monday search term safari XXXV.

reuben horseradish instead of sauerkraut

If you take off the sauerkraut and slop horseradish on instead, it’s no longer a Reuben.  Don’t mess with sandwich perfection, man.

examples of third person past tense novel

That’s about 80% of all fiction on the book shelves at Narnes & Boble.  Just pull one off the shelf at random, and if you read something like “He said…”, then you have a book written in third person and past tense.  (If you read something like “You light a torch and advance into the cave…”, quickly put the book down and step out of the Fantasy Role-Playing section, before your friends Ashleigh and Kymberly look up from their Gossip Girls books and think you’re, like, a total dorkwad.)

holliday holster rig

That depends on how quick your relatives are on the draw.  If you only have to beat grandma drawing her old Detective Special from the purse she left across the room, then you can probably get by with an ankle rig.  If your brother does IPSC on a regular basis, and he carries a cocked-and-locked 1911…oh, wait.  Holliday holster.  Never mind.

shoulder holster pros cons

Pros: Comfortable, keeps the belt free, easy to draw from while seated.

Cons: Requires covering garment, slower draw speed, drawing motion is across your body instead of towards the target.  All in all, a good carry option for certain scenarios, like just about any other holster.

ultimate 80’s movie

That would be “Better Off Dead”.  There can be no debate about this.

can you shoot 380’s with a 9 mm pistol?

You may be able to chamber a round because the extractor holds it in place, but you’re not likely to get off more than one round before the gun hangs up.  Accuracy will be horrid, and you’re likely to damage your pistol.  Only shoot what’s meant to be shot in your gun.  (Since .380 is quite a bit more pricy than 9mm ammo, I have to wonder why anyone would even consider doing that.)

leave snow on roof or shovel

That depends on the amount of snow you get.  An inch or two can be left on the roof.  A foot or two can cause problems.  Generally, clear it off if you can, so you don’t get ice dams, leaks, or a roof collapse.

mass compliant hk p7

Heh heh…good one.  The lords of the People’s Republic of MA (the “Live Free Or Here” state) have deemed that their citizens need to be sheltered from certain “unsafe” handgun designs, including $1k squeeze cockers whose striker assemblies can be taken out of the gun in about two seconds.

blue boner

I am not a doctor, but I think you should go and see a urologist about that.  That thing your girlfriend bought you for Christmas?  That was more of a joke, and it certainly wasn’t supposed to fit around that.

cz 75 b clip won’t drop

First, it’s a magazine, not a clip.  Second, the CZ mags are often held in the well via friction–I’ve never owned one where the mag would drop free when empty.  Either yank it out by the floor plate, or flick your wrist while hitting the magazine release button.

guys don’t understand no means no

Guys who don’t understand the meaning of the word “no” sometimes require a translating device.  Depending on the intelligence level of the guy in question, useful linguistic aids may be a kick to the groin, a load of capsicum to the face, or a few rounds of .38 Special applied to center mass.

playing wow on hughesnet

We’ve been doing it for a year now.  You get used to the lag, and the corresponding one-second pause between clicking on a button and actually starting to cast the spell. 


That’s it for this week, Intertubes.  Tune in again next week for another round!


12 thoughts on “monday search term safari XXXV.

  1. MarkHB says:

    No discussion of the best ’80s movie? My gh0d man! You’ve got to at least leave room for Real Genius in there.

  2. Justin Buist says:

    CZ-7g mags don’t drop free because there’s a brake installed in the mag well. It’s just a bent ribbon of metal.

    Remove the grips, pop out the upper retaining pin on the brake, remove main spring housing pin and plunger, remove brake, straighten it up and shorten it down a bit (1/8″ maybe) and reinstall it.

    Viola. Drop free mags.

  3. Stingray says:

    For starters, I’ll ignore the blasphemy that is suggesting anything other than “Ghostbusters” as the pinnacle of 80s cinema, despite the excellence of Real Genius as a close contender.

    For the CZs, Justin beat me to it while I was distracted, but if you don’t want to mess with trying to shorten the brake just the right amount (mine had a tab on the end that adequate shortening would basically have removed rather than trimmed down), you can pick up an aftermarket flat spring for fairly cheap, or just be careful with magazine insertion and run without the thing entirely. The gun will run fine, you’ll just have a shorter lifespan on the magazines as the lips get banged up more quickly.

  4. Stingray says:

    Details of getting it out, and much further (though no link to the replacement flat spring) here:

  5. MarkHB says:

    Please do not remind the animator of Sigorney Weaver in a floaty red dress, as it reduces him to incoherent drooling for hours at a time.

  6. FrankC says:

    Talking of snow on the roof, did you get yours to stop leaking yet?

  7. […] Quote of the Day – Sandwich Edition If you take off the sauerkraut and slop horseradish on instead, it’s no longer a Reuben.  Don’t mess with sandwich perfection, man. – The Munchkin Wrangler […]

  8. mtsonline says:

    Amen on the reuben. People play too much with stuff, then try to pass it off as just a tweak on the original. Witness what they’ve done to the simple martini. If you’re going to remove sauerkraut and install horseradish, which isn’t even on the same side of the planet of foods with sauerkraut, then let’s take the beef patty and cheese slice off of a cheeseburger, replace them with a fish plank and tartar sauce, and call that a cheeseburger, too.

    OT: late to the party on this, but I see Staples has $3 disposable fountain pens (Pilot Varsity), so I’ll see if my local one has that. My only fountain pen experience was bad (bought from a pharmacy when I was in high school, just to check it out – the nib was so broad it looked like I was writing with a Sharpie, and my hand smeared the ink), so I’ll dip my toe in the pool before diving in with a Waterman. I’m left handed, and my penmanship requires a fine point, so let’s see what happens. It’ll be fun to whip out a fountain pen to see the reactions.

    Pilot ball points are my favorites, so maybe I have a chance. Wish me luck.

  9. Jim Sullivan says:

    “Better Off Dead” was pretty funny. But there are soo many others. As mentioned “Real Genius” and “Ghostbusters”.

    There’s “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off” and”Vacation” (We’re going to be having so much fun we’ll be whistling Zippadedoodah out of our assholes!). And there’s “The Goonies”.

    One might even lump “Better Off Dead”‘s bastard brother, “One Crazy Summer” into the running.

    So much to chose from.

  10. Baker Mike Romeo says:

    Gimme my two dollars!

  11. Kristopher says:

    You can get away with shooting 9mm and .380 in an Astra 400 pistol.

    I used to own one … fired .38 ACP in it, since 9mm Largo was unobtainable … it would also shoot .38 super, but the kick scared me enough to stop doing that ( simple blowback action … heh ).

    Round effectively chambers on the extractor. You will have some feed problems with .380.

  12. igli1969 says:

    When I read the post and comments about the CZ75B, I checked their site. I have the single-action only version, which has a drop-free mag. I prefer SA pistols anyway, so that was a no-brainer when I bought it. It had been my favorite pistol, but is now tied with the Springfield XDm (also .40) I bought a few months ago.

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