he’s pining for the fjords.

Can anyone give me a positive ID on the avian trespasser pictured below?

Pheasant 008

Pheasant 009

It looks like a Chinese Pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus) to me, but I’ve never seen one in the feathers, so to speak.  Also, I don’t think that kind of pheasant is native to NH.

This guy walks around the house once or twice a day.  Pretty plumage, eh?

(Bonus question for you Southerners: identify the species, the proper shot size, and a good recipe.)

I kid, I kid.  I like this one better out there than on my plate, I think.


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  1. Nancy says:

    That’s a golden pheasant. When I was a kid, a guy down the road raised them, along with peacocks, guinea hens, crested polish chickens, and the like. And no, it’s definitely not native to NH… Poor thing probably escaped from its pen somewhere. I’d put out food for it — but then, I feed anything that comes to my house.

  2. georgeh says:

    Chinese Pheasant or Golden Pheasant, same bird, Chrysolophus pictus; 7 1/2 lead shot; Roasted and served with Sauce Perigourdine.

  3. Al T. says:

    Fry it. 🙂 Practically, I’d feed it – lovely bird.

  4. El Capitan says:

    We get peacocks roaming through the neighborhood every so often. A ritzy restaurant on the west side of Houston that backs up to a bayou had a flock of pea fowl that bred like rats and had a bit of wanderlust. The descendents of the original flock use the local waterways for traveling, shelter and foraging.

  5. Jay G. says:

    Heck, that ol’ boy ain’t but a mouthful, Marko.

    Now, the sumbitch turkeys what roost on the kids’ swingset and crap all over it, them’s another story…

  6. Louise Townsend says:

    page 302 of A Field Guid to the Birds of the East and the Rockies-Roger Tory Peterson
    It is listed as Exotics, introduced birds and escapes and is definitely a Golden Pheasant.
    Very cool!
    I wonder if it will breed with the common ring necks around?

  7. Shootin' Buddy says:


    Chinese pheasant: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Chrysolophus_pictus2.png

    Does he “cry” at night and scare the kids?

    Growing up, a neighbor of my maternal grandparents raised Chinese pheasants and peacocks for extra cash. At night they raised quite a racket.

    You can kill them with a luftgewehr to the noggin. Grandmother always roasted them with peppers and other veggies.

    Next time you see him:

    “Sing song, jo sun. Nay ho ma?”
    “Ho ho, neiyn?”
    “Ho ho, bei bei.”

    (Sir, good morning. How are you? Very well, and you? Very well, good bye)–Cantonese. I can give you Mandarin too, but if the bird speaks Hakka, Jin, Wu, inter alia, you are going to have to use pigeon English.

    • Shootin' Buddy says:

      Again, pigeon English . . . .

      No one? Bueller? Nothing but crickets? Ahhh, the crickets.

      Grade A snark and I get crickets. Tough room.

  8. Shootin' Buddy says:

    He’s not pining for the fjords. In New Hampshire, he’s probably pining for a joint that serves fresh leche!

    Take him down to Chinatown in Boston and buy him a bag.

  9. Louise Townsend says:

    you might also contact VINS (Vermont Institute of Natural Science).
    They may know who it might have belonged to and would most definitely be interested in the siting as well.
    Just a thought.
    Their phone # is:
    It’s also a cool place to take the kids.

  10. BobG says:

    Actually, pheasants are not native to this part of the world at all, but have managed to do quite well since being introduced to America.

  11. SgtStu says:

    At least he’s not kipping on his back or pushing up the daisies. Still, squire, beautiful plumage!
    If you did take him out, his relatives might come after you with pitchforks, the bloody pheasants.
    Seeing him in the wild would make me think ‘what’s wrong with this picture?’.

  12. i.d. the species? we don’t got none o’ them pheasant thangs down here in flarda, but it looks a lot like them parrots and cockatoos at the tourist traps…

    so i’d say dispatch ’em and cook ’em up the same way we do them; fergit the scattergun…proper shot size is a 22lr to the noggin, gut him, pluck him, soak him in buttermilk and roll him around in some flour, and fry him up with some cheese grits on the side.

    i loves me some (southern) chinese food…


  13. Regolith says:

    For that size of bird, #6 shot will probably work quite well.

  14. MarkHB says:

    For a bird that size at that range if you can’t at least stun it with a thrown Zip disk then there’s something wrong with you.

  15. Marko says:

    Zip disks are obsolete, man. And the thrown USB stick just kind of bounced off his noggin.

  16. MarkHB says:

    Maybe some kind of bolas contrived of a power-supply brick. Don’t shy from this. This is the perfect confluence of Geek and Manly.

  17. Tam says:

    Although he’d no doubt taste swell if tossed in a deep fryer (and what doesn’t, really?), he’d barely be an appetizer. I reckon he should get to stay off the dinner plate on account of his decorative properties.

  18. MarkHB says:

    Tam, I’m minded of Marko’s tale of The Chipmunk who Lived 😉

  19. if you don’t eat him, another carnivore will…but tam’s right, he’s barely a mouthful…so follow him home and take out the whole flock of ’em, that should make a nice mess of good eatin’…(might piss off the breeder a little, though).

    and waste not, want not…save the plumage to make a cool headdress, and those tail feathers should make some swell quill pens, if you know anyone who’s into that kind of retro/regressive/archaic thing :o).


  20. Marko says:

    He was back yesterday evening. I put some FREE BIRD SEED! out for him, anvil-free.

  21. Tam says:

    If it was an Acme anvil, it wouldn’t have worked anyway.

  22. MarkHB says:

    Not until you went and stood under the anvil and poked it to see what was wrong, anyway.

  23. Wild Deuce says:

    Save your lead … where are the pooches? Do they even care?

    Even better … get a cat. Once the cat brings you the pheasant, you can serve them side by side and see which one really tastes like chicken.

    Apologies to pheasant lovers.

  24. Carl H. says:

    Do you expect me to talk, Gold Pheasant?

    No. I expect you to DIE, Mr. Bond!

  25. a “free bird seed” sign?

    silly boy. pheasants can’t read like roadrunners…

    shoulda used a bird pecking seed picture.


  26. theflatwhite says:

    Beautiful bird.

  27. Shootin' Buddy says:

    “shoulda used a bird pecking seed picture.”

    Chinese pheasants do not understand the pecking order.

    Their numbers are different: line, two lines, three lines, box with fishhooks, lower case h with lines at top and bottom.

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