off to the tooth doctor.

We’re off to town this morning, for Quinn’s First Dentist Visit Ever.  He’s actually excited.  (We’ll see how he feels about his second dentist visit.)

I’ll post something more substantial later.  In the meantime, here’s a picture of a little girl in a ball cap.  (She claimed my Red Sox lid and has been wearing it every day for the last week or so, bill flipped around in a fashionably casual manner.)

The kids, March '09 003


7 thoughts on “off to the tooth doctor.

  1. Jay G. says:

    Oooh, look, a proto-goth…

  2. Lead Head says:


    ( I’ve never commented on a blog before. If anything just
    read the final paragraph and tell me what you think.)

    Good luck with Quinn and the dentist. I remember when
    I was growing up (I’m 50 now) we used to visit a dentist
    who was retired from the military. He did not believe in
    the use of novacaine. He was not a fun person to visit.

    I first got turned on to your writing when I came across
    a reference to your essay “Why the gun is civilization”.
    I liked what you had to say and have since read a good
    many of you blogs. It’s always nice to find someone who
    can think logically, express himself clearly and takes
    full responsibility for his actions. (As you can guess, I
    am not a big fan of the nanny state.)

    I personally do not own a gun and did not grow up in a
    gun culture. My only experiences with guns is shooting
    a 22 rifle when I was a teenager and being on the wrong
    end of a gun twice while getting mugged (in Atlanta, Ga).
    For the last few years I’ve been toying with the idea of
    buying a gun but haven’t done anything yet. (If they gave
    awards for procrastination I’d definately would be in the
    running for the gold. Then again, if they gave awards for
    stupidity I’d probably be in the running also.) One of the
    reasons I haven’t bought one yet is I know nothing about
    guns, what is a good gun for a beginner, how to maintain
    or care for a gun, etc,etc. Would I be better off with a
    wheel gun or something along the lines of a 1911. Are
    there classes that will teach you how to tear down, clean
    and rebuild a gun? How would I know the difference
    between a good, reliable side arm and a piece of junk.
    What size gun should I get? I’d want something larger
    then a .22 but what size is enough? As you can see I’m
    full of questions but have no answers.

    Anyways, enough of that. The reason I’m writing is I
    just came across an article stating the federal government
    now requires the defense department destroy fired brass
    shell casings to a scrap metal state. As I understand it,
    these casings used to be collected and sold through the
    defense department and private government surplus
    liquidators to arms manufacturers. Georgia Arms owner
    Larry Haynie said “Brass is one of the most recyclable
    materials out there. A cartridge case can be used over
    and over again”. It seems there are some people in the
    government, having realized they cannot outlaw guns
    want to make it harder (and more expensive) to buy
    ammunition. What are your thoughts on this? If anything,
    this should be enough of a reason for me to go out and
    buy a gun. I’d love to hear your comments.

    Lead Head

  3. Lead Head says:

    Good news. It was just brought to my attention the
    Department of Defense last night reversed their decision
    to destroy used brass cartridge casings after intervention
    from Jon Tester and Max Baucus, both Democratic
    senators from Montana. Still, I’d love to hear your
    comments on this.

  4. John Hardin says:

    Lead Head:

    Not to step on Marko’s perogatives or anything, but…

    A lot of the denizens of gun blogs are willing, even eager, to take a new shooter out and show them the ropes. If you’ll post your city and state, someone local to you may respond with an offer to take you to the range, try out some of their guns, and discuss a lot of the questions you have.

    Best of luck, and welcome (at least prospectively) to the fold!

  5. “bill flipped around in a fashionably casual manner.”

    or understandably embarrassed to show that despicable logo to the world…

    sorry, it had to be said.


  6. farmist says:

    With those big blue eyes, who’d even NOTICE the logo?

  7. farmist: true that, how fortunate for both those beautiful children that the recessive gene predominates…jtc

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