monday search term safari XXVI.

drivers for 64-bit alphasmart neo

The Alphasmart Manager doesn’t work on 64-bit Windows, but you can still connect the Neo as a generic USB keyboard and transfer your text with the “send” button in keyboard emulation mode.

what happens to cows when butchered

They get chopped up into handy bits, cling-wrapped, and trucked to the grocery store, where they end up in the meat cooler, and ideally on our grill.  Yum.

libertarianism will let people starve

Classical libertarian addendum: “…if that’s what they choose to do.”  On the plus side, under a libertarian system, you won’t be prevented in any way to save people from starvation with your own money, and you’ll have more money to use for that purpose, because the state isn’t constantly reaching into your pocket to make that decision for you.

naked sixteen fifteen

To see unclothed (“natural”) numbers, you need to go to the bookstore or library and ask to see the secret “Adult Maths” section.  Don’t let them fool you by pretending they don’t know what you’re talking about.  Ask again, be insistent, and mention the secret pass phrase: “Naughty Integers”.

to make a munchkin leave you alone

Try putting them in front of Finding Nemo with a box of animal crackers.  That should buy you about twenty minutes.

why banning extremists doesn’t work

Hell, banning anything doesn’t work.  Name one substance, object, or behavior that government has eliminated by banning it. (When it comes to commodities, bans actually have the opposite effect, because the ban acts as a government price control system and profit guarantee for black market dealers.) With extremists, a ban gives them legitimacy, imbues them with the allure of the forbidden, and makes them conduct their activities behind closed doors and in darkness.  When they’re allowed to be extremists in public, at least everyone can see who they are and what they’re up to.

satanic lyra

Our particular Lyra has shown no signs of satanic possession whatsoever.  On the contrary, she’s actually quite cute and endearing, two properties not normally associated with the Prince of Darkness.


Sumdood is the criminal mastermind who gets away with everything while letting perfectly innocent crooks, homeys, and gangbangers take the fall for his actions.  He loans out his pants to people without removing the bag of crack first (“Hey, man, those ain’t even my pants.”..”Well, whose pants are they?”…”Sumdood’s.”), and lets people use his unregistered car with a sawed-off shotgun under the front seat (see above.)  Sumdood commits 85-90% of all crime in the United States.


That’s the take for this week, friends and neighbors.  You know what Hemingway would say to that?  “Here, hold my bourbon and my cigar while I shoot this fucking rhino,” that’s what he’d say.


6 thoughts on “monday search term safari XXVI.

  1. Dustin says:

    So, will you visit me in the institution if I try that library trick?

  2. ChrisB says:

    Banning murderers and such can prevent those specific murderers from committing more murders.

  3. Legman688 says:

    Hemingway wouldn’t say that.

    He’d keep smoking the cigar.

  4. MarkHB says:

    You really want to get jiggy with the nekkid numbers, then you need The Joy of Hex.

  5. Ed says:

    Sumdood is the descendant of the diabolical oriental assassin Sum Gai. Whenever an individual is walking around “minding his own bidness” (a dangerous pastime in Detroit), Sum gai will inevitably show up to assault, stab, shoot the poor unfortunate, as in “I was just walkin’ down the street minin’ mah own bidness when Sum Gai jumped up and shot me!!!”

  6. Heath says:

    Ed, it’s probably a racism assumption on my part, but you’d figure an Asian dude randomly assaulting Detroit’s citizen’s would be easy to catch…

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