a sunday poll.


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  1. Jeffro says:

    Outlaw? Wee doan need no steenking outlaw!

    AFAIC, all your choices represent social meddling at it’s worst.

  2. Marko says:

    All except the bottom one, I’d say.

  3. cjr says:

    Other: The government.

    Of course, considering our track record with outlawing other things, my vote will probably produce a lot more government than we had before. Oops!

  4. LL says:

    Who picked pornography?! Don’t be messin’ with my porn!

  5. Divemedic says:

    political parties. Make everyone run on their positions and beliefs, instead of a party’s coattails.

  6. Whitebread says:

    I voted “Women’s suffrage” just because I’m an ass like that.

  7. Whitebread said: “I voted “Women’s suffrage” just because I’m an ass like that.”

    I’ll say!

  8. other: dumbass polls.


  9. all your choices represent social meddling at it’s worst.

    Not quite. Contemporary Christian music is Just. That. Bad. 😉

  10. of course, if the question were a bit different, and did not include the two “copout” answers…like “if you had to outlaw one of these ten things…”

    immigration. it’s the only choice that is Constitutional, consistent with a libertarian view, and -at least for the short term, and all things considered- desireable.


  11. mts says:

    I voted other, as in the Federal Reserve, or any national bank that screws with monetary supply.

    All of the other choices, they’re things that become more popular with banning, so why put fuel on the fire.

  12. brotio says:

    Other: Levying income and/or property taxes.

  13. crankylitprof says:

    Other: Dumbasses who wander around with one thumb in their ass and the other in their mouth (occasionally swapping the two) and thinking, “There oughta be a law….”

  14. jimbob86 says:

    Other- Federal Income tax, ………. that and the ability of .gov to borrow money……..

  15. Brandon says:

    Other: unnecessarily prohibitive laws (although I misspelled it on the poll)

  16. perlhaqr says:

    I went for outlawing the income tax as well. Though, realistically, if the income tax were outlawed and other taxes weren’t, they’d just skin us with a different knife.

  17. Antibubba says:

    Other. People who think government controls or prohibitions are effective should be banned.

    Oh, and Pomeranians.

  18. Kristopher says:

    Prohibit Dumb-asses.

    Put a kid, on his 18th birthday, on a platform over the soylent green tank.

    If he can follow simple written instructions on the door out ( like “turn the handle counterclockwise one plus two times to open” ), he gets to continue.

  19. Kristopher says:

    I’ll cut the disabled some slack, but a normal person, who can’t be bothered to follow instructions?

    Into the vat.

  20. brotio says:


    If we could just get employer withholding outlawed, income taxes would be cut drastically due to public outcry. That would be an improvement, but I believe income taxes are despicable because they give government the authority to snoop into people’s lives that should be none of its business.

    Property taxes are also despicable, because it leaves a lie the notion of private property. How can it be “my” property if I must pay rent to the government in order to keep it?

  21. Other: Prohibitions

    Wow, my brother (Brandon) and I do see eye to eye on stuff.


  22. TCK says:

    Income tax rate>10%, but I realized shortly after clicking enter that I forgot about property, sales, etc. SO i want to amend it to “total tax burdens>10%”, I’d go with 5%, but I’m kinda attached to interstates and carrier groups.

  23. Anonymoose says:

    Other: outlawing stuff.

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