helpful advice to aspiring writers.

When you write a book, and you invent some or all of the events told therein, that’s called “making shit up”.

Making shit up isn’t a bad thing at all.  In fact, I routinely engage in it, and there are lots of people who make a fair living with it.  The trouble is, when your book contains made-up shit, it belongs in the “Fiction” aisle at your local bookstore.  Under no circumstances should you shop your book around as a “memoir”, land an agent, and then sell the thing to a major publishing house for publication as Stuff That Really Happened.  In the age of the Intertubes, plagiarism and genre-inappropriate Making Shit Up sometimes get noticed, and then you have to return your advance, and kiss your literary credibility good-bye.


One thought on “helpful advice to aspiring writers.

  1. Tiffani says:

    These people make my friggin’ head explode. It’s a damn shame because some of the stories would be great novels, but for whateve reason the writers get greedy or delude themselves into thinking that no one will read it unless it’s “true.” And it makes me afraid that crap like this hurts the publishing industry and hurts those of us trying to be honest writers.

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