one to look after the other.

Here’s a picture of my carry gun and its leather:


It has quite a bit in common with that gorgeous typewriter pictured in the post below.

  • They’re both made of steel, and they both have a glossy black finish.
  • They’re both exceptionally well-designed tools.
  • They have both seen a few decades of reliable service, and carry the corresponding honest wear marks.
  • They’re both likely to last long enough to be used by the current owners’ kids and grandkids.
  • They’re both ideal for the exercise of various constitutional rights.
  • Ownership and use of both are covered by the Bill of Rights, namely the First Amendment (for the Remington typewriter), and the Second Amendment (the Smith & Wesson revolver.)
  • They both have serial numbers, and they have both been subject to registration and government control.  (In the Soviet Union, typewriters were a controlled technology, and each typewriter was registered to its owner, with writing samples on file with the KGB.)
  • They can both be used for good or evil, depending on the intent of the person operating them.
  • Few politicians trust their citizens unconditionally with either.  The more they allow the free use of one, the more they clamp down on the free use of the other, depending on political denomination.  Almost no politician is comfortable with a citizen having unrestricted rights to both.

For those who think the First Amendment is more important than the Second, or vice versa, just remember that no gun ever made can write a speech or a newsletter, and no typewriter ever made can be used by a frail old grandmother to fight off a burglar.  However, you can use either of those tools to defend your right to own and use the other, so both work best when they back each other up.

For those who are interested: that’s a S&W Model 13, a DeSantis Speed Scabbard, a DeSantis “Second Six” speedloader pouch, and a pair of Bianchi Speed Strips.  Carry ammo is 158-grain .38 Special Winchester LSWCHP +P in the gun, and 125-grain .38 Special Winchester Silvertips in the loader and the strips–they don’t get a patina when carried in the pocket.  I’ve used this ensemble for years now, and owner and equipment are well used to each other.


29 thoughts on “one to look after the other.

  1. Jay G. says:

    I’d offer that the Second Amendment has the edge over the first, if for no other reason than the zealous opposition gun ownership receives from petty tyrants.

    It’s awfully magnanimous to permit the proles their “free” speech if they’ve got no metaphorical pitchforks with which to storm the castle.

    Alternately, show me any instance where the right to bear arms was won back by the right to free speech. The converse, OTOH, has precedent…

  2. Marko says:

    D.C. vs. Heller, for one. Not a shot was fired, but lots of ink was put to paper.

  3. as profound and articulate as i’ve ever seen the 1A/2A juxtaposition described…lovely, mw.


  4. Jay G. says:

    I’ll be more inclined to agree with you once DC vs. Heller actually, you know, means something concrete WRT 2A rights…

  5. Tam says:

    Dude, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see that gun still gracing your hip.

    There are guns, and then there are guns. Know what I mean? I think you do.

    (You might be pleased to know that for the last half-year or more, if things went bump in the night at Roseholme Cottage, a certain PC13 would have been the first thing to fall to my hand…)

  6. Markhb says:

    I would like to see the First Amendment reinstated. It has upset me to see “Free Speech Zone” cages erected half a mile from where the president speaks.

    I can think of a few other Amendments I’d like to see reinstated, as well. It has been upsetting how so few Americans wanted to actually stand up for our Constitution and our Bill of Rights over the last eight years.

    We shall see, we shall see. I’m still pissed that I wasn’t allowed to work on Battlestar Galactica, despite having been *asked* by the lead studio. I missed the memo saying I needed that *OTHER* layer of Proof of Citizenship beyond my passport. The “PATRIOT” act that prevented me from paying taxes like a good patriot.

    What a bunch of fucking whittles, preventing a US-born man from working in a US job, when CGI is fleeing lock-stock-and-barrel to Canada and india.

  7. ChrisB says:

    I love the picture of that gun, there’s this elegant simplicity to it, and since I know that it can take both .357 and .38 it has an added bonus of efficiency.

  8. ditto says:

    So why no Rolex or Surefire or expensive folder in the pic with the main feature?

