their mating call went *bow-chik-a-wow-wow*.

Some novel I read a few years back had two characters talking about the fact that a future civilization would only have to excavate a Wal-Mart to know pretty much everything about life in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Playing off the concept, I get some amusement out of imagining a future alien civilization paying a visit to Terra, excavating an adult video store, and deducing our mating habits from the movies they find…

Can you imagine some xeno-anthropologist from Zeta² Reticuli holding a lecture in the far future, teaching the young squids at Gnoblkargkk University all about the highly ritualistic mating sequence of the long-extinct Terran h.sapiens sapiens?


10 thoughts on “their mating call went *bow-chik-a-wow-wow*.

  1. MarkHB says:

    “Apparently a criterion for mating was the ability to hammer a six-inch spike through a board using only the ovipositor”

  2. Liberty says:

    I hope for the sake of accuracy that the only video left un-scorched by nuclear war isn’t something like, “Horny Dwarf Toilet Action #22”.

  3. MarkHB says:

    You know, by that point I think “funny” might be more important than “accurate” anyways. 😉

  4. Kevin says:

    haha… that title reminded me of a joke…

    What do you call a brown chicken mixed with a brown cow??


    (if you say it fast, its funny)
    (also its a great ice breakers for the ladies 🙂

  5. daddyquatro says:

    “Observe. The assaulted one sheds all outer coverings, but the spiky appendages are never removed from it’s walking pods.
    We hypothesize that wearing lethal footware provided the assaulted one with a means to end copulation, should the assaulter prove inadequate.”

  6. MarkHB says:

    “The annual contest over their queen’s egg, as two groups attempted to both prove their worthiness to fertilise it and to soften it’s outer casing, was called ‘Superbowl'”

  7. dennis says:

    It has already been done.

    “Mating habits of the Earth Bound Humans”

    So worth the search

    Dennis (The librarian shusher)

  8. MarkHB says:

    Well, anything worth doing is worth overdoing, that’s what I and my hangover both say.

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  10. John says:

    *It has already been done.

    *“Mating habits of the Earth Bound Humans”

    *So worth the search

    *Dennis (The librarian shusher)

    Sperminator rules!

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