plumbing emergency at castle frostbite.

The industrious elves from the village beyond the lake are currently hard at work on Castle Frostbite, restoring the plumbing system to proper operation.  They’ve been here for two full days, and the Castle has been rent asunder.  There’s a new hatch in the laundry room floor that wasn’t there before, the front yard resembles a freshly plowed field, several dozen square feet of siding have been removed from the castle wall, and strange mechanick contraptions have been brought to the scene by gnome helpers wearing goggles.

That sucking sound you hear is the coinage being sucked right out of the Castle treasury at an alarming rate.  (It seems the insolent elves and gnomes expect to be paid in coin for their labor.)

On the plus side, maybe tonight the lord and lady of the Castle will be able to use the Royal Privy again, instead of  having to brave the wolves and ents of the Forbidden Forest outside…


8 thoughts on “plumbing emergency at castle frostbite.

  1. E says:

    OMG, I’m sorry to hear that.

    We had a serious pipe-freeze the first year in our house. The ice literally blew fixtures off the wall. We’re still working on the upstairs bathroom renovation….

    Learned a lot, tho.

    Good luck on putting the house back together.


  2. MarkHB says:

    And in an amazing feat of synchronicity, the toilet in my shab motel room has started to leak. It’s obviously a miracle.

  3. mtsonline says:

    I’ve been lucky to have pipes bust in the crawl space, and not the walls, or outside. I have the problem areas wrapped in insulation now, and still shut off the main and open the lines in really frigid weather at night or when I work, but I don’t have kids. Let the faucets trickle a bit; it’s wasteful, but not as much as paying a plumber and the other tradesmen.

  4. ditto says:

    Luckily, I am able to make the repairs required after frozen pipes myself. I can’t imagine having to pay a plumber.
    Might there be some relief from your insurance company?

  5. mtsonline says:

    Ditto is right. There’s a local radio ad by State Farm reminding people whose pipes burst in the latest cold snap to put their claims in, so it must be covered, by them at least.

    I wonder, if you live in a flood plain and your pipes burst, are you also covered?

  6. HansW says:

    Many years ago in Tuscaloosa, after an ice-storm had swept down through the Tennessee Valley, conditions were so severe that we had to shut down the University labs over the weekend.
    Having gone to buy emergency supplies I returned to the Rose Tower, which was the hangout of foreign postdocs and visiting professors, parked my motorcycle and lurched in, blue with cold. A student, lounging in the (heated) foyer cast a bleary eye in my direction then, demonstrating that understatement is not the sole preserve of the British, commented : ‘Kinda brisk, hey?’.

  7. on some solar hot water systems there is a ‘knok’ valve installed on the solar collector so if the temperature goes below 4C it will start to release a small amount of water on to the roof to prevent the water in the collector freezing and spliting the panel

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