navy seals 3, pirates 0.

A happy ending to the pirate saga off the coast of Somalia:

The hostage jumped overboard, and U.S. Navy SEALs smoked the pirates.

You know, the whole pirate situation is the perfect large-scale test of the “Don’t resist and give the attackers what they want” school of conflict avoidance.  They’ve  followed that policy with the Somali pirates for a while now, and the result was entirely predictable.  When you make a certain violent act low-risk and high-profit, you’ll get a lot more of it.  Up until now, the worst thing that could happen to the pirates was to be extradited to Kenya (and promptly bought out by their comrades-in-arms).  For just a few days of work, and the added incentive of being able to blow raspberries at the navies of the world’s most powerful countries, pirates stood to reap piles of dollars, so it’s no wonder that ship hijackings off the coast of Somalia have increased 400% in three years.

I think they finally got a bit too brazen, and now the pendulum’s going to swing the other way. 

(That reminds me of a business idea I had a few years back when the pirates in the Straits of Malacca made similar headlines for a while.  My plan involved a big freighter, a wing of Russian surplus attack choppers, a company of former Marines and Navy SEALs, and a Letter of Marque and Reprisal.)

Anyway, hooray for the Good Guys, and let’s hear it for the Navy SEALs.  Maybe the pirates back in their lairs on the Somali coast are going to modify their risk assessment a little and steer clear of American-flagged or -named vessels from now on, now that the Navy has demonstrated that we will, indeed, bust some caps in some asses if they wave AK-47s in our citizens’ faces in international waters.  Buh-bye now.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Now all they need to do is get a picture of the big US ships and the tiny boat that held the pirates, print a bold caption, ‘DON’T MESS WITH US!” [in the Somalian language] below, run off a zillion copies, and then fly over Somalia and drop them to the ground.

    Thank you Navy SEALS!!!

  2. MarkHB says:

    I love the way there was a fourth tango on the Bainbridge, “negotiating” at the time.

    Tango: “We want two million American dollars for your captain’s safe return!”

    Navy: “We have a counter-offer. Nine 9mm rounds”.

    Brip. Brip. Brip.

    Navy: “That’d be them, now”.


  3. Fundaz says:

    Someone needs to make sure that the “TEAM” is bought a round from all of us who say THANKS. Good job.

  4. anita says:

    I question Obama’s lack of leaderhsip right from the get-go. Was he busy thinking of his pizza party and his dog? Zarkozy moved faster to take on the pirates and the group of hostage didn’t involve a hero like Capt.Phillips who practically gave up his own life to save his crew. Did Obama instruct the Navy seals to take no action on the day Capt Phillips jump off the lifeboat on the first day of his captivity….that’s why he was recaptured and as a result, he had to suffer for another 4 days in captivity inside the boat’s a cramp and hellish condition?
    I would flipped if Obama takes the credit for the rescue of Capt. Phillips. For the Obama administration to say that he has other problems like the economy, health, energy issues at hand is a sheer cowardice. Where’s Obama’s multi-tasking ability that the dems have been so proud to claim? Are we learning more achilles heels of Obama than what he has been ascribed to? His soft stance on Muslim terrorists will endanger our national security. This event with Muslim pirates showed how he slow he reacts in protecting Americans, preceded by his bowing before a Saudi king.

  5. Paul Brooks says:

    Absolutely BRILLIANT!! It doesn’t get any better than this in terms of a satisfying resolution. Well, 4 dead pirates would have been a tad more satisfying, but this still works. The Seals versus the ragtag pirates; Talk about a blowout.

  6. TK says:

    Hate to disappoint you Anita and the rest of you ditto-heads, but President Obama is our commander and chief and he handled this little crisis just fine.

  7. Marko says:


    hope you’re not calling me a ditto-head. (Also, he’s the Commander-in-Chief.)


    I very much doubt that the Prez didn’t give the “save our guy at all costs” order as soon as this thing went up. If you think that Obama had a live feed and decided on the second he wanted the SEALs to step in, you need your Partisanship Meter recalibrated.

    I don’t want politicians to decide on the details of military ops. That was a Navy gig, and the Navy handled it just fine in the end.

