monday search term safari XXXIV.

mom named my penis junior

Okay: first of all, TMI.  Secondly, you’ll be glad to learn that you can rename it if “Junior” is not to your liking.  Try the ever-popular “Johnson”, “Peter”, or “Willie”.  For a more formal name, you can choose “Mr. Winky”.

most useful tool of man

That depends almost entirely on the task at hand.  For driving nails, the hammer is the most useful tool of man,  For cutting things, the knife tends to be most useful.  The miter saw and the 10base-T crimper are specialized tools, but for some tasks they’re more useful than anything else.  (Ever try to crimp a connector to a LAN cable with an Estwing hammer?)  Personally, I find that a good Swiss Army knife generally serves for 80% of all the small work I find myself doing around the house during the day.

summer glau’s boobs

I have no hands-on experience on that particular subject, so I can’t really give an opinion, but I’m reasonably sure that the promo shots for the Sarah Connor Chronicles involve a little creative Photoshop-Fu and/or some structural support.

getting married so my spouse can get hos

I’m positive that the last part of that search query was chopped off in SiteMeter, but I think it’s hilarious the way it stands.

boots, to tuck or not to tuck? men?

In the military, you tuck in your boot laces because it looks neater than leaving them untucked.  If you mean tucking your pant legs into your boots: just use blousing bands instead.  That, too, looks neater than the alternative.

wood panelling tacky

The only place where it doesn’t look tacky is the Brady family residence, because nothing goes with Formica like some good fake wood paneling.  For those of us who left the 1970s behind twenty-eight years ago, it’s not very high up on our list of interior decorating preferences.

hyperbolic chamber john clark

Do you mean a hyperbaric chamber, perhaps?  Or are you trying to get accustomed to an environment where people routinely use grossly exaggerated speech?

os uses half ram

There are three possible causes for this.  You’re either using more RAM than your motherboard supports, more than your operating system can see/use (32-bit Windows XP and Vista can only utilize a maximum of 4GB), or half your RAM is defective.

flight sims waste of time

Some people enjoy flying virtual airplanes.  If you enjoy something, it’s not really a waste of time, is it?  Also, modern flight sims are so advanced that you can actually log ground training hours in them, and they can improve your real-world piloting skills.  That’s most certainly not a waste of time in my book.

powerbook bronze keyboard

That’s the Powerbook G3 “Lombard” or “Pismo”.  They were the best laptops on the market when they came out, and they can still serve well for everyday computing.  You can find examples of either for less than $100 on eBay.

walmart firing pins for handguns

WalMart doesn’t sell firing pins for handguns, but if they did, they’d be made in China, you could get bulk packs of a dozen for $2.99, and you’d have to buy them in bulk because they would break every 500 rounds.


That’s this week’s Ice Planet Hoth edition!  Tune in again next week, when we go through the SiteMeter stats for easy blogging material once more.


9 thoughts on “monday search term safari XXXIV.

  1. OrangeneckInNY says:

    I think the “Boots: To Tuck or Not Tuck” search term was meant for cowboy boots. I’ve seen men tuck their pants/jeans legs into the boots (which to me, looks ridiculous, but hey, that’s just me).

  2. mtsonline says:

    For deciding if to tuck pant legs into boots or not, here’s the criterion:

    are there snakes around, or are you trudging through high mud (or other gunk)? tuck

    no snakes or mud? don’t tuck

    Hyperbolic chamber? Now there’s a really good name for a blog!

  3. “For a more formal name, you can choose “Mr. Winky”.”

    I prefer “Mjolnir The War Hammer.”

  4. John says:

    “you tuck in your boot laces because it looks neater than leaving them untucked”

    …and they are much less likely to tangle in underbrush.

  5. MarkHB says:

    I missed.

    “most useful tool of man”

    Brain. Everything else is a subsidiary system. Decorticate, all is lost. Corticate, victory is at least an acheivable goal.

  6. vinnie says:

    Why is your mom naming your penis after your old enough to use the internet?

    AX. You need it to build the other tools.

  7. Kristopher says:

    Most useful tool of man?

    Complex communication.

    Everything stems from it. Without it, the branch of great apes called Homo was doing crude hand-axes and fire hardened wooden spears for nearly 3 million years.

    Once it happened, and complex data could be passed on verbally to ones descendants and had a chance of not being lost, the information explosion called the neolithic was inevitable.

  8. most useful tool of man?
    jim morrison knew the answer to that one…

    then as now, it’s what separates us from every other species and keeps them at bay…yeah, it’s gotta be fire.


  9. Rusty P. Bucket says:

    I would agree with the knife being the most useful tool.

    As far as flight simulators go, truly advanced systems are worthwhile. The ones you play on your home computer have very limited usefulness in my opinion. Spend your money on flight time.

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