a short commute.

Today is Take Your Daughter To Work Day!

Take Your Daughter To Work Day 001

The question is–do I really want to encourage her to develop a writing habit?


5 thoughts on “a short commute.

  1. theflatwhite says:

    Aww. That’s adorable.

  2. Jay G. says:

    That’s the second-cutest girl I’ve seen today, Marko.

    And that’s saying something!

  3. MarkHB says:

    Jay, Miss Lyra is so sweet she made my teeth hurt – and I’m jaded and mysanthropic and all.

    Both of ’em are great kids, which is a testament to the parenting they’ve received.

  4. Assrot says:

    Why not? Scared she’ll out do you? Cute kid. Get her started on self defense and writing ASAP. She’ll decide when she’s a teenager whether she wants to continue or not.


  5. Doug says:

    Just remember to teach her to wash her hands afterward.

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