monday randomosity.

  • Light blogging continues, due to the fact that I’m a little over 10,000 words from the finish line with the novel.  Also, it’s winter, and I spend most of what little free time I have up on the roof clearing ice and snow, or behind Mr. Snowblower.  If you’re just dying to keep up with my trials and tribulations, I suggest tuning into my Twitter feed, which I still somehow manage to update several times a day.  Call it microblogging.
  • I’m skipping the Monday Search Term Safari today, because the search terms for this week are a lot like the ones last week.  I don’t want to serve up dull repetitions, so we’ll wait until next week for the search term tank to refill.  Gots to have a full tank to fuel the snarkmobile, you know.
  • The Munchkin Mover needs a new set of brake pads and rotors to pass the NH inspection, according to the Dodge dealership.  I only went in for an oil change and a tire rotation, but they always seem to find a few hundred dollars worth of extras.  I declined the brake replacement and got a quote from a local shop, which quoted $250 for the job using OEM parts, to the dealership’s $550.  Hmm, I wonder which place I’ll use?
  • Looks like we’re finally going to get a tenant for our place in K-town.  The little house has been standing empty for over a year, and it’ll be good to a.) have someone living in it, and b.) have someone else pay that mortgage for us.  Tip: If you’re considering a move, don’t put your house on the market right before the worst real estate price crash in fifty years, take on another (much bigger) mortgage for the new crib, and think to yourself "surely the old place will sell in a year".  Also, don’t let the sellers of your new house fuck you over and sell you a house with undisclosed roof issues.
  • Those books I mentioned in last week’s Randomosity?  Between the writing, the child care, and the property maintenance, I haven’t had a chance to crack any of them open yet.  However, they’re patiently waiting for me, stacked neatly on my desk.
  • I ordered (and received)  half a dozen Rhodia notepads on the recommendations of other fountain pen users.  Verdict: they’re very nice, with lovely smooth paper that’s ideal for fountain pens.  However, I still can’t decide whether they’re worth $6 per 90-page 6×8.25" pad.  Also, I found out that Borders carries Rhodia pads in that size, so if I decide to keep using them, I’ll save myself the shipping and buy them locally.
  • Anyone have an opinion on the Flip cameras that are all the rage among videobloggers these days?  The Kodak only does QuickTime videos, which aren’t the easiest thing to convert to a web-friendly format.
  • I haven’t purchased a new gun in over 14 months.  For a former member of the "Carry Gun of the Month" club, this is a radical change.  At my old gun shop in K-town, they used to ask me whether I just wanted to leave the box to save time at the inevitable trade-in a few weeks later.  I guess that means I have all the guns I need, although I do have a hankering for a lever gun in .357 Magnum to go with my two wheelguns, and a shotgun because I don’t have one right now, and a single-action revolver because they’re cool.  Oh, and I should probably plan on getting a decent AR and a plastic bullet hose with lots of magazines, before the Lightbringer rams his "No Guns, No Violence" legislation through Congress.

Anyway, those are the random notes for today.  I’m terribly busy with Real Life, but things will get a bit less strained once the novel is finished.  (Of course, I’ll be starting a new one shortly after I stick the completed one into the mail to NYC, but that’s the thing about a writing habit.  You can stop any time you want, but you don’t.)


11 thoughts on “monday randomosity.

  1. RevolverRob says:

    Marko, the Rhodia pads are quite nice, but pricey. I take notes every day with a fountain (a Lamy Safari or Retro 51). For pads I have been using the Docket Gold series legal pads which are a 20-pound, very smooth paper. I suffer virtually no bleed and no smears. Available at a Staples/Officemax/Office Depot near(est) you and only $16.99/6 pads.


  2. dustin says:

    I suppose it is quite chilly there, but if you’ve got access to someone with a (preferably heated) garage, pads and rotors are one of the easier things to replace, and depending on make/model/year, you may be able to cut that in half again. Good luck with the book!

  3. Avenger29 says:

    Charles Daly and S&W make nice ARs for the money…

    Magpul PMAGs to go along with one…yeah…

  4. Tam says:

    Just get a stripped lower and five or ten mags… <$400ish and you’ve got the most likely bases covered. Complete the gun at your leisure.

  5. vinnie says:

    +1 on doing the brakes yourself. One of the easiest jobs on a car. If you have never done it before a manual is <$20.

  6. LittleRed1 says:

    Writing is not an addiction: it’s a vital part of one’s daily routine and comes under the heading of “medical necessity.” Or at least that’s what I’m trying to persuade myself 🙂

  7. Kristopher says:

    vinnie: if you’ve never done one before, you should pay someone to do it right. Improperly bled brakes can get you killed.

    Brakes aren’t optional.

  8. Angus Lincoln says:

    I have had a Flip camera for a few months now and find it to be a decent little device suitable for capturing spur of the moment events such as the ones you may encounter with your Munchkins on a day to day basis. It has better than average sound quality compared to video capture on basic digital cameras. The operational buttons on the back can be somewhat small and occasionally difficult to activate; you need to have a very positive “push” to play and stop, or zoom in. It does have a threaded base to accept a tripod mount and it is very pocket friendly. It has only 30 minutes of memory, so you need to download it’s footage frequently. It comes with it’s own software which may or may not interface smoothly with your computer; mine works as advertised and satisfactorily. It came as a gift with a purchase of a new Dell XPS 630.
    I have seen them priced between $80 and $125, so if you decide to get one, shop around a bit. I keep mine in the car when driving into the Northern NH territory for those moose and turkey encounters as well as capturing fairly decent shooting range action.

  9. Wes S. says:

    Well, glad to see I’m not the only person who’s been getting ripped off by his friendly Chrysler dealer. Once my ’02 Intrepid hit 60,000 miles I was getting gouged for major repairs just about every time I took the car in for an oil change.

    I’d thought they were milking my extended warranty package for all it was worth, and charging me for repairs the car didn’t need…and then I caught them red-handed trying to charge me for a new, unneeded set of front brakes ten thousand miles after replacing them the first time.

    Suffice it to say that this loyal Chrysler customer will likely be looking at Toyota, Honda or Mitsubishi for his next car. Meanwhile, for the past year and a half, Firestone has been handling my car maintenance and repairs. Strangely enough, the Intrepid hasn’t actually NEEDED any repairs since I quit going to the dealership. Funny how that works…

  10. Rick in NY says:


    Doing front brakes is a snap. Word of advice, go to, tell the computer what make/model you have, then near the top of the screen, look for the “view repair guide.” They give step by step instructions on how to do it yourself. One thing, you don’t need to drain 2/3 of the brake fluid from the master cylinder before you start… that’s BS, because the system was full when the brakes were new, and you’re going back to “new” so when you’re done it will be full again. And for the record, I have a brake job to do myself later this week. Just don’t forget to “pump them up” before you more the vehicle.

    Lever-action in 357 – get the Marlin 1894, end of discussion. A properly loaded 357 will exit the barrel with as much energy as a 30-30, or you can load it down so it’s just a larger, centerfire version of a 22.

  11. Rick in NY says:

    Oops, that should be “move the vehicle” not “more the vehicle.”

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