monday search term safari XXXIX.

direct impingement sucks

Au contraire–it blows.  (Namely the gas tapped from the barrel, right onto the bolt carrier.)  As for function–there are better and cleaner ways to cycle a bolt that don’t involve blowing carbon crud back onto your rifle bolt, but the M-16/AR-15 system works just fine with a minimum of care and maintenance.

current sidearm fbi

The Feebs issue the Glock 22 or 23, depending on agent preference.  It’s a plastic squirt gun full of toaster parts, but it works all right, I guess.  (Cue howls from enraged Glock fans in three…two…one…)

pilot varsity disposable

Those are the disposable fountain pens made by Pilot.  They work pretty well, actually.  I picked up a three-pack to try them out, and they lay down a nice, wet medium-fine line of ink.  The nibs are pretty smooth, and the internal ink capacity is generous.  I still prefer refillable fountain pens, but the Varsity is a good alternative to carry around when you have to worry about losing or breaking your $500 Parker Duofold or Pelikan M1000.

labradoodle puppies for under one thousand

Just because it sounds cute doesn’t mean it’s a new breed.  Crossing a labrador and a poodle produces what’s called a mutt.  There’s nothing wrong at all with mutts (they are, in fact, generally more robust and long-lived than purebreeds), but if you shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for a mutt just because that particular combination is the Designer Flavor Of The Month, you’re a fucking idiot.  The pounds are full of mutts that need loving homes, and those can be had for fifty bucks or less, with full vaccinations.

alphasmart neo change battery

Undo the screw on the battery compartment lid, slide off the lid, and pop out the three AA batteries.  Replace them with fresh ones.  (Your data will be safe because the Neo has a little backup battery.)

how long charge alphasmart neo battery

I changed mine after a year of frequent use, and they were still at 75%.  Treat it like a smoke detector…just change the batteries twice a year, whether it needs them or not, and forget about power usage otherwise.  It’s simply not an issue with the Neo.

neo nazi starship

Considering the intellectual acumen of the average neo-nazi, the only vacuum the little swastika-wearing imbeciles are ever going to touch is the one between their ears.  (If they did manage to build a starship, however, it’d be shaped like an SS dagger, have more armor and bigger guns than any other spaceship ever!, and half its budget would be spent on snazzy uniforms for the crew.)

fun words to say zamboni

Also fun to say: Saskatchewan. Reciprocity. Kalamazoo. Punxsutawney. Poughkeepsie.  Hullabaloo.

losing right to bear arms for misdemeanor

If that misdemeanor was domestic violence, then yes, you lose your ability to buy a gun legally, thanks to the Lautenberg Amendment.  The best part?  It’s retroactive, and applies to convictions that occurred before the law was passed in 1994.

can dachshunds make good therapy dogs?

It depends on the temperament of the individual dog, but our Bors is a therapy dog in all but name.  He goes to the nursing home with Robin about once a week, spending the day visiting with old ladies.  His brother Ban, on the other hand, is too hyper and high-strung for that kind of job.  But yes, dachsies can make fine therapy dogs. (People love to see them for some reason.)

why should gay people get married

For the same reason straight people should get married: because they want to make a long-term emotional and legal commitment to their mates.  (It seems rather obvious from where I’m standing.)

collective right

There’s no such thing as a collective right.  There is no right you acquire by virtue of being member of a group that you don’t already have as an individual.  The folks who like to read the Second Amendment as a “collective” right to pretend it only applies to government-run militias are courting disaster, because they’re missing the point that such an interpretation would set a precedent.  If you can read one Amendment as “collective” rather than individual protection, then you can read all of them that way, and before you know it, your favorite individual liberty goes the same route.  Freedom of religion? Only for members of official, government-run churches.  Freedom of speech? Only for accredited press members who can speak on your behalf.  Not a pleasant thought, is it?


That’s it for today’s edition. Tune in again next week for another round, when we mine the SiteMeter stats for blog fodder!


22 thoughts on “monday search term safari XXXIX.

  1. Erica says:

    I always enjoyed saying the word “insalata.” “Poughkeepsie,” not so much, because when you live in a region where it’s so frequently used, it becomes second nature and loses its novel appeal.

    A Yiddish compound word I learned recently and love saying, and which has some German flavor, is “nishtugedacht,” meaning, God forbid, or “such a thing shouldn’t come to pass.”

    Pretty cool, eh? The language of old Jewish ladies playing Bingo. It moves me.

  2. Tam says:

    While some cities, such as Albuquerque, are fun to say, most state names are pretty dull. We should campaign to have some Z’s and Q’s interspersed randomly in the names of a few states. They zazz up a word pretty reliably.

  3. perlhaqr says:

    Tam: Fun to say, maybe. Not quite so much fun to spell on the phone the 5700th time you’re trying to order something from someone. 😀

    Marko: “Why should gay people get married?” “Because they want to.”

  4. perlhaqr says:

    Tam: But you’re right. Aqueron, Ohio, has a much nicer look to it.

    Fairbanks, Alasqua. Heck, even Boston, Mazzachuzzetz works.

  5. Jay G. says:

    why should gay people get married

    Because it’s not fair that they’re spared the misery?

  6. Rick in NY says:

    “It’s a plastic squirt gun full of toaster parts, but it works all right, I guess.” Yes, but it’s a reliable squirtgun full of toaster parts….

