if borders picks these up, i’ll get my solid gold faucets.

You know the Moleskine notebooks, and their marketing claim of being “The Notebook of Hemingway and Chatwin“?

Well, I decided to take that marketing angle and run with it.  Available now: the word processor of Shakespeare and Chaucer!



Revolutionary features:

  • Wireless!
  • Unlimited battery life!
  • Carbon-neutral!
  • Platform-independent! (Works with most kinds of paper.)
  • Lightweight and portable!
  • Unlimited selection of fonts!
  • Sleek and streamlined design!

Be the first on your block to own one.  Only $99.99 (cash, money order, or major credit cards.)  Order now, and receive a FREE PokkitQuillz™ “Hummingbird” travel version at no extra charge!

You, too, can write like The Bard!


17 thoughts on “if borders picks these up, i’ll get my solid gold faucets.

  1. Tam says:

    Heh. That made me LOL. 😀

  2. Pappy says:

    Just damn! Wish I had thought of that.

  3. MarkHB says:

    You forgot “Organic”

  4. SigBoy40 says:

    Does it write all by itself too? Does it take words from my head that I never thought of and make me a better writer?
    I’ll take two.

  5. MarkHB says:

    Same way Ansel Adams’ camera took all those photos for him, absolutely.

  6. Windy Wilson says:

    Digitally actuated, too.
    Dunno about durability, though. What kind of warranty does it have?

  7. Tam says:

    Well, we can sell them in kit form, too, but the shipping charges are a bitch.

  8. MarkHB says:


    You mean you’ll ship someone a goose?

  9. Legman688 says:

    Actually, that would be kinda cool, given that actually making a quill pen is a cast-iron pain in t he butt. First you have to boil the tip to soften it, then you have to cut it to the proper shape with an incredibly sharp knife (or better, an actual scalpel, and you WILL cut yourself… repeatedly), run a hot wire through it and out the top to clean it out and make a reservoir for the ink, etc. etc. ad infinitum ad nauseam. I don’t think they’d sell for $99, but I bet for $50 they would. I’d buy one.

  10. rad-tastic says:

    Well damn I must really be ahead of the phase…I’ve had a pretty cheap one for years!

  11. Eric Hammer says:

    Good idea, but already executed it seems, for fairly cheap 🙂

  12. karrde says:

    For the scientific-minded students, you can advertise it as the technology that helped make Newton famous.

  13. Marko says:

    Oooh! And to get it into the Christian bookstores, I’ll advertise it as “Bible Pen”.

  14. MarkHB says:

    ….and we’re back to chisels again!

  15. mts says:

    Get a sharpened stick and a block of unbaked clay.

    “The cuneiform tablet; the text messenger of Hammurabi, Cyrus, and Darius.”

    Better Christmas gift than the Chia pet, or the darned Clapper!

  16. avenger29 says:

    I sell quills in my store. We’ve got them individually packaged, or in a set with ink and a glass bottle for $8. The quills cost a couple of dollars, I think.

    Never tried one out. I should take one to class one day just for the hell of it.

  17. Ted says:

    “Order now”

    If I call in the next ten minutes, will you double my order?


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