it’s like i’m his personal photo booth.

What are you having for lunch? Would you care for some ham to go with it?

The Kids, February 2009 006

The Kids, February 2009 007

The Kids, February 2009 008 

This is what I live with, folks.  (Damn, I have the best freaking job in the world.)

Now I have to go back to work and get my protagonists into a heap of trouble with some non-terrestrial entities.  As you were!


9 thoughts on “it’s like i’m his personal photo booth.

  1. uninvoked says:

    Haha! That’s perfect! You gotta love him. ^^

  2. Tam says:

    Jeebus, if you can look at that middle picture and not crack up, you ain’t human…

  3. crankylitprof says:

    I was going to say that he had you pegged with the perfect impersonation in that middle pic…

  4. Jay G. says:

    The middle pic… It’s Calvin on school picture day. OMG.

  5. Tam says:

    “Lemme see your war face!”

    😀 😀

  6. prophet says:

    Hey, he’s really starting to look like you. Babies all look like babies to me, but he’s old enough I’m seeing the resemblance. Can’t wait til I have a few of my own.

  7. John says:

    …good for you. Last Sunday, there was an adorable little girl at a meeting I attended. She was upstairs playing, and bumped her head. She tearfully climbed down the stairs with her hand on her head, opened her arms, and came right to me for comfort.

    Man. I really want to be a father.

  8. Assrot says:

    Handsome kid. He must have taken after his mom.

    I’m still jealous. In my next life I want your job. I’m too old now. Besides I have 6 grandkids and just found out I have a 7th on the way.



  9. Marko says:

    Actually, I tell people that he has my good looks, because his mother still has hers.

    Congrats on the new grandchild!

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