With A Pet Fishing Cat.

    (See Here, possibly with annoying popups.)

  7. Rusty P. Bucket says:

    Giving the other guy the first shot is a good way to end up dead. I would stow the sanctimonious bullshite and live in the real world if I were you.

    If somebody is giving you just cause to fear for your life chances are he means business.

  8. Marko says:


    your comment proves once again that you don’t have the first clue about the NAP. (Hint: it does not require that I “give the other guy the first shot”. It’s enough if he has the means, the proximity, and the intent to do me harm.)


    the FBI issued both the 4″ M10, and a 2.5″ heavy barrel version they commissioned with S&W. Later on, they transitioned to the 3″ M13, which was the last standard wheelgun for the Feebs before they went to autochuckers.


    not objecting to a case of copyright infringement does not mean the owner is giving consent by default. (The infringement may not have been observed, for example.)

    The creator of a work has automatic copyright to it unless he explicitly grants that copyright to someone else. It doesn’t turn into “public domain” if the creator doesn’t formally object to infringement.

  9. Derek says:

    I found your old blogger through a link to your gun rights post that’s been reposted on another blog I read. I enjoyed your sound logic, it’s been fun reading through some of your posts.

  10. MarkHB says:

    Re: Copyright. I actually think the copyright laws are somewhat bent at the moment, but the act of creating something gives it legal copyright protection in the US. This is actually pretty spiffy, if you can afford the lawyers to fight the cases.

    In the case of Calvin and Hobbes T-shirts, every mook with a transfer printer’s turning ’em out so fast it would be a career to sue ’em all. If Watterson’s not bothered, then that’s probably because of a phlegmatic nature backed by an already throughly healthy bank-balance. He’d win any case he bothered to sue.

    Doesn’t stop it being IP theft.

  11. Kristopher says:

    Marko … when the hammer comes out, you are doing something slightly different – Corrective Phrenology.

    An honorable branch of medicine that should be practiced more often.

  12. MarkHB says:


    Also known as “Retrophrenology” or “Phrenoretopologisaton”

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