a good weekend.

We had a lovely Memorial Day weekend.  On Sunday, Robin made the best home-cooked barbecue ribs in the history of barbecue ribs.  (I think I polished off a whole rack by myself.) 

The weekend itself was a busy one—lots of stuff to do around the house in preparation for the summer and the renovation teams.  I mowed the lawn for the first time this year.  Our front lawn is maybe half an acre in size, and my little push mower went through a full tank of gas.  We also did some housecleaning, and took delivery of a new pellet stove, to replace the wood stove in the living room area.  With the pellet stove in place, we’ll have three different heat sources in the house, one of which works even when the power is out—two propane furnaces, a pellet stove, and a wood stove. 

Our roof is going to be installed in the first week of June, and then we can start the interior repairs.  We’ll need to replace the ceilings and floors in three rooms due to water damage, which will (thankfully) be covered by our homeowners insurance.  Then there’s the issue of the porch, which will need to be fixed.  (The first estimate we got was $6,000.)  I’m starting to think there’s no limit to the amount of cash we can pour into this place to improve and repair it, but at least the big issue will be fixed by the time winter comes around again.

With all that yard work, cleaning, and filling up on ribs and beer, I didn’t get much writing done over the weekend—three pages on Saturday at the coffee shop, and another three pages last night, when I decided I was still fresh enough to catch up on work a little and get an early start into the work week.  On the plus side, the Final Conundrum in which our heroes find themselves is loud and exciting and awesome, and it sets the stage for the sequel rather nicely.

That’s the state of affairs at Castle Frostbite.  How was your Memorial Day weekend?


5 thoughts on “a good weekend.

  1. Jay G. says:

    How was your Memorial Day weekend?

    Pretty darn good, actually. I took a new shooter to the range and made some preparations for our Disney trip.

    In amongst the observations, of course…

  2. LittleRed1 says:

    I helped cook 150+ briskets (fund raiser), read, and went to a Memorial Day observation (one of five here in town!).
    The weather was cooler than average, with popcorn showers in the afternoons – very nice.

  3. Windy Wilson says:

    Get more estimates. I had to repair the electric feed to the garage and the first estimate was $12,000.
    I got a cement company and an electrician and for $8,000 got the electric feed underground PLUS four conduits from the house to the garage, only three of which are used now.

  4. Ritchie says:

    Here’s an odd thing that seems to work pretty well-corn burning stoves.


    Or maybe it’s just another conspiracy to increase corn acreage and drive up the price of soybeans.

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