    Didn’t you know that it is required?

  9. Markhb says:

    Okay, friday night emo moment. It is a beautiful piece of machinery.

  10. M. Philbrick says:

    Thanks for another great post, Marko.

    Both are beautiful machines and you describe them and provoke thought with them in such wonderful ways. Both can be used to help or hurt.

    How ’bout this snow, eh?

  11. Angus Lincoln says:

    Perfect picture of your personal safety tools and an excellent post. It’s nice to have affirmation of what I already know in my heart, but lack the verbal articulation skills to pass it on to others in my life.
    I have the same Pachy grip on my 3″ ’19; it’s a perfect fit.

  12. MarkHB says:

    To echo Tam, I may have been drunk, but I have to own what I said. Rules and regs have been laid down that – literally – cost me my Dream Job in the name of Homeland Security – and what a filthy day it is, when my Government uses the words of the Nazis!

    I tried to come home, to a lot of lucre (2,000 to 2,500 a week) and was told to Go Away beacause I hadn’t passed the Bureauctatic Citizenship Test.

    That test wasn’t there last time I came home to work, and it was this time. I’m angry about it, and I will continue to fight against the party that put these stupid Citizenship Tests in place.

    I just wanted to work hard and pay my taxes. I’m not Joe. I’m that ivory-tower guy with all sorts of maths and equations in his head that does the special shit.

    You know – the innovator.

    And I got thrown out on my ear-hole. To be polite.

    That’s not right. And I think it’s right to be angry about it.

  13. […] Quote of the Day – Complimentary Rights Edition For those who think the First Amendment is more important than the Second, or vice versa, just remember that no gun ever made can write a speech or a newsletter, and no typewriter ever made can be used by a frail old grandmother to fight off a burglar.  However, you can use either of those tools to defend your right to own and use the other, so both work best when they back each other up. – Marko […]

  14. markhb: to get a real feel for nazi-ism, its goals and tactics, give a read of today’s day-by-day by chris muir…

    and to be real, when the shit really hits the fan (or rather bubbles up around us), most would likely prefer the (very special) services of joe to any tower resident, ivory or not.


  15. MarkHB says:


    I don’t recall asking for anyone else’s services at any point. Your opinion of mine would be irrelevant.

  16. Trebor says:

    Tell me a little more about that Second Six speedloader carrier. Is it for HKS loaders only and how does it attach to the belt?

    I’m trying a Safariland “split six” pouch right now, but I’m not really sold on it yet, so I’m looking for some alternatives. Most pouches I find are set up for duty rigs, not concealed carry.

    I’ve got a design in my mind for my perfect concealed carry speedloader pouch. Now I just gotta find a leather maker to actually make me one.

  17. mhb: “Your opinion of mine (services) would be irrelevant.”

    agreed…but those services- “special innovative shit and a headful of maths and sciences”, while as irrelevant as my opinion of them to anyone dealing with real shit as opposed to , you know, animated shit…were used as evidence that you deserve special treatment as opposed to the commoners (joes) of the world…how dare those hitlerists not recognize your caste superiority?

    but fear not; all will be well come 20 jan.


  18. MarkHB says:

    Didn’t say a damn thing about special treatment, either. The only “treatment” I want is to be left the hell alone to do my art and turn a profit. Again, you’re fishing with a hook baited only for yourself, Pawn. Leave me the hell alone will you? Bored of trolls.

  19. MarkHB says:

    Again, the pissoffification.

    All I want is to be left alone, to persue my projects and turn a profit.

    That’s all. I wish to be left in peace to put brick on brick, and when properly compensated to put brick on brick for other folk.

    The fact that the bricks I lay use funky shit like multidimensional math, raymarching algos and such does not make me *different* from other folk in the treatment I expect.

    I just expect to be left the fuck alone. I don’t ask for handouts, help, or anything I don’t pay for.

    I just expect to be left the fuck alone.