  8. eelpie says:

    Just imagine if George Bush had kept a cool head when it came to avenging 9/11: Deltas, SEALs, SAS and SBS in the Afghan hills, getting the real bad guys instead of boots on the ground in Iraq (!).

    The SEALS made us look brave, smart AND competent today, and today’ll be food for thought for those out there who would do us harm in the future.

    No invasions, and no air strikes, just cool and calculated professionalism by well-trained lads who are VERY good at their jobs . . .

  9. Ulysses says:

    I’m glad he’s safe. Now, Stupid! Stupid Man! You NEVER EVER give yourself in as a hostage! That just
    complicates matters for all. We are not dealing with rational people here. Sheesh. Too much stress!

  10. gary davis says:

    wonderful day for the navy and the news conferance was very good from the vic admiral the press should just listen when the vic admiral says.we can not go into details about how the capture and escape was performed . so stop pushing the issue and be glad that our navy did a great job in getting the captain freed .

    if all the information was givin out about the how he was rescued then .the pirats would learn how not to kidnap someone.. DUH !!

  11. ID51 says:

    This was the best possible outcome! Now… are we going after the tugboat with Americans on board that the Somali criminals took? I sure hope so!

  12. gary davis says:

    you need to get a life and be glad that we have a president that does care .. the last one didn’t give a crap about catrina

    our president is doing a great job .you must be a radical republican or just stupid

  13. MarkHB says:

    *blank look*

    I fail to see how this is in any way anything to do with the President. I’m pretty sure it’s his job to listen to the Joint Chiefs or appropriate briefing office, nod with as intelligent a look on his face as possible and say “Save the guy as soon as you think you can”.

    In this case, all I can do is echo: Top hole, Navy and SEALS, thank you for your service this day.

  14. Gusto says:


    Our Military is already spread too thin throughout the world. There is no need to tie up our indispensable,much needed Navy in that area.

    If Piracy is not considered a Political Issue, then there’s no issue of Political Correctness. So … let us boost our economy , create jobs, protect our precious U.S. Citizens, as well as our Cargo.

    Business Leaders, Entrepeneurs, Military, and ex Military: The time is ripe for a ‘Highly Trained/Well Paid Mercenary Navy’ !!!

    After all … Aren’t we *THE* ‘Free Enterprise’ and ‘Capitalism’s Last Stand ???

  15. Levi says:


  16. eelpie says:

    “I fail to see how this is in any way anything to do with the President.”

    By your logic (or lack there-of) we would have getten into a nuclear war with the Russians over the Cuban Missile Crisis, at the advice of the Joint Chiefs.

    As Truman said, ‘The buck stops here’ and it’s the President who makes the final call.

    It’s nice to see a cool head in charge, instead of a cowboy who dares them to “bring it on”.

    By the way, it’s dollars to donuts that, had something gone wrong today, the detractors would have been calling for Obama’s head.

    All blame if it goes side-ways, and no credit if it goes according to plan. That’s the right wing way!

  17. MarkHB says:


    Forgive me for my overly-simplistic statement. I am speaking specifically of pirate problems, not thermonuclear brinksmanship. I concur that had things “gone wrong”, then there would be baying. My point was intended to be that the President would pretty much either say “Take the shot if you’ve got it” or “oooh, no, we’re still in negotiations”. I never really expected the latter from him.

    There are fireworks. I have no intention of emptying my bladder on ’em.

  18. Jason says:

    Rational People ~ 1
    Anita ~ 0

  19. Marko, are you thinking of building a Q-ship?

  20. Mike says:

    eelpie: Going back to your first comment, we did try the Delta route to take bin Ladin down at the get-go. That failed (thanks mainly to our useless “allies”in Pakistan who let him escape, very possibly on purpose), so we had to go bigger to attack him. Read “Kill bin Ladin”. It details the effort by Delta to whack that sumbitch.

    Gary Davis: Wow, what a shot with that thing about Bush not caring about Katrina (at least learn to spell it properly, please). Too bad that your knowledge of what happened is just as flawed as your spelling. The feds – by law – cannot send aid in without a request from the governor of the state. The governor of LA and mayor of NO failed, not the Bush administration or FEMA.

  21. Divemedic says:

    I think it is more interesting that not one article has come out and said SEALs did the shooting. Everyone just ASSUMES it was SEALs. The article calls them “Navy Snipers” and everyone just jumps to the conclusion that they were SEALs.

