brought to you by major caudill.

Here at The Munchkin Wrangler, we spare no effort or expense to give the audience what it wants.  By popular request, I’ve compiled a “Season One” of the Monday Search Term Safaris into one handy file, available on the “Essays” page for download.  I’ve only excised the occasional dated reference, and the stuff that wasn’t worth listing.

That file has 13,000 words in it, by the way.  That’s square in novelette territory.  I’d love to do a word count on the whole blog for the same time span, to see how many words I’ve written when I wasn’t writing fiction.


5 thoughts on “brought to you by major caudill.

  1. Kristopher says:

    So … are you going to use ‘Major Caudill” as your nom de plume for milfic?

    • Marko says:

      LOL…that’s a tempting idea, but I’d really rather see my own name on the book jacket.

  2. MarkHB says:

    Speaking of which, you’ve been top-slot on the Imaginetix site for a while. I need to do something new, stat!

  3. JIGSAW says:

    just read though the msts doc on the Essays page … thanks needed a laugh!

  4. sounds like an interesting and not too lengthy scripting problem. I’d need a starting and ending url.

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