    I’m not Joe. I do not want The Gubment’s Help. I am not a Bank. I do not want the Gubment’s Help. I am not a 911 call. I do not want the Gubment’s Help. I want nothing to do with the effing Gubment. I want to turn a profit by being a really clever, really creative bloke who knows his way around a differential equation *and* around a Constable watercolour.

    I will not bang on a person’s door and say “Help me!” without having first asked if it’s OK – and if it is OK, then I’m going to fucking well pay for the privilege. Because I’m an adult, and that’s what adults do.

    I’m going into this level of detail because someone else on this thread made me feel it’s necessary to point out how not a freeloader I am. After all, in this day and age when you’re *not* Joe The Plumber, you’d better damn well justify your existance!

    And I’m not. I don’t fit pipes, I do pointless, ivory-tower crap like help a neutron spectroscopy system save an industrial plant from having to build a multi-million dollar waste disposal site by nanoengineering their catalysts so they *don’t* produce toxic effluvia. I realise that this kind of crap is just head-in-the-clouds time-waste, and stuff, but you know … they pay me, so I do it.

    Meh. It’d have been easier to just shut down the plant and fire the workers, but what do I know? I’m not Joe.

  20. neither you nor joe has to justify anything to anybody except your customers, mhb…he deals with toxic effluvia his way and you do it yours.

    but blaming everything and everybody but the man in the mirror for being unable to ply your trade is counterproductive and fallacious…and of course my point was that whatever fair or unfair barriers there may be, they’re there for everyone.

    and the belief that the “party” responsible for those barriers taking leave and being replaced by “one” whose very existence is based upon taking from the minority of productive citizens, whether that’s you or joe, to buy the support of the majority of nonproductive ones, and removing the means of protecting the one from the other…remember, that’s one side of mw’s profundity here…seems at odds with your stated goals of unfettered productivity. but time will tell.

    i don’t question your skills, their value, or yours, mhb…though your veiled insults and rants beg refutation, and of course that crossing of pens is the other side of mw’s post. i do question if you really want to be left alone, as that and your exile there seem to be root to your angst. so i won’t do that, unless blocked or deleted by our host, but you are certainly free to not reply.


  21. MarkHB says:

    I blame George Bush and his party, for throwing barriers in the face of commerce and for making Americans face some kind of loyalty test. I don’t blame everyone and everyone. I’m very specific. I have a list.

    If I wish to insult someone, I won’t veil it. I think you’re pretty low, from your comments to Breda and other bloggers I follow. I don’t know your skills – nor do I care.

    In fact, I’m breaching my own rules even replying to you, but the issue was bigger than the poster – hence my continued commentary.

    Merry Christmas.

  22. the fact that post 9/11 terrorists have been lured to exclude domestic locales is self-evident and self-justifying; if that involves some inconvenience to comings and goings, that’s a price i’m willing for you to pay.

    mr.hb, if your insults are not veiled, then they are just poorly executed, i guess…and if you actually read all of the breda thread and do not see that i was not willing to sacrifice my justified concerns to curry sycophantic favor (nor to suffer unrequited poorly executed insult from others), then comprehension must also not be a part of your oft-proclaimed skillset.

    and in spite of your repetitious proclaim, alone is obviously something you do not wish to be left- hence your continued commentary.

    that is good; man cannot live on maths and sciences alone. merry Christmas to you as well.


  23. MarkHB says:


    You think that the Government putting people out of work is good.

    I don’t.

    I’m not going to let it stop me, but I reserve the right to get pissed off about it, stay pissed off about it, and remember who cost me not only money, but also a Really Good Working Experience, and to take them to task for it.

    Remember: I’m pissed off because The Small Gubment Party cost me work. I honestly don’t think anyone can have been saved from terrorism by it. Ah, well. Next year, back again, doing it again, this time as a Federally Mandated Tax Cow. Woot! I’m Gubment Registered! Yay. Woo. Huzzah.

    *blows on a very, very small kazoo*

  24. and please add to my sincere Christmas wishes a very happy, fulfilling, profitable…and stateside…new year.

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  27. JP Egelhof says:

    Is the Model 13 for sale?

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