    Other than the rescued Captain (who likely has no better idea of what a SEAL is than Geraldo) I have not heard one person involved in the incident use the word SEAL.

  22. Marko says:

    What other Navy MOS has “put a bullet into the head of a target bobbing on a boat in the ocean a few hundred yards away from the (also bobbing) shooting platform” in their job description?

    If you were the skipper of the Bainbridge, and you had SEALs on board (which he almost certainly did), why would you *not* give that kind of task to the guys best trained and equipped for it? To give the Sonarman First Class a bit of trigger time?

  23. Divemedic says:

    There are gunners mates, and there was also a marine vessel that was in the area. Marine personnel are also “Navy.”

    All I am saying is that the SEALs are the best recruiting tool the Navy currently has. If they had been the ones to take the shot, the Navy would have been quick to say it.

    Here is an example of a Coast Guard Gunners mate.

    Here is a Navy Aviation Ordnanceman taking a rifle shot.

  24. aczarnowski says:

    As I sit here listening to the Black Hawk Down soundtrack, I can’t help wondering if whoever took those shots were feeling a bit the avenger for the guys that earned posthumous medals back in ’93. Well done!

  25. Ibrahim al Khalid says:

    Allah will avenge the glorious followers of the Prophet. Soon the Crusaders will drown in there own Blood. A grate Plague will come upon the land of the Jews US America for killing simple men who seek bread for there hungry childrens.

  26. MarkHB says:

    That’s “great”, Ibrahim, not “grate”. Also “their”. Children is plural already.

  27. MarkHB says:

    Goodness me, the quality of foeman has gone down in recent years. At least Ernst Blofeldt had superb diction.

  28. wh says:

    Hey divemedic, sounds like you’re a wannabee. Did you quit BUD/S?

  29. Mike says:

    “Allah will avenge the glorious followers of the Prophet. Soon the Crusaders will drown in there own Blood. A grate Plague will come upon the land of the Jews US America for killing simple men who seek bread for there hungry childrens.”

    Oh cry me a fucking river. These “simple men” were thieves. They were stealing bread from the mouths of children already.

    They should have been shot before even taking a single hostage. I don’t care how hungry you are; you don’t point guns at innocent people to get food.

    Question for you, sir: These pirates had boats. If they’re so hungry, why weren’t they fishing!?

  30. SEALS says:

    “Allah will avenge the glorious followers of the Prophet. Soon the Crusaders will drown in there own Blood. A grate Plague will come upon the land of the Jews US America for killing simple men who seek bread for there hungry childrens.”

    HAHAHAH your sooo stupid.. the only thing you muslims can agree on is that you all hate jews… the only other thing you all have in common is being uncivilized ideots.
    ALLAH doesnt fight your battles for you and you dont get rewarded for killing people.. only the SEALS get rewarded for kills

  31. Tam says:


    Goodness me, the quality of foeman has gone down in recent years.


  32. Ibrahim al Khalid says:

    Crusaders do not understand the way of the Prophet. Even as we speak so peacefully, in you’re own White House, a agent of Allah is at work! Hussein Obama is do work of Allah! Weaking US America economy. Yes! Socialize! Talks with Heretic Shi’a Iran! Yes! Divide and Conquer! Soon Almighty Allah brings sword of the Justice to the Land of Satan!

  33. Marko says:

    Okay, “Ibrahim”. Nice trolling job.

  34. Tam says:

    Where’s his IP resolve to? Scranton? Newark?Little Rock?

  35. Marko says:

    Apparently, this loyal servant of Allah set up shop in Medford, New Jersey.

  36. Divemedic says:


    Not a wannabe. I was in the navy, never had any desire to volunteer for the SEALS. All I am saying is that people were making some assumptions.

    The Navy is good at using things for PR. In my generation, there were many (not me, I was a Nuke) who joined because they wanted to be like Maverick and fly F-14’s. Many of them wound up doing janitorial work, and painting and chipping for 3 or 4 years.

  37. T.Stahl says:

    Hey, Top Gun is why I studied aeronautical engineering…

    …only to afterwards spend my time developing exhaust systems for passenger cars. 😦

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