the 2008 munchkin wrangler digest.

First Post of the Month (with first line excerpt):

JanuaryOn Primitive Computing.  “A few days ago, I started a little experiment.”

FebruaryOlfactory Memories.  “A little while ago, I fed the dogs in the cold mudroom.”

MarchRuining a Good Run.  “America is historically reluctant to elect a President straight out of the U.S. Senate.”

AprilGet Them While They’re Young.  “The Palestinian Hamas runs a television station called Al-Aqsa TV.”

MaySelf-awareness, No Doubt.  “Backyard play time.”

JuneMonday Search Term Safari.  “How to clean porn off laptop”

JulySort Of Big News.  “There’s a very highly regarded annual writers’ workshop called “Viable Paradise“. “

AugustFlash Review: The Android’s Dream.  “John Scalzi’s The Android’s Dream kicks off with a character being killed by way of flatulence.”

SeptemberMonday Search Term Safari XIX.  “Happy Monday, Intertubes!”

OctoberFor Shame.  “You have to have a complete lack of empathy if you can walk into a convenience store and steal a donation jar set up to collect money for a child with cancer.”

NovemberA Really Old Laptop.  “Here’s Quinn with the typewriter Robin gave me as a birthday gift last year.”

DecemberSome Are More Equal Than Others.  “So I hear some ball boy shot himself in the leg in a Manhattan night club by accident.”

Top Five Posts Of The Year:

  1. Butchering A Whole Herd Of Holy Cows (5,294 views)
  2. Guilty Gun Pleasures: The Three-Eighty (2,472 views)
  3. Sacred Cows, The Second Serving (2,386 views)
  4. Why The Gun Is Civilization (1,633 views)
  5.  I Should Have Been A Police Detective (1,228 views)

Top Five Search Terms Of The Year:

  1. munchkin wrangler
  2. Sock and Awe
  3. ashley dupre
  4. pretty girls
  5. sig p232

Top Five Referrers:

  1. View From The Porch (Tamara) 37,460 referrals
  2. The LawDog Files (LawDog) 17,412 referrals
  3. The Other Side of Kim (Kim DuToit) 7,566 referrals
  4. A Day In The Life Of An Ambulance Driver (Ambulance Driver) 4,459 referrals
  5. Say Uncle (SayUncle) 3,950 referrals



Feel free to consider this a meme and use it for yourself.  I cribbed the “first line of the first post of every month” thing from Elizabeth Bear (who probably cribbed it from someone else), and the rest is just statistical information from the Stats page in WordPress.  If you have SiteMeter, you should be able to cull the same information with minimal effort.



3 thoughts on “the 2008 munchkin wrangler digest.

  1. Tam says:

    …and if you have Google Analytics, you’ll go in to fetch the stats and never come out again.

    Srsly. Want to know what are the most popular search keywords Macintosh users in Tirane, Albania used to find your blog on Tuesdays in May? It’s in there. In graphical form, too.

  2. nice redux, mw…a lot of good reading and not many surprises there.

    but i’m guessing there’ll be a little something under the tree for the divine ms. t…


  3. MarkHB says:

    “most useful tool of man”

    Brain. Everything else is window-dressing.

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