    Also, thank you for the labradoodle bit, although it shows that most folks will pay enormous sums of money for a catchy name and good advertising.

    And my favorite fun word, dingleberry!

    Thanks Marko, you put yet another smile on my face!

  7. MarkHB says:

    The Neo Nazi Starship one impels me to post a trailer for a game my slightly insane chum Peter is working on.

  8. Eric says:

    My fun word is wool. It makes me smile just saying it.

    To me, the Ruger LCP is the squirtgun. It’s child size and has a trigger just like one. All that’s missing is the hole where you put the water in.

  9. fun word: potentate…just sounds like what it is, yes?

    i remember when the lautenberg amendment was passed, a whole shitload of cops freaked out; there was no exemption for them, and a bunch of them have domestic issues…so the exemption was put into place. makes you wonder how many regular people have those rights snatched away without real justification.

    gays getting married? follow the money.


  10. LabRat says:

    To play devil’s advocate as to labra-whatever-doodles, I’ve actually encountered breeders who put the same amount of effort into it that the most ethical breeders of purebreds do- and the genetic testing costs $$$. “Hybrid vigor” is no guarantee when several of the same problems exist in both breeds being crossed. In a case like that- the pup is actually worth the price tag, assuming you just GOTTA have a doodle.

    That said, most people who breed these designer crosses… are not like that.

  11. The Old Man says:

    Hell, I thought “snazzy” is a dam’ fun word to say, too. But then again, I tend to be easily amused by early 20th Century slang (I guess it is of that time frame)…

  12. MedicMatthew says:

    “It’s a plastic squirt gun full of toaster parts”

    Heh, this Glock fan giggled.

  13. Kristopher says:

    Neo Nazi spaceships:

    From the same Finnish loons who made Star Wreck.

  14. MarkHB says:

    I love those crazy bastards 😀

  15. John Hardin says:

    …the M-16/AR-15 system works just fine with a minimum of care and maintenance.

    Apologies for correcting an author, but ITYM “modicum” of care and maintenance.

    This is a “minimum of care and maintenance”:

  16. The Bad Yogi says:

    Yeah, i would agree with LabRat about the doodles. Breeding 2 dogs for desired characteristics is how breeds got started, and “mutt” implies no knowledge of the parenthood or any possible in-breed tendencies. Labra and golden doodles are attempts to add some brains to the mix, as well as legendary trainability of the labs and, in the case of goldens, desire to do whatever you want, if only they could understand it. Which isn’t how poodles deal.

    But many breeders aren’t concerned with that. So also for many breeders of AKC registered pups.

    obDisclosure: we have a golden-doodle. He keeps the Australian Cattle Dog in line.

  17. pdb says:

    there are better and cleaner ways to cycle a bolt that don’t involve blowing carbon crud back onto your rifle bolt

    Unfortunately, they all involve increasing the weight, complexity, and parts count of the rifle, as well as mucking around with the balance of the piece. TANSTAAFL, after all.

    Once the .mil got the basic configuration right, it turned out to be a reliable, handy carbine. I think people get into trouble at the ends of the spectrum, either with absurdly short tacticool barrels and gas systems or tight, non-military chambered, non-chrome lined bull barrel guns.

    It’s a plastic squirt gun full of toaster parts,

    As opposed to a boat-anchor weight gun composed of expensive, bespoke, quick to rust machined forgings that are neither grit tolerant nor user serviceable, I’ll take it!

  18. Kristopher says:

    Heretic Blasphemer.

    Repent, and buy anything designed by John Moses Browning (PBUH).

  19. Windy Wilson says:

    Hmm, what would a German Shepard/Yellow Labrador mix be? a German Lab? Yellow Shepard? Yellow Lab Coat?
    As for the collective right issue, you’re spot on, as rights can also only be enjoyed singly, and if it’s a collective right, then it isn’t your turn to speak this month. Or next month, either, and it doesn’t look like we can pencil you in at all this decade.
    If the Second Amendment only applies to the National Guard, the First Amendment only applies to the Government Printing Office.

  20. ChrisB says:

    Why is it that the state is in the marriage business in the first place? What should the state’s policy be on baptism?

    Marriage is something that should be in the church, it’s a religious ceremony after all. If people want a civil union from the govt, let them get it, but ‘gay marriage’ talk just diverts attention away from the real problem.

  21. ATLien says:

    1. Golden Doodle are awesome. Golden Retrievers with afros? Sign me up!

    2. I finally found a reasonable AR upper. I’m still trying not to squee.

    3. Parker Vector pens. ~$7 and they are refillable. And they write quite nicely.

    4. The first gay couple to get married in Massachusetts are getting a divorce, I read. Be careful what you wish for…

    5. As for words I’m trying out…I’m bringing Shazbot to the party. My friend and I call gasoline “motor spirits” for fun.

  22. Snake Eyes says:


    Ahem…what I mean is: That’s my favorite word to say. Even better than “motherfucker” or “cunt”. I mean, “cunt” is good for shock value, and it has that short, staccato stabbing, but COCKSUCKER just rolls off the tongue in such a pleasant way. I suppose “motherfucker” is alright, but it’s too common–over used. And Cocksucker still has a visceral image to go with it… “Hey, check out that Gluck fanboi getting all bent over Marko’s toaster comment…what a cocksucker